Wednesday, 16th February '05

I Can't Stop Laughing Hysterically Long Enough To Think Of A Good Title

This is madness. There is only so high one can get in a single day.

I PASSED DRIVING!!!! *dances around madly* Ten points... hee hee hee... and one immediate failure (didn't come to a complete stop at the stop line) but nice examiner decided to close both eyes after I apologised repeatedly and looked very sad and sorrowful.


After that in the morning, I went home to watch the whole 47th Grammy's (a day late, I know but what the heck). And what did I SAY??? Song of the Year AND Best Male Pop Vocal, thankyouverymuch. Oh alright. I should stop gloating, really, but MUAHAHA. I told you so. Good job, Mr Mayer! But I didn't like the live performance half as much as the one 2 years back. *sigh* Did you HAVE to play "Daughters"? OK, seeing as that was the winning piece, I guess that's a non-question. And that was a gosh-awful coat, leh...

*whee! whee!*

And by the way, Alicia Keys was awesome... I really can't describe it... she totally showed she deserved her 5 Grammy's a couple of year's back - unlike the insipid Norah Jones who's appeal I still can't fathom.

After that, my high got a bit checked by the thought of the Public Law Assignment I still haven't done and the fact that I've got to go back to school again today.

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Monday, 14th February '05

The Quiz-taker Is Back

kawaii, desu ne?
Your label is the Nice girl/guy. You tend to care
for others over yourself. However, many people appreciate your caring side and would rather
stick by you than hurt you. But, there is a downside. Some tend to abuse your kindness and take advantage of you. You always try to see the good in everyone and try not to hate. Also, you have sharp insight and a great personality. Calm, serene, and understanding, you make a worthy friend and a valuble ally to people in need. Don't change your sweet nature, your constant being-there can save a life.

I suggest you go into a field that centers around working with others such as a doctor, baby-sitter, psychologist, lifeguard, or Teacher. If none of these occupations
interest you, it is okay then. I am sure that there are plenty of oppertunities out there for you.

What type of teenager are you?
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Haha. Nice. That's... um... nice. wink

The Goddess of Ice and Hope. You are a creative wonder. Always calm and collected, you hold the awe of many people and you are exceptionally logical. You are an inspirational beauty.

Which gorgeous goddess are you? For girls! (breath taking pics!)
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Exceptionally logical. I gather a few Secrets people would agree.

~*~Beautiful Soul~*~
You're the type of person who is loving, giving, sweet, generous, genuine, and optimistic. You see the beauty around you and you admire it for its faults, as well as perfections. Most likely a dreamer, you are highly respected and liked. People like to be around you because you make them happy. You have a wonderful personality and you're beautiful inside and out
You're Beautiful...but why? ( PICS)
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That is... again... nice.

You like the prince charming type.

What kind of guy are you most attracted to? (CUTE anime pics)
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Hahahaha. Really now. *winks at a few Smubs and 401 friends* Those of you who know the whole deal - comments! NOW! *rotfl*
In your eyes, people see brightness in everything.... and I mean... EVERYTHING! You're so optimistic and think of everything as just a new adverture! You're very energetic, happy, fun, and loving. Everyone seems to want to be just like you because you're a great example of people who live life to its fullest! You don't really have a sanctuary... That is... Besides the whole world >.< You love to have a good time and enjoy yourself among your friends, family, even strangers or by yourself! However, being so happy and energetic can also be your downfall... Some people might see you as a crazy person who doesn't take anything seriously, but that's so not true! Just because you see life better than them doesn't give them the right to act crabby. Keep living life to its fullest and hopefully you can drag some other people along with you ^-^

What Lies Behind Your Eyes? (With Pics, See All Results!)
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Looking back on the way things have been going, I'd say subconsciously I'm in a very good place right now.

Creativity. You are different from any one else, you find your happiness when your mind works, you like things that make you wonder, and because you like to watch how things work some say you are shy or unsociable, don't listen to them, people like you are rare.

What is your way to ultimate happiness? (8 outcomes w/ new pix please read memo)
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Tell me what that picture has to do with creativity?

You are a Playboy. You perv.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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The guy you want is probaly the popular guy in your school. Which is great to mesmile He's so dreamy that you'll want him to notice you so badly your do anything. Like in the cafateria you'ld trip on something infront of him to make your food spill all over you!!! Even if it's a brand new shirt or your favourite skirt!!! Oh well at least he'll notice yousmile

Who's Perfect For You??? (Cute Anime Pics)
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My Ass. That tripping business is about as unglamorous as it gets. Geez. I have better tactics, thanks.

Sigh. Alright. Back to WORK. crazy

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Sunday, 13th February '05

The Way She Moved... Her Hair, Her Face, Her Eyes - Divinity In Motion.

If you knew where that line came from, you must be Hanting. confused


*start whine*

I have a not-even-started Public Law assignment due in the next two weeks. One week to learn all of Bryan's steps (they go so fast I feel like jackrabbit on speed), one week to make sure i can survive the entire Juli's dance - I exit the stage a grand total of twice in 7 minutes, for 2 seconds each time. My feet stink from unwashed dance shoes, my maid lost my nude tube so now I have to go and buy a new one, my underwear has little holes because I tried to pin my too-large pants to it, Juli's ex-Zaki costume is designed to be "unflattering in all the wrong places" (quote courtesy of Liang Wei), my pink Bryan top may end up being cut up because it's not funky enough (i.e. shows too little skin), we have no MC, we have no backup guest item the second night, poor Virgenia is drowning in costumes, flowers haven't been bought and neither has my Bryan's black pants. Driving test is on Tuesday and I think I just figured out how to lane-change PROPERLY (and not either kill someone or be so cautious I come close to missing the turning thing I usually do).

*end whine*

Other than that Evo's coming along wonderfully! I mean it.

Thanks to Ben for putting up the e-poster on his blog. I'm going to email everyone soon and please do help me display it once you can.

It's just all so exhausting. Everytime I get home I want to crawl into bed and die there. I'm not the only one... Mel's so stoned these days I had to move her around like a chesspiece to start her on her right blocking in Juli's. Virgenia's knee looks like a living buahduku. Yanling left today with a sort of glazed look in her eyes.

Bye. I think I'm off to crawl into bed and die.

At least I know I die happy.

(Sorry Ave, I know I promied the Thumper review, but I just have no energy. Rest assured it rocked. Both MTE and Fatskunks were awesome!)

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Sunday, 6th February '05


Sorry for the onomaetopic (oh goodness, forgive the spelling already) titles. A little sound can convey so much.

Have mixed feelings about Evocation. Still always impressed with the standard of Ensemble and the dedication that a good number of members have to the company, but recently things have been sliding a little and I HATE nagging about attendance at Tech Class. Surprising enough the past half a year has made me rather passionate for the cause, and I'd hate to see DE fold up. At the very least not while I'm on watch! confused

The Comm, though, is amazing. Didn't even get that kind of reliability in Council sometimes. Everyone offers to take work off someone else's hands, everyone is considerate and understanding and did I say RELIABLE? You gotta love that.

Technical standards are a problem. I myself feel sub-par most times... and it's a bit hard to be President and try to teach the newbies when although I can catch most steps, I'd rather be polishing them up myself and internalising. And while I think I usually have the skills to do what I need to do eventually, I don't have the quick mind to learn choreography as fast as it should be learnt. Having fewer alumni around lately doesn't help because without them we aren't pushed half as hard. Talking to Roz today about the shift in DE culture was also interesting - DE started out as a group of friends struggling to form a company and now that it's taken off and gained repute, it's become more like a teacher (Zaini) leading a class (us misfits). And the problem with a class is that it doesn't feel for the class like one should for an Ensemble.

Liang asked me this a couple of days ago: "Where do you want Ensemble to go from here? Do you have an aim, a direction?" And it's something I asked myself at the start too, but not something I've come up with an answer for, really. I feel I don't know enough background for it, and with taking over at such a late time and so near to Evo, I feel like it's bad enough to keep my head above water - by that I mean I still want to keep my school grades at a B and above level, want to pass driving, want to not neglect my friends who need me just to be there right now, and still have some me-time. Certainly I want to clean up the DE organisation a LOT - especially in terms of publicity, costumes, and attendance. But that doesn't translate into an overall vision. In 21st it was Reach. I guess I gotta get the Comm to think about it too, but everyone is just treading water furiously right now... gotta set a finishing point.

And vetting was rather mixed too, today. Bryan's item was decent, seeing as we did a lot of choreo and blocking mere hours before the vetting, and I learnt my ENTIRE blocking in a few minutes. Would like to have not screwed up as much, but we really can't have it all. Jap street-chick cool, I have to work on. Andriana's item I didn't see. Heard it was interesting. Juli's was rather dismal... poor attendance, super-tentative dancing and Zaini cut us off halfway - it wasn't like he could see anything useful anyway. I agreed, it was all rather horrible, even if I felt I knew my own stuff. Hamzah's item was... soft porn. The guys costumes were damn exciting and Liang Wei looked like a giant pink carebear, hee. Girl's costumes looked schizophrenic and the lacked energy, I thought, for a number like that. In between, the Khia lyrics ("All the girls pop your p*ssy like this" and "Lick my p*ssy and my cr*ck") were downright off-putting. *shudder* Perhaps artistically amusing, but hardly necessary or relevant. But other than that Hamzah's dedication to the dance really did show, and his dancers were well trained. Huang Zheng's item was exciting in a different way... a high-brow art sort of way. I didn't quite understand it though, but experimental is always good. Julius' item also moderately experimental, and I liked his choreography a lot... but like Yip Man spotted a while back, his dancers might need a maturity boost to cope with it all in two weeks.

All in all it looks like a great show is coming up... I mean, if in three weeks of rehearsals we've come up with this much, another two weeks will be enough to get the show on the road! Assuming, of course, a total absence of complacency and a lot of pia-ing.

Back to my admin stuff. Night all!

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Friday, 4th February '05

Check These Babies Out...

After a really bad insomnia-infested night, a day of gathering critiques and comments, a minor epiphany while walking past an NUS busstop, an afternoon of mad mouse-clicking, one amazingly patient Ningz and one kancheong-spider Val... I finally gave birth to these babies.

I really can't choose between them, so let's do a little online polling in my comments box, shall we? Otherwise I'll leave Zaini to do the final picking.

Colour versions coming soon! Everyone please spread the word.

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