Friday, 27th February '04

Soft Addictions

Here I go, another aimless musing-Musing.

Read this article about soft addictions, the essence of which was that we all have soft addictions, things like surfing the net, browsing magazines, watching TV excessively that deprive us of appreciating the fullness of life. I guess that does make sense if, really, that is really all there is to someone's life.

But the article went on to say that these things are no good, we shouldn't be using them to escape from life. It basically purported to say that people who like to go shopping shouldn't - they should go walking in garden and rose-smelling instead. That people who read magazines shouldn't - they should go pick up a Penguin classic instead. That people who like to watch TV with their family shouldn't - they should be having heart-to-heart talks instead.

Excuse me if I say that I find that rather presumptious. Who is this author to go around telling people how to live their lives? Firstly, one man's meat is another's poison, they always say. I have friends who gain so much joy from reading what I think are trashy romance novels. Am I going to tell them to stop wasting their time on these soft addictions and go walk in the garden instead, when walking in the garden might just give some of them pollen allegies? Don't be ridiculous. Or so what if I happen to think sittting in front of the TV makes me happy - as it does? I wouldn't have my command of the English language without Sesame Street, I swear. And my Chinese would be abysmal without the cheesy Channel 8 dramas I watched in primary school. And for families that watch TV together, and share their responses and views on what they've seen - isn't that as great a way of fostering relationships and understanding your loved ones as anything else? What does the author propose we do? Go "Honey, let's have a good dicussion about the issue of capital punishment today, shall we?" Oh, come on.

The fact is, mindless distractions are fine things if taken in moderation. I know the author doesn't mean that we should eschew such things totally, but she does imply that such soft addictions are inherently worthless activities. I dare her to give her TV observations to people who have given their lives to the art of television production.

So, yeah, I'll do what I want as long as it makes me happy, thanks.

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Thursday, 26th February '04

You Gotta Be Kidding Me

Wah liao. I still don't believe in numerology, but the answers are suspiciously... wierd. What do you think?

Ki System

Natal Year number: 7
Although En Ying may have taken a considerable time to reach maturity, [you can say that again] she is nevertheless a quick thinker whose ideas change as rapidly as her conversation. She's an individual who wants to be liked, and as such finds it hard to refuse requests. For the same reason she dislikes arguments, and wherever possible will compromise to avoid conflict. Not the sort of individual to be employed in litigation [au contraire, I think I enjoy mooting. Mediation is boring. I WANT to be a litigator. Does it trouble anyone else that this analysis starts out IMMEDIATELY lawyer-related?], but excellent in mediation.

Natal Month number: 6
Naturally self-disciplined, En Ying will have assumed responsibility for other family members from an early age. She is naturally supportive of both the young [I AM the young. The only, too.] and the old in her immediate family, and has a capacity for hard work, so there is a danger that her life may become a little too serious [even this thing says I'm a mugger ?!?]. En Ying is suited to social work [aww. How sweet. I never thought I had it in me.], charitable functions or the world of education.

Natal House number: 6
With an analytical brain, and holding strong views, En Ying may appear to be somewhat stubborn [ooh yeah. Stong views I'm not so sure. The quarterlife crisis is messing that up majorly - just take a look at the boyfriend-stealing Musing.]. She is likely to have a particular interest in technological matters, and will work long and hard to master the skills needed to put that technology to good use. Family-orientated and good with money, she will work best with a small circle of like-minded colleagues [if we're all this stubborn, I forsee a nuclear meltdown].

Comments based on Western Grid


Although En Ying may be reasonably talkative in public, she finds it difficult to express personal feelings to those closest to her. In employment terms, this inhibition is of little consequence. [right you are]


Sensitive to criticism and naturally intuitive [the Smubs think I'm a blockhead], En Ying has a natural ability to detect insincerity in others. Because she is a sensitive soul, En Ying can be a solid friend and a good listener. As a result, she will get on well with colleagues, whilst being more than capable of handling office politics [I. HATE. POLITICS. But I guess I can handle it.].


