Wednesday, 27th April '05

I Mean, Come On, It's Not Like We've Known Ourselves That Long.

Latest song to send me into a gaga-tailspin. I LOVE it. And by none other than the king of the quarterlifecrisis himself, haha. There's just something in the honest simplicity of his lyrics that gets to me even if I don't always understand them completely. And heck lah, he can make a 3 chord combination sound miserable and uplifting at the same time.

I don't know why I haven't heard this song until now. It's certainly not on any released album but it isn't a cover either, and it isn't a live recording... must be one of the early indie pieces. They're always the coolest discoveries.

Strawberry Sng, go listen to this one.

-- John Mayer

Do you ever get the feelin
That we started in the middle?
Or have you ever had the sense
That weve been lying just a little?
I mean, come on
It's not like we've known ourselves that long

And I can't say I really blame you for being bored with the beginning
Always staring at the score to figure out who's barely winning
But don't you know
There is a reason strong, move slow

And I'm okay
If you're okay with wasting time
But when you trace
You always see the bottom line

We are tracing
I hope you know
We are tracing

And if you want to know the moment
I knew that i was still alone
I found I never learned your number
I only stored it in my phone
You'd think by now
I'd know the shape of calling home

And I'm okay
If you're okay with wasting time
But when you trace
You always see the bottom line

We are tracing
I hope you know
We are tracing
We're both alone
We are tracing
We are tracing

Did you ever get the feeling
That we started in the middle?
Or have you ever had the sense
That we've been lying just a little?
I mean come on
It's not like we've knew ourselves that long

I'm especially struck by the stanza about the phone number - that's very strong symbolism / imagery for all its simplicity.

I'm sure there are lots of people with relationships like that.

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Saturday, 23rd April '05


SMiLEA little piece of music history has just found its way into my iTunes player.

So here, I finally got to laying my digital hands on it. The modern music world's most highly anticipated album since... 1967. Finally officially released 28th September 2004 as a solo effort by Brian Wilson (sans psychedelic drugs and harmonising family members).

It's funny though, how you just stumble upon these things. Everyone knows the Beach Boys - and I could probably sing you 20 songs flat out, from all that time I spent listening to and coverting Dad's bootleg cassette tapes - but I sure didn't know about SMiLE. Not at least until Amazon labelled it the album of the year 2004, and I just had to "surreptitiously acquire" (thanks, Ave, for convenient terminology) acquire it.

And for the first time since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I'm quite at a lost for what to say. Even though I hadn't heard of it before, a quick Google search revealed the damned album (and I mean to say it might really have been cursed) as quite the Holy Grail of the Beach Boys fan culture. Heck, there about a hundred websites devoted to explaining the mystery / controversy / history of the album, espousing new theories as to why it got canned in the works, guessing at the official tracklisting, hosting music from Smiley Smile (the true SMiLE's disappointing precursor), its relation to the Beatles' Sgt Pepper work... so by the time I clicked the "play" button... well... the anticipation was quite a thing to behold.

But it wasn't quite what I expected... come on, hands up, those of you who like me, thought the Beach Boys were all surf, girls and cars? And with a name like SMiLE, you'd think this would contain some classic Beach Boys ear candy. Nope. Heck, I knew it was experimental, but Brian Wilson's early experimental stuff were of the genre of "Help Me Rhonda" / "Fun Fun Fun"! I was all set for a relaxing, post-Equity&Trusts paper break.

Au contraire. This was a CD of WIERD music - inspired, if my research is right, by Brian Wilson's hippy quarterlifecrisis (though I'm convinced by the time he completed the album this would have been heathily into a threequarterlifecrisis), astrology / zen studies, organic food obession and LSD trips. For ideas listen to "Our Prayer" for a pseudo-spiritual opening, "Barnyard" for humans making animal noises, "Mrs O'Leary's Cow" for some scary shit (good shit, I like this one, but its quite chilling to listen to at midnight - and it's purely instrumental), and "Vega-table" for an ode to Wilson's favourite vegetable. This whole album was supposed to be balanced, containing songs representