Thursday, 23rd February '06

Montreal, Part I

We arrived in Montreal yesterday evening after a few more hours down the TransCanada 40. Montreal's not as pretty and European as Quebec City was. But the St Dennis is nonetheless a very pretty street. We went to the Bistro a Jojo for drinks and live music. Pretty decent rock stuff, with a lead singer that tried a BIT too hard sent Susann and myself into fits and snorts of laughter. It was still all good apart from the fact that the lead singer also was a Frenchie dude who made interesting work of some of the English lyrics.

This morning was all Vieux Montreal ("Old Montreal") which was again less atmospheric than Quebec City. Perhaps it was because the streets were all empty in early in the day, it just didn't give as much of a kick. What I really did like, though, was the Basilisque Notre-Dame (I'll get it spelt properly later), modelled after the real Notre Dame... I turned into a bit of a Qionghui at that point, taking millions of pictures of EVERYTHING. It was one of the best big churches I've ever been in... everytime we looked at something we found something new hidden. The central alterpiece had the crucifixtion, as usual, but it was surrounded by 4 sculptures depicting various offerings - Moses with manna, Abraham and Issac etc. right at the foot of it was a last supper thing too. I'm just jotting these down real quick, so no fancy schamancy descriptions. I liked the back room Chapel (will add in name later), especially the carvings around the walls showing the various central scenes from the time Jesus was sentenced to being nailed on the cross and fell 3 times to the end where they took Him off the cross. it somehow had a little more poignance when the captions were written in French. I dunno, "Jesus tombe pour law troisiemme fois", for example, sounds sadder than "Jesus falls for the third time".

We also went to the big old underground mall. Not that much more impressive than City Link Mall, really.

And then on to a Chinese buffet lunch. Not by my choice, interestingly enough, but it was really great to be having decent standard charsiew, shaoya, mantou and all again. I don't know if should rave or not... it's just that it was all such standard food, but all so RARE at this moment. Oh, and I managed to convince Mick to eat TER KAH! As in pig trotters. Hahah. You should have seen the look on his face. But he's a cool guy, all that counts is he tried it. He had a SLIVER, but he tried it.

Alrighty, Freddy and Susann will be here any moment now and we'll be driving down to Mont Royale Park to check it out before it gets dark, and then crash an exchange student dinner at McGill University... this is thanks to the organising efforts of Diego (Armando the Mexi). Later.

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Sunday, 19th February '06

Je Suis Au Quebec!

Whee. Quickie blog - though I would love to have left the last post up a bit longer because messages were still incoming - you guys can just keep them coming though, haha. Long live the Qiongster. big grin

Anyhow, I'll try and write a couple of sentences in my piddling French. Maintenant, je suis au Quebec, et j'habite chez mon amie de Dalhousie Law School, Jessica. Je voyage aussi avec Mick et David. And this is where I give up and convert back to English because otherwise things will get a little embarrassing. Jess is an awesome host with a really really pretty house. Pictures to come soon. I'm squatting in the corner of her bedroom while the guys colonise the living room.

The first day of the Roaddie was excellent. Guy stuck me in the backseat because they think I have a weak heart - haha... they don't know I've sat in a car driven my Jeremy Chan in Singapore.. which forces you to get over any faintheartedness pretty quickly, eh Jem? Thanks for the song, by the way, I received the email. But before I digress any further the drive was enjoyable, the snow was everywhere, and I'll update more tonight.


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Wednesday, 15th February '06

Comments on the "KEK is a QIONGster" Fiasco

Singlish warning: the following content may not be suitable for
- Angmohs who don't read Singlish (though I will try and explain things as far as I can by inserting footnotes all over the place).
- Bananas or other people that have been removed from Singapore for too long *koffVickikoff* (Same thing, go read the footnotes.)
- (and this is the most important one) PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T YET SPOKEN TO QIONG AND HEARD IT FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH. This means you, Tzo. Far be it from me to be the bearer of the groundbreaking news, though the title above would probably tell you as much as you need to know.

Otherwise, everyone please feel free to leave congratulatory messages for the happy Kek-eater and Qiong-ster in our midst. This is a tribute piece anyhow, and you can dust it with moonlight and stars and slow-motion anyway you like it. (Those of you who know what I mean know what I mean.)


Part I: The Call

It all started on a lazy Sunday afternoon when En Ying-the-Bum(FN1) was, well, bumming and taking a nap. All of a sudden, the MSN message tone sounds, but I'm too lazy to even get out of bed to answer it. A few more furious MSN message tones go off and I still can't bear to get up. Phone starts ringing, and I'm left with no choice.

It's Vicki. Hmm. What's she up to on a Sunday afternoon?

E: *yawn* Wha...?
E: What?!?"


V: aaahahhhahhahahahahahahhahaaaaaa.
E: ahahahahhaahahahaaahahahahahahhahaha.


E: FINALLY. After two years of wishy-washying, no balls-ing(FN2), humji-ing(FN3), boh lumpah-ing(FN4) dilly-dallying...
V: Yesss...

You kinda know how the rest of that conversation went along. It involved a lot of snide remarks about NBK - now I can officially write down what that stands for: NO BALLS KEK, because he was so completely useless when it came to the whole relationship. The long and short of it, really, is that we decided to hang up, go MSN Qiong, and get her to Skype conference call us so we could all do a lot of girly squealing together. I know, it's a rather frightening thought. But we felt like it. You have to understand, it was snowing up a storm outside and both of us were having cabin fever.

Unfortunately, we were in for a big disappointment. Qiong, in a surprisingly 重色轻友(FN5) turn of events, was off BAKING COOKIES FOR KEK.

And Vicki says: "Boooo."

Part II: MSN

All Singaporeans in the University of Michigan - and that's a Motherlot(FN6) of them - now know the news. And the great thing about the Singaporean camaraderie in UMich is that when they diao(FN7) people, they diao people with a concerted effort that's such a joy to behold. It's really amazing how many funny / rude puns you can get out of the names "Qiong" and "Kek". These are my picks of the season:

1. Give the QIONGster a KEK of Miller!
I had to explain to Vicki this pun on "Chiongster" - which is essentially a party girl / boy who enjoys the clubbing scene (i.e. someone who likes to chiong) . Presumably the Kek part is a pun on "keg".

2. Qionghui 很 KEK-sim!
To be "kek-sim" (Hokkien for "frustrated"), she would not have to be enjoying all the fun, which I'm sure she was. Heehee. smile Which is why my personal MSN nick said: "Qiong, don't KEK-KEK lah. You enjoy it, right?" Kek-kek sounds like the Hokkien word for "pretend".

3. Kek is sucha QIONGster, people chiong on weekends, he QIONG every night.
*hearty laugh* My personal favourite, this one. On a literary approach, it reads with very good metre; and it's also got a cheekily thrown in double entendre. Like a Shakespearan bawdy joke! My follow-up would be "So is he a GOOD QIONGster?", but this is a blog for all ages.

4. Would Qiong like a KEK of German beer?
A bit random, but you've got to understand Qiong's German obsessions and have heard the stories about how the caring boy tried to stop her from drinking this German beer because he thought she was allergic. (He may have been right, if anyone remembers the "we're high on Wonka" incident.)

5. Qiong must be feeling very KEK now that everyone is diaoing them.
Again, "kek" in this context means frustrated, and no, she wasn't. Not one bit. satisfied

6. Qiong, now you can have your KEK and eat it!

7. Too QIONG to buy a KEK!
If you pronounce "qiong" with a different tone in Chinese, you get the word "poor". So someone here is too poor to buy a cake / keg. Another varient of a similar themed nickname would be "I am QIONG, 可是我有 CAKE!" (I'm poor, but I have cake). Or "No matter how QIONG you are, you still have to pay for the ice-cream KEK."

8. "Everyone has a special CAKE waiting out there for you, you just have to QIONG for it."
Another awesome one with a double meaning. In this one "qiong" is again made to sound like "chiong", but in this context it means you have to rush to grab the things you want. My interpretation is that this reflects an appreciation of the NB-ness of NBK, and the fact that Qiong had to choing for it all on her own merit. And what a job she did too!

Part III: Valentine's Day

I have to say I was impressed. He has one ball now. The blood red roses with the black ribbon was a very smart move. The rest of the presents were acceptable (though he could go higher for creativity, but he's satisfactory for a beginner).

For the record, I'm very picky. He hasn't been chop-stamped(FN8) yet.

Part IV: Conclusion

The long and short of it: I'm glad it happened for you, you deserve to be happy, and CONGRATULATIONS, Qiong and Kek.

Sheesh, I sound like you're married already.


FN1 "Bum" - lazy-assed person who spends too much time watching the Winter Olympics / being trapped by the MSN Monster / sleeping.

FN2 "No balls" - what does this look like it means?

FN3 "Humji" - Ibid.

FN4 "Boh lumpah" - Supra, note 2. In a cruder, your mother will not like me if I said this in front of her, sort of way.

FN5 "重色轻友" - "Heavy on lust, light on friendship". Applies to anyone who chooses to do anything for significant other over doing something for a buddy.

FN6 "Motherlot" - a reference to one's parents is always a good way to create emphasis. Just means the same as "shitload", really.

FN7 "Diao" - in this context, it means to tease.

FN8 "Chop-stamp" - what your buddies / girlfriends have to do to your significant others to certify them fit to date you. I'm not too sure of the origins of this phrase, but I suspect it could have started from the days of the WWII Japanese Occupation of Singapore when the Jap solidiers lined the Singaporeans in the streets and checked them and stamped their clothes with red ink to certify them as non-dangerous civillians. Could alternatively be what they do at clubs to certify you're over the age of majority and paid cover, but I like the earlier explanation more.

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Monday, 13th February '06

Why I Love Being a Law Student

This is as opposed to being a science student, since I really haven't tried anything else. But I'm very sure you only come across gems like this in LEGAL RESEARCH. This is something I stumbled across in researching my latest research paper topic: intellectual property in sporting moves.

The following line was cited as a "highlight" in this article on the possibility of obtaining patents in Yoga techniques:

"I'm beyond Superman ... I have balls like atom bombs, two of them, 100 megatons each. Nobody fucks with me."
-- Bikram Choudhury

Ahhahahaha. I swear, I would never have found such interesting stuff if I were still a Biology student. Right Tzo? That having been said, though, I do miss my Biology roots rather a bit. Pity I didn't manage to make it to that presentation of Honours theses last Saturday. Chris was right, he'd have to win the nobel prize for finding the cure to cancer without me. Haha. smile While I go on with my research about yogis and their gonads.

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Saturday, 11th February '06

Fast Food Nation

I have realised, to my great horror, that I have had a few days of really bad food. A friggin' disaster was made of my meals without me even realising it:

It all started on Wednesday morning. White hot chocolate with whipped cream and a cookie for breakfast. Ham and cheese sandwich and soup for lunch. (This lunch being the ONLY respectable thing I have had since.) On the way home from school David and I start talking about McDonald's, where he thinks he will go get burgers or something. It's 3 in the afternoon and I'm hungry and I mentioned how I just recently discovered the joys of the Rollo Milkshake (I know it sounds dodgy, a Rollo - a chocolate brand we don't get in Singapore - Milkshake in North America from Macs, but it's gooooddd.) Immediately I get put in the mood to have one. So I do.

It's ok, it's still early in the junk food cycle. What I didn't count on was how it all went to hell in a handbasket from there.

Dinner before going to the Battle of the Bands. Of course I'm feeling lazy, as I always am these days. Which means that dinner is instant noodles (ah, the MSG!) and bits of old veggies and honey baked ham. Then it's on to the Grawood (Dal pub) for the Bands. Which take friggin' long to come on, and in the meantime Mick does not allow me to get through the night without alcohol. So along comes a Sex on the Beach. Somewhere along the way someone buys too much Keith's (local brew) and starts giving it away free. So the normally stingy, dry as a bone En Ying thinks: why the heck not?

This is probably also a good time to note that I met a Canadian, Chris, who actually could speak some Chinese phrases and sound almost right, and, to my even greater surprise, play 猜拳. No kidding. It was kinda surreal to be sitting a Halifax school pub playing a distinctly Chinese drinking game with a white boy, getting my ass kicked at it because the PRC version is quite different from how we play in Singapore and I'm lousy at it anyway, and sipping a Halifax beer in punishment. It's also a bit scary when Armando the Mexican picked up "干杯". Next time I teach them to "Yam Seng" - that would be downright hilarious.

As time goes on and the Grawood is closing, Armando goes: En Ying, are you hungry? If so, I will walk to McDonald's with you. And then I realize that, bloody hell, I AM hungry at 2am in the morning.

Incidentally, since this is a food blog, the phrase "I am hungry" is the phrase I can say in the most languages aside from the word "cheese" - 我肚子饿! Wa badoh yao! J'ai faim! Ich habe hunger! And some Swedish thing I can't even begin to spell but sounds something like "Yorg ert hunkreig" - I'm sure it's all wrong.

But lengthy digression aside, thanks to Mexi (another way to refer to Armando when his real name is too tiring to say) I ended up putting a Double Cheeseburger BLT and half a Vanilla Milkshake (thank goodness there was Chris to finish the rest of it) in at an ungodly hour in the morning.

Coming home I also run into a very visibly drunken Susann - that was pretty funny. It's interesting how girls always see a need to apologise for being drunk even when they're sweet, responsible drunks like Susann. Anyways, she was like "we will go for tea tomorrow, En Ying". And I was left bewilderedly wondering whether she would remember it the next day. Turns out she did. Heh.

By the time I get to bed it's closer to sunrise than not. Unfortunately I have to drag myself out in for a eminent speaker's lecture on universal access to the Internet. All I manage to grab on the way to class to serve as something to tide me until the lecture ended at 1pm - a Tim Hortons English Toffee Capuccino and Boston Cream Doughnut (a particularly wicked doughnut filled with custard and coated in chocolate icing). I was just NOT THINKING about the horrors of what I was putting in my digestive system.

And after making it through the lecture, Mick and I trudge to the Studen Union Building in search of Dawgfathers. The Dawgfather, PhD, is this classic Dalhousie icon... he's a guy who's made something of a little empire just selling "Phatboys" (a hot dog) and "Giant Sausages" and "Hamburgers" to perpetually broke uni students for a twonnie. A Giant Sausage it is for me, with ketchup and honey dijon and relish and black olives. This is a gourmet hotdog indeed. You have infinite choices of mustard and toppings. A Pepsi washes down the greasy mess.

And then I go home, whereupon I meet Susann and it turns out Simon's (one of the "French Fries" - what we call the "French Guys", due to someone's slip of the tongue, much in the same way EnEn became FuFu) birthday dinner is going to be at the Father's Moustache. And it's THURSDAY, so of course it's WING NIGHT. 10 Fried Chicken Wings for $3, Honey Garlic Sauce. It's too good a deal to pass up, and frankly the wings were quite good.

Could I put ANY more junk in? Turns out, yes.

Breakfast the next morning turned out to be another rush job, simply because I can never wake up to get to a 9am class on time. Choc-chip Muffin to eat in class. Not bad, but not good either, if we're talking about the health factor of the thing.

Class over, time for some lunch. I discover I am absolutely broke, and have a grand total of $1.53. The only thing I seem to be able to afford is $1.25 Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate, in other words. My digestive system screams in agony.

By 3pm, a confuzzling Securities Regulation lecture has left me completely winded and - you guessed it - hungry. It's also time for the Turino 2006 opening ceremony, and the usual suspects (A, M, D, me and this time even Lingwei) head down to the Grawood in search of food and a big screen. It's at this time I discover the Tiger Burger - a Dalhousie speciality that's really a Double Cheeseburger With Bacon, Onions and Relish. Comes with Fries. How could I possibly choose a salad over that, for the same price?

I haven't eaten anything since - my digestive system has gone on strike. Will remember to eat something to detox tomorrow. JIALAT.

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Wednesday, 8th February '06

Pattinaggio di Figura

Ok. That's it for my limited Italian. Very limited. The only other Italian word I know is "fromaggio".

THE TORINO GAMES ARE ALMOST HERE!!! Ahahaha... finally. This was half the reason I came to Canada in the first place. WINTER SPORTS. Having gone snowboarding last Friday and having come home fulfilled, happy, wet and in pain (much like how I used to come home from skating sessions), the whole Olympic anticipation is building up at a healthy pace.

Here are some assorted skating-related thoughts. Explanations for everyone else in brackets:
- May Jeff Buttle kick Evgeny Plushenko's faggoty butt. (Jeff Buttle being the only real Canadian hope for a medal in this Games and Evgeny being the faggoty Russian nemesis of the awesom Alexei Yagudin. Plushenko just gives male skaters a bad name.)
- Timothy Goebel!!!! *wails* WHAT HAPPENED TO MY QUAD KING?! (Goebel being the 2002 Salt Lack City Games Bronze Medalist, right after Yagudin and Plushenko. He landed 2 quad Salchows and a quad toe-loop, being the first man to land 3 quads in competition. He was a favourite lead the US Men's team to Torino until he bombed the Nationals, bloody hell.)
- I still see nothing that great about Michelle Kwan. Bring on Sasha Cohen, please.
- Johnny Weir is another faggoty one. This is going to be a chilling year for the Men's... all the real athletes are gone (Yagudin and Goebel, prominantly) and we're left with the pouncy, flouncy, sequiny, lace and ruffles guys like Plushenko and Weir. Eek.
- I still know nothing about Slutskaya. (Russian Ladies' Silver Medalist in Salt Lake City, touted to be the Gold contender for Torino.)

AND, I discoverd the (OMGOMGOMGOMG!!)NBC Olympics Site! HAPPINESS. I don't know how it is that I've only discovered this NOW, but it's such a gem. So here are my best links as a good lead up to the 2006 Games.

1998 Nagano

Lipinski's Free Skate
Aww. The little darling. A classic as far as i'm concerned. She's so small it's kinda scary. And it seems like she's the only person in the world to ever rotate faster than Tim Goebel.

2002 Salt Lake City

Sale & Pelletier
I don't usually like pairs much, but this was such a controversial scandal I had to watch it. And it was magic. AND THEY'RE COMING TO HALIFAXXXXX!!! I get to see them LIVE. HA!

Hughes' Short
Took me this long to realise she was a goofy skater... if that's the proper word. Nice, but she has damn weird-looking spirals.

Sasha Cohen's Short
Very clean. A nice opener, I guess. For what it's worth I think she has nicer lines than Hughes and Kwan.

Sasha Cohen's Free Skate
I like that she choreos her own programmes... I'd give her so much more for presentation than Hughes, actually, but yeah, she loses on technicality.

Sarah Hughes
A fantastic array of triples, but I didn't always feel a lot from her. But she deserved the Gold, even if to somoe extent I feel it was attained by sheer brute force. Like I didn't like her artistics and her lines, but you REALLY can't deny a Gold to someone with 7 triples.

But enough with the women. Let's get to the real deal. Took a damn lot of searching to find these, so give me some Men's.

Yagudin's Short
First man to land a quad-triple combination in competition!! *bouncebouncebounce*

Plushenko's Short
No quad toe - triple toe for him.

Goebel's Short
Quad sal - triple toe. 'Nuff said. Absolutely droolworthy, this guy.

Evgeny, *snort*
Granted this was a good skate, he does have a lot of fire artistically. But he just gets on my nerves. And he's an arrogant prick. This is the free skate to Carmen.

Goebel's Quad-King Free Skate
This one is really my favourite of all, the American in Paris program... the commentators are so enthusiastic they make you want to jump out of your chair in excitement. The MUST WATCH free skate of 2002. And for a guy he's got a really good sit spin. Needless to say, the quads are EXQUISITE. He loses on the artistics and doesn't have Yagudin's stability, but they're right when they call him "ultra-athletic". The last triple-toe had a crazy hard entry too. It's people like him and Boitano who enable one to argue that not all male skater's are pansies. And how could you not love the smile...

Yagudin, of course
A conservative free skate, but still damn well impeccable. Quad toe - triple toe - double loop combination also a sight to behold. This one was really all about the artistics... there's something about the way he sits on the music that the rest don't get. That's where I think the 4 6.0s came from. Good intensity and without a doubt the best lines (and choreo) of all. Watch the flying camel - forward sit - jump to back sit spin combi. Nice.

So onwards to Torino.

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Monday, 6th February '06

Still No Topic for Entertainment Law

The worse part of writing a research paper is finding something to research in the first place. Sheesh. Bowie bonds look interesting (anyone from SMU - the Singapore Management University, I mean - got any helpful information for me?). So David Bowie made financing history by being the first artist to raise $55 million in capital by selling securities to Prudential Insurance backed on royalties from his 25 albums. And a whole bunch of aging rock stars followed. But there's precious little about it in the way of ISSUES. So I know how they work... then what? confused

I could always fall back on something nice and perpetually controversial... like the merits of censoring rock music versus the freedom of expression. But that's been so done. I can't see myself coming up with anything particularly insightful. It also sounds like a rehash of the old IPW project in RJC... where I took some perverse pleasure in shocking my poor conservative auntie-type supervisor with a presentation of the finer screaming portions of Eminem's "Kim" and some Marilyn Manson / Nine Inch Nails lyrics. That was too easy to do in Singapore - I doubt the gimmick would work here.

Or I could do something about Reality TV and the Intellectual Property problems of patenting something that isn't a script or a song. But I know shit about IP Law (yes, that's what the research is for, I realise). Actually this could be rather a good thing to do. Hmm. Shall think more on it. Can you patent a format? Could Freemantle Media (Pop Idol / American Idol creators) sue Channel U for the Project Superstar thing? But the whole idea of "Talentime" has been around for ages anyhow. Folks, we may have a winner - just that there is painfully little in terms of articles written on this.

Yeah. More lamenting. I will probably be a lot less grumpy once I get this out of the way.

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Sunday, 5th February '06

Wah Liao Eh. 有没有搞错?

This is another one of those absurdly strange incidents that need blogging just so I can record it as another one of those "never resist the unfamiliar" experiences:


Whoo! One more little anecdote to regale the folks back home with. razz An anecdote that I already shared with Bert and brought on rather indignant reactions. Hurhur. And so much for telling Mum not to worry, my friends here are nice guys who will make sure I get home in one piece. sleepy

I swear, this kind of situation - don't know whether to laugh or cry. The cry part would be pretty obvious... the laugh part... have you ever tried spending time alone in a club by yourself? It's a refreshing experience, though not a terribly fun one. You get to stalk the place alone, take time to mentally criticise all the girls who wear clothes that don't fit them, people watch and be amused at the dance moves that people can come up with (the most amusing are usually the short fart guys who dance alone - one admires both their gumption and utter lack of shame). rolls eyes

But at the same time you can mooch around and wonder at the utter patheticness of being abandoned by your current company in a completely random place. It's not a feeling I'm used to, seeing as everytime I've been out in Singapore I've been surrounded by people whom we're so comfortable with we can all just whack silly Rick Astley / Timmy Thomas type music without the least embarrassment. (Or maybe it's just the fact that I've been a dancer for 15 years that I don't need alcohol for the dutch courage - if we had to drink to dance I think Zaini would have a blue fit. And the blocking would be such a royal mess. Hahaha.)

It can make one a little bit thoughtful... and at one point I pondered the question of whether I should even have gone in the first place. It's not that current company is bad, nor do I think I myself am particularly bad company, but it's more of a "pattern don't click" issue. Back home it would have been the case that we'd all move in the same circles subconciously. Even if I were out with, say, a whole bunch of dudes like say Jem, Jer, Wenz or whoever... I'd KNOW what's in their heads, and I would never have to worry about losing them simply because the culture is a come-together-leave-together thing.

Here it's more a case of: oops, my friend just disappeared. Should I look for him? Or has he gone to pick up a girl? In which case I think I will get out of the way, before the lightbulb grows too bright. And how am I supposed to know the difference anyhow? *shrug*

Complicated, yeah? It's not a bad thing... it's about learning a whole different social ettiquette. Mich was right about that point... that you don't realise how bloody Asian you are until you leave Asia. It's not about values or anything like that. It's more like conversing in a whole new language sometimes... relearning what the social norms are, what you're expected to say in reaction to certain things.

Like in the midst of my solitary exploration of Pacifico... this dude starts a conversation with me about, um, me. He's friendly enough, I suppose - not entirely one of those weirdos that I tend to attract around here (man, what happened to nice pretty boys?), and starting out with "Hi, my name is XXX." is about a good a way to start as any. But although he was a perfectly decent, nice, unassuming fella, my train of thought went something like this:

1. Ok, hi, WHY are you talking to me?
2. Right, at least he isn't standing too close.
3. Why do you want to know how often I come here?
4. Dude. I think you're a bit old to be here anyways.
5. You're nice, but let go of my hand.
6. How do I excuse myself nicely?
7. Why is it that I have no desire WHATSOEVER to talk to new people in these situations? No one else seems to have any trouble doing that.
8. Yeah, I know what "fly" means, thanks for the compliment. I've watched enough American TV.
9. You like the hat? Thanks. (Ahahah, just a week ago Vicki's big brother, Ervin, told me I looked like a bloody communist in it.)
10. Alright, where the HELL are the guys I came with? I need a reason to get out of this.
11. Oh yeah, I lost them a while ago. confused

I guess what I found strange about the whole situation was that it reflects nothing of the social ettiquette that I know - that you don't talk to strangers, and that when you say you're going with friends you go with friends. It's kinda all on its head now - you're supposed to talk to strangers, evidently, and when u go with friends you all split up as quickly as you came.

Put it down to another enlightening exchange experience! hehe Like they say, I gotta learn something from Canada.

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Thursday, 2nd February '06

And a Very Happy Smubbie Chinese New Year to You Too!

Thanks Bert, for the blog post. It's great that you guys make that kind of effort to keep Dage Heng, Erge Dre, me and Sandi Luk (in order of seniority, just to be traditional) updated even when we're halfway around the globe. Thanks again.

Bert's photo, by the way - I guess you can tell the editing style is not quite me.

And some general New Year season remarks that I can now make upon receiving all those updates:

1. Yes, I've seen the countless photos and yes, JONAH IS DAMN CUTE. I have heard this repeated ad nauseum over the New Year season and heard the constant gushing from both his female AND male admirers. Yes, I would love to meet the adorable little fella, so stop rubbing it in that I haven't been there! plain

2. And yes, this is something like the 3rd Smubbie CNY celebration that I've missed. Somemore this year the party was on 初三. Grr. Ordinarily I would have made it.

3. Kai, R&B music is not real music. So there. And I miss you too.

4. This time last year (ok, 初二 to be precise) I was nursing a Lychee Martini bought with someone else's money, and watching Moren Tea Estate and Fat Skunks play in Thumper. Hmm. Totally random thought, but I kinda miss seeing friends of friends playing live music. It's fun to be affiliated with the rock stars, as it were.

5. Seeing as I collected my angpows on time last year, I was probably a good bit richer then than I am now.

6. Babs Cheng Limin is still psychotic.

7. Ahahahah, Bert, I want to hear about that chick who's after you...

8. Pay attention to this one, especially the 兄弟s; it's a CHEAP SHOT. If you look at the photo above, how many people went for the BBQ? Babs said SEVEN when I last spoke to her on the phone. I swear, I'm telling the truth. She can't count above SIX. It was the same number as last time (read: 2001). Some species just never learn. wink

Ok, I'm so sleepy I can't even think anymore. Shall go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I will build a snowman.

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Wednesday, 1st February '06

Snow Day!

I don't have anything good to say in this entry, other than that this has been my shortest school week ever. 2 days, 3 classes; Monday and Tuesday. Today, Wednesday, turned out to be a snow day - i.e. an emergency "public holiday" of sorts that you get when the snow comes down too hard and the university thinks that you might catch a cold / pneumonia / hypothermia and die walking to school, or that your car engine might freeze over etc etc.

I'm not complaining. I almost BANKED on it happening and hence did not do my Family Law readings for the 8:30 am class. Woke up at 7:30 am and looked out of the window, saw a massive snow-dune on the rooftop outside my window, and decided to phone the central switchboard. Within 2 minutes I was back in bed, and there I stayed till 10:30 am. One more reason to love the snow wink.

Only problem is that you could very well catch cabin fever sitting at home in the YMCA cell all day.

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