A good organiser with creative ability [just watch later as this thing starts to contradict itself], En Ying is inclined to concentrate on pursuits that bring material success, to the exclusion of all else [I dunno, what do you think?]. She likes to take a project from beginning to end [yeah, DON'T give me anything half done], and will work long and hard to achieve success in her chosen field [I think the Chinese call me san fen zhong re du]. Potentially, there is something of the craftsman in En Ying, who could well enjoy the creation of beautiful objects.


Good with details and with a methodical approach, En Ying nevertheless is someone who enjoys constant new challenges to maintain her interest. She is a methodical individual with attention to detail [Ngeow. I'm Ngeow. You can say it. Why does that line sound so familiar? =)], but is inclined to leave tasks unfinished if her active mind alights on something of greater interest [BINGO]. Routine tasks that fail to challenge her intellect are at greatest risk [like cleaning my room. Dad knows.], so En Ying needs a job that offers variety [right].


Ambitious to improve her lot, En Ying will constantly push forward to achieve something in her life, yet this ambition will be balanced by humanitarian ideals that will lead her to support causes that may demand self-sacrifice.
[The Arrow of Scepticism: lacking the numbers 3, 5 and 7] Taking little on trust [Mum told me the X-men slogan was a good motto to live by: Trust a few, fear the rest. I agree.], in adult life En Ying requires solid proof before she accepts a concept. Characterised by honesty and fairness, she is quite intuitive, yet firmly sceptical of the claims made, for example, by religion [I know, I need lots of help with this.] This may be important at work, if employers require employee acceptance of work practices that are not immediately verifiable.

Comments based on Chinese Grid


En Ying will make some money and enjoy a reasonable standard of living [takes typical lawyer response to the word "reasonable": what the hell do you mean reasonable? Define reasonable! How many subjective characteristics do you attribute to the reasonableness test? Huh?! The expert opinion or the layman standard of reasonableness? *mumbles incoherently about uncertainty in the law and silly judges who refuse to make themselve sufficiently clear*].


En Ying has an average mind, and without the numbers 4 and 9 in the Chinese version will not enjoy a creative existence [but BUT you just said...].


Unless En Ying also has in the Chinese version either the numbers 5 and 7, or the numbers 4 and 8, she will be hypersensitive and prone to stress-related problems [like self-untying shoelaces? And singing Chinese poetry?].


Intelligent and logical, En Ying is not someone who acts rashly on the spur of the moment [never. Even my impulse shopping is carefully weighed out.].


In the absence (in the Chinese version) of the numbers 1 and 6, she will be good with money and details. She will be happier if the Chinese grid includes the numbers 5 and 7 [now that's a recipe for happiness - just add in 5 and 7... and stir...].


Although En Ying is ambitious, her ambition is tempered with humanitarian ideals.
[The Arrow of the Planner: 3, 4 and 8] En Ying has a cunning approach that borders on the unethical [here we go again. Like I needed more confirmation of my amorality]. She will flourish in those areas of business life that reap rewards from the misfortunes of others [just call me SCAVENGER].
[The Arrow of Intellect: The numbers 2, 4 and 9] En Ying is intelligent, articulate and enjoys a first-class memory [my ass. You only need to watch me in rehearsals to know that is SO not true]. She has a logical and analytical approach that suits her to the legal [*bounce*], medical [I would enjoy studying it, really, but I don't want to be a doctor.] or accountancy [!!!???!! (words fail me)] professions.

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Wednesday, 25th February '04

You've Been Hit By, You've Been Struck By... A Smooth Criminal

And that criminal in question has completely stolen any remaining motivation to study. I swear. I think the criminal's other name is Legal Theory. But argh. Nevermind that now.

Just an interjection of pure joy - MY DOWNLOAD SPEED HAS HIT 58KB! Now I know why I put up with living in a hall.

But where was I? Yes, no motivation to do any mugging whatsoever. But for some odd reason I'm strangely at peace with this. Not like I don't feel guilty. More like, wah liao, can I just have a holiday? I'm too tired to care.

So yes, a quickie Musing in point form.


* Handed up horrific Legal Theory worth-half-my-module's-grade paper. Felt like crap about how I did it, but I honestly had no idea what else to do with the damned thing. Took a little consolation in the fact that everyone else felt like shit too.
* Found out there would STILL be Legal Theory lessons this week. N* b**.
* Contract lecture. Poor Winston really didn't like the lecturer much, and when Winston is being a bitch, it's rather amusing.
* Cheered up considerably after contract lecture. Pretty much consoled by the fact that LAwR tutorial was cancelled and I wouldn't have to stress about the moots for the next couple of days.
* LAWR lecture was very very short. Like 15 min. Cool. Bummed around with the law folks a bit until time to meet Dad.
* Had a fantastic lunch with Dad. I like hanging out with my parents, I don't care how uncool that sounds. When I haven't somehow found a way to make them angry / disappointed like all teenagers so, they're excellent people to be around.
* Really really enjoyed the day bumming with Dad. Went to the bank and settled all my debit card stuff. Finally got everything replaced since I lost my wallet back in August. Now Ross can't diao me about it, and I, on the other hand, can keep bugging him about not having an IC.
* Went to settle Dad's CPF thingamajig. I guess I wasn't much help, but I was company. And I managed to direct him to the Tampines CPF Building. I seldom get to direct my parents anywhere, so that was a mini-victory. Hollow, yeah, but still.
* Went home and turned into a couch potato. The boob tube is my all time electrical appliance. Watched American Idol from last week, and yes, Group 2 was Abysmal (with a capital A as Simon says). Watched last week's Smallville and the plot is getting somewhat cheesy. I like the show, but no alien flick beats Roswell. Really. Watched the Micheal Jackson Number Ones, and was awed all over again. Man is a genius. Actually had a lot of thoughts running through my head about the whole kid-molesting thing and baby-dangling, but I'll save that for another day. The essence of it, is this is a story of someone who's brought so much to the world, given so much of himself and yet has not found happiness. Kind of a thought to ponder. Watched Friends and The Practice.
* Tried to do the blog thing. Progress was decent. But evidently not quick enough.
* Chatted long and hard to Vicki. Heard good things about Chad, and I'm really glad she's found a good guy who she can share her life with.


* No school today. Woke up EXTRAORDINARILY late. Didn't even hear my fire-engine sounding alarm clock throw its daily fits. Dragged myself out of bed at close to 2pm, feeling like a decedant, ill-disciplined little scumbag.
* The scumbag didn't get anymore productive. Decided that downloading the Criminal Assignment would be a good way to sooth the conscience, especially since it was release more than 24 hours ago. Amused self by realizing that the tutor in question named the documant "crass". CRiminal ASSignment. Ah. Printed out question and was greeted by a Taiwanese-serial-esque fact pattern of epic proportions. Aiyoh.
* Decided brain was not cut out for "crass" things this morning. Well, afternoon. It felt like morning anyways. Somehow decided to download Micheal Jackson MTVs. Oh, broadband rocks. In the course of the day (my broadband plan is a _cheap_ one), obtained Thriller, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad and Dirty Diana. Smooth Criminal was amazing, perfect organised mess type of dance. Tzo, go see.
* While I was at it, downloaded John Mayer vids too. Your Body Is A Wonderland, but I'm Bigger Than My Body. Ok lah. Have decided his live acoustic performances are what's worth the download time. I now own this excellent live performance of Neon. Jia now thinks the two men in my life are John Mayer and Legolas. *ahem* I would be a lucky girl.
* Brain was still a *beeping* mess. Decided the best way to spend the time would be to print Criminal's Module 3 readings. Did that.
* Painted nails while waiting for cases and stuff to print. I haven't done any art in a while, so this was a bit of a release.
* Read a grand total of ONE contract case. Nice going, En Ying.
* Vowed to self that another holiday would not be spent in such a useless manner.
* Watched TV. My self-restraint is obviously a joy to behold.
* Attempted to bind Criminal readings. Binder got stuck. &$@&#^))*@^. Mum had to unscrew half of it to get it out and tear the readings that got stuck. Had to re-print the torn readings. ^%@*&)$@*.
* Got fed-up of how the day had gone. Read 8-days and went to bed.


* Woke up feeling a little less grumpy than yesterday. Contract lecture sitting next to Winston _again_. Heh. This time he alternated between colourfully cursing the lecturer and doodling things on my notes. The elephant he drew looked suspiciously like the sponge thingie I put between my toes when painting them yesterday.
* Legal Theory was actually fun today! And Dr Ramraj says he's marked 15 essays and was impressed. I don't know what to think.
* Spent the afternoon working on the Criminal Assignment. At least I'm making progress. Not bad, not bad.
* Rehearsal. TC has some interesting ideas, but I think those ideas are best left alone till the performance. Beck and Siti were the only other ones rehearsing today. Heh, it was quite nice working seriously and hard the whole day. General reminder issued to not be so "cerebral" - ah, I agree. Amazingly, TC said "good rehearsal" at the end of the day. WOAH. I don't think he's ever said anything like that before. Ave was like, what did you do, give him flowers? I think all he really wants is for us to take things seriously and give him effort.
* Arranged mugging session with Gnet! Yay!

That's it. Am exhausted. Night.

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Wednesday, 18th February '04

Massive Pictorial - Chinese New Year / The Redheads.

Chinese New Year - did the usual roving around Singapore and visiting family members jig. And here are some photos to show you what it was like.

It's actually too early on chu yi to go around freaking my grandfather out. My grandmother on the other hand, has no problems with phone cameras.
Hee Ko busys herself with our lunch. Hian Ko's also busy in the kitchen. My poor aunts get it worst during the new year.

On to the other sid of the family. I seem to be shocking people a lot lately, creeping up on them like this. Say hello to Helena (foreground) and Wenyin (the other one). I actually like the angle on this.
Me in girly clothes for CNY. A rare sight indeed. Huiyin seems to like my Legal Writing notes more than I do.

These are pretty flowers. Mich is obviously paying a lot of attention to her homework. I, on the other hand, am way more industrious *gives Mich a superior look*.

And... at the insistent nagging of Weiling, here they are. I have never known anyone to actually WANT to see pictures of themselves having their hair dyed. It is THE most unglam experience. But well. Might I refer you to Weiling's blog for a deatiled report on the entire day?

Ave first.

Steve goes to work smearing bloody looking things on Ave's head. And somehow becomes a bit distracted. Anyways, Ave's dye job is done pretty quickly, since, unlike the indecisive whinger me, she knows exactly what she wants.
Did someone say Saturn? The angelic girl has a halo!


This is the gunk that's going to go on Wei's head. May and Steve try to figure out what the heck to do with Wei's hair. We're gunning for cool-but-won't-make-Wei's-conservative-Mum-disown-her. They decide to give her a little samurai knot.
And Steve goes to work again. Wei is incredibly itchy, and Steve spends half the time grumpily scratching her head with the end of this long-handled Ah Beng comb. That was quite a sight. <br />What Ave calls 'entrails'. =) I don't know why I kept thinking of those Japanese seasoned octopus things. I am NOT the only foilgirl around.
Ta daa! Little Miss Devil.

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The Happy Camper

I have no right to be this pleased with myself. But, ah-well-I-am-so-what-do-you-think-you-can-do-about-it? *smug smile*

Whee! There was no Criminal Lecture today, so I had a grand total of 1hr 45 min of lesson time today, less, of you consider that it started late, even.

Followed up the tutorial by trotting off with Liang, Alvin and Yun Song to SIM for lunch. My gosh. The canteen and cafe rock. Had the most satisfying lunch in a long time... spaghetti carbonara and this mega-special banana shake. *smacks lips* I swear it beats the Bizad canteen anyday. Obviously, while waiting (very very long) for our food to arrive, Yun Song and I couldn't resist taking some photos of the slightly creepy food displays. Too bad I didn't get to meet up with Chris... he didn't go to school today... but Chris, do these look familiar to you?

Anyways, go ahead and do the cursor thang, dawg.
Anyone find this picture SLIGHTLy disturbing?... *looks around frantically for the invisible man*... This is Yun Song showing us all EXACTLY how it works.

On getting back I nua-ed around my room majorly... playing Spider Solitaire again was sinful. Argh. But then Ave called and said rehearsal was cancelled as TC fell sick. *sigh*. I hope TFYE didn't cause that. Apparently last Saturday (for which I was excused to do my moot memorial) was a very eventful day. But it DID free up an extra five hours or so of me-time.

And just as I was sure I would never haul my sorry ass away from Spider Solitaire, Sabrina messaged suggesting we mug outside. Of course I jumped at that, and we wound up mugging at PGP's Fuzion till nine. AND I FINISHED MY CONTRACT CASES AND TUTORIAL!!! *jumps around excitedly*. I have never done anything Contract so quickly in my life. And one of the waiters seemed to take a shine to Sabrina, so we had endless water refills, heh. And being so happy that we had actually done a load of mugging, we played pool! PGP rocks lah, all these things were available at our fingertips. The pool table was actually IN Fuzion. Anyway, hands were very itchy since I hadn't played since JC2 during orientation for Charybdis. *rolls eyes at own loserness*. We sucked, but it wasn't THAT bad.

And now I'm updating my Links and Musings. =)

This is me... the happy camper.

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Monday, 16th February '04

Now I Know Why Lawyers Carry Toothbrushes To Work

Ah. Being freed from yet another excruciating assignment is good. In case anyone on MSN is wondering, David Ho isn't some poor sod who jilted me, don't worry. He's just an ex-client I'm preparing to bury six feet under when the moots come around. Oh, come on, at least let me get in som faux confidence before the darling judges tear me to pieces and leave me for dead.

Ho, hmm. Anyway... yes! I am free for a teeny bit. Maybe until dinner today, after which I will have to pia for the Criminal tutorial; after which I will have to pia for the infinitely more pia-worthy Contract tutorial; after which I will have to spend ANOTHER entire weekend pia-ing the Legal Theory exam paper and missing my Saturday fix of Secrets rehearsals _again_; immediately upon submission of which I will spend the next week pia-ing (sense a pattern here?) the Criminial Term Paper, which will hopefully not be as bad as to make me miss yet another Saturday's rehearsal. Yes. Listen to me whine. Ave thinks I get off on it. Maybe I do, but all this pia-ing? Now I know why lawyers carry toothbrushes to work. Dangnabbit.

Well anyway today was an alright day, considering half the Year 1 population slept for less than 2 hours last night. For the record, I got 1 hour, but oh well. Everyone was just kind of drifting around school, it was like... zombies in the daytime. Thank goodness we had Eleanor Wong for the Legal Writing lecture today... she completely kicks ass. And she even showed us a video one of her earliest Jessup moots! Despite laughing ourselves silly at the 80's hair and general youthfulness, it really was quite inspiring to see one of Singapore's law greats started out as a trembling, sheepish girl too. There is hope for me yet. *grin*

And I have chosen a fine time to get hooked on Spider Solitaire. *sigh* My mind's eye now sees mages of my tutorial group sitting outside the law library playing on our laptops with Guojian going "piew piew piew piew!" everytime he dealt... crazy, we are. =) Off to play now! Then a short nap. Heh.

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Thursday, 12th February '04

Bleeps, Bloopers and Blunders

I know, I know, I promised myself and y'all that I would sit at home / hall and guai guai write my memorial. But tak boleh tahan lah. Blog withdrawal symptoms or something.

So anyway, reheasal today was the most fun it has been in a long time, mostly thanks to Tasha and her ditziness (entirely fake. *looks puzzled* Right?). And then a lot of odd things happened and each looked like great fodder for a title, but not really much to blog about, you know? And you had to be there to know what it was like. We had our unflappable director and SM sniggering into their scripts as well. So today was a whole lot more relaxed than usual.

Take a look at some of the brilliant titles I had to throw away:

Char Siew Baos Are Messy Things *chomp chomp*
I Had To Wash My Face With MAMA LEMON (!!)
And Then... And Then... The Police! Police! *miserable siren noises*
Caught In (various odd positions in the course of) The Act
I Have Many Sewers At The Lovage
You're Ugly. *repeat till perfect*

Bleeps, bloopers and blunders are lovely things. Garbled lines on the first day off the script. More blocking and tweaking. Tasha is fantabulously funny, she just had me rolling all over the floor (and simultaneously polishing the parquet, I suspect). Beck did a pretty nice job with the funeral scene too, I thought, really made me sit up and listen and I think that's hard to do when so many people are onstage. Things are coming along decently overall, and my character has undergone a complete revamp. For one thing, it's a lot easier to play. I don't know whether I'm entirely estatic about that, since I won't be learning as much (but then maybe I should take my time) and I have to rethink my motivations for just about ALL my scenes. But no problem. Once I dig the char siew out of my nose.

Other classic moments: anything with Tasha in it, she's got excellent comic timing. Errol throwing this mock tantrum at his knee guards (he's actually being pretty good about crawling around like this every single day. Other people I know would have whinged a whole lot more, not to say that he doesn't). Every line with bird-women in it. Beck swishing Jo's hair again and again while trying to brandish a rag, and losing it everytime. Every single time we cut the scene and someone was caught in the middle of an enthusiastic performance. Discovering I still have char siew in the cuffs of my pants, what a mess.

Heh. Good stuff to fix in my mind before the next stressful rehearsal and TFYE politics catch up with us again. But for now, laughter binds, and it's all good.

On another note, it gets lonely acting a lonely character. Kind of distanced from the rest, in a way, not getting to share all the fun of the mass scenes and only building a true relationship with Siti's character. But well, part of the job, yes?

Remind me to bring my Clean & Clear to the next rehearsal.

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Saturday, 7th February '04


When sky blue gets dark at enough to see the colours of the city lights, a trail of ruby red and diamond white hits her like a sunrise.

She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can.

Tonight she's out to lose herself. And find a high on Peachtree Street. From mixed drinks to techno beats it's always heavy into everything.

She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can. She comes and goes and no one knows she's slipping through my hands.

She's always buzzing just like neon, neon. Neon, neon. Who knows how long, how long, how long, she can go before she burns away.

I can't be her angel now. You know it's not my place to hold her down. And it's hard for me to take a stand when I would take her anyway I can.

She comes and goes and comes and goes like no one can. She comes and goes and no one knows she's slipping through my hands.

She's always buzzing just like neon, neon. Neon, neon. Who knows how long, how long, how long, she can go before she burns away.


First off, thanks to John Mayer (who will probably never see this site anyway), and this excellent song. Lyrics and guitar riffs and everything.

I guess this entry is a little off the mark, but it'll serve two purposes. It's a song I feel fits my life and to a limited extent, my part in Secrets and last Thursday's rehearsal. Also, it'll explain my email address to all curious folks once and for all. You have no idea how many people go "what's up with that?" at my email address / ICQ nick.

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Wednesday, 4th February '04

Darkness Falls Across the Land...

Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood to terrorize your neighbourhood. And whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down. Must stand and face the hounds of hell. And rot inside a corpse's shell. The foulest stench is in the air, the funk of forty thousand years. And grisley ghouls from every tomb are closing in to seal your doom And though you fight to stay alive, your body starts to shiver. For no mortal can resist the evil of the Thriller.

Listening to this song just after midnight the ceiling fan whirring above my head and rattling the blinds as I sit alone in the hall room can be mildly inducive of my hair standing. Urgh, I miss Micheal Jackson's better days. Now we are left with his little sister's boob-baring antics.

Anyways, today was a pretty good day, all things considered. The realisation that I have 12 hours more free time than I expected this week did wonders for my energy and general spirit. For the first time since preparation for 'Three' started last semester I actually had some time for my friends outside of TFYE, and it felt pretty good.

I delight in small pleasures, and I'm really thankful I have the ability to do so. The public holiday yesterday I spent glued to the gogglebox and I haven't had such a luxury in ages. I'd almost forgotten the simple joy of lounging about my parents' room, getting in their way, stealing Dad's blanket and being an all-round nuisance. And then of course we watched, let's see, Mail to the Chief, Survivor All Starts, FRIENDS, and The Practice. I was in HEAVEN. Just call me couch potato.

Today I arrived back in KR early and had a nice little MSN chat with Dage. Poor guy has a million tests this week and essays and whatnot too. Oh well, the drudgery one goes through before attaining a UMich engineering degree, I suppose.

Lessons were rather unremarkable, I suppose, it being an all Criminal Day today. A/P Stanley Yeo must be the kindest ever lecturer around, but I won't bore you with the details of his Intoxication notes.

We had another Repro screening today and idiots Weitan and Lionel wouldn't let me out of the room to hide from my awful moaning. And the whole Repro gang, as usual, had our usual lame fun laughing at Reynard's "Sure!", and Lynette and Ross (especially Ross) as TMOCBTCITCP. Which, for the uninformed, stands for "The Making-Out Couple By The Car In The Carpark". Incidentally the takings today were pretty good, 90 dollars in total. Yayy.

Even had time for dinner with the KR lawyers, and I'm quite pleased about that. It's great being involved in Secrets, but I don't know if the rest find that TFYE tends to put a large strain on my outside friendships. Hanging out with the Law people is a lot of fun, and all these late rehearsals have taken me away from them so much. So the dinner was a welcome treat. Well, the first part with the trash-talking Jon, Winston and Wenguang I could have done without. Asses. Jon is worse than Wenguang now, if that's even possible. Like I said, ASSES. But kinda nice ones.

And then I actually got some Contract reading done! Go me. And downloaded a bunch of new music and old music (hence me listening to Thriller at this time). Everytime I hear that song I feel old and remember that time I first heard it. I was 9 and was so freaked out I think I cried. *sigh* am growing up, I see.

Ah well, it's late now. Should be off to bed. It's time to beat it.. beat it... beat it...

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Sunday, 1st February '04

Of Latex and Receeding Hairlines


Sorry, just removing my face. =)

Anyone seen "Extreme makeover"? (No, Qiong, Queer Eye does NOT count). Well, normally one tries to look younger and prettier. Haa, for Secrets, we do not. So fun.

I'm glad make-up trials occured today to relieve a bit of the tension that has been steadily mounting in the rehearsal room. Honestly, I'm very tired too, and I would love to kick back and have fun, relaxed TFYE sessions again. But something in the ridiculous prefectionist I am tells me this is how it's going to be if we're going to get results. I don't care if my director screams at me or if my role is damn bitty - both of which is the case - but I want a good show. Heaven forbid anything crash and burn because I'm not doing my part. Sure, I could wish I had more lines, and as a matter of fact, I do. I'm not so selfless or altruistic that I don't realise I can count my lines on my fingers or that I'm the only dope not in the Prologue / Epilogue and with the fewest scenes. But I deal and I think I have faith that all my fellow cast mates will deal as well. If there's anything I took home from that gut-wrenching day-before-RGS-Nite in secondary 4, which has me both despising (for his complete disregard for personal feelings and sacrifice) and thanking (for showing me how real life IS tough) the teacher in charge, it's that shows don't revolve around one performer's - or any performer at all's - individual feelings.

But I have again proven my unwavering ability to digress from anything.

Where was I. Oh yes, liquid latex is fun to put on and learning to do it for ourselves was even more so. I thought I was giving Siti a lot of trouble with my uncontrollable giggling (try having a hair-dryer with conld air turned in your face and the wind blowing up and down ur cheeks and hairline. Damn ticklish) and facial squirming, and gripes about how bad the latex smelt (like an old rotting balloon). Well, at least I thought so until the joker Roach next to me made so much noise complaining about the whole process that two people had to yank his face (part of the application process) and I had to support his sweaty / gelly head while poor Ave latexed him. It was comic lah, him whingeing about the hairdryer and Ave getting irked enough to thump him on the nose with it. Poor Yan was the guinea pig of the day... did everything first and came out looking like a ghost because the make-up artist was still experimenting. Poor Ave, who had to swap places with her latexing partner and turned out looking very strange. Not old, strange. Poor Siti whom I very "chorlorh-ly" (vocabulary courtesy of our giggling SM's) latexed and who wound up looking like a shrivelled old prune / decomposing Egyptian mummy. And not-so-poor everyone else that came later and only had to go through half a face of latexing.

Pulling latex off is no joke. Expecially when it sticks to you hair. Krystal really made sure we all knew how much it hurt *ow, my ears* and when it came to doing it myself... ok lah, it's quite a chore when it comes to the hairline / eyebrow area. There was this piece I pulled off that looked like half a pom pom. So exciting! Jo and Weiling, will, however, vouch that it enhances complexion. Works like a pore pack, or something. I think my face is smoother, but I'm also closer to an outbreak.

But I think the best part of the day, aside from learning some real stage make-up (not the kind that I whack together every year for Dance Nite) was confirming I won't be wearing a beak for Secrets despite Errol's TC-directed exhortations to the contrary. Go me.

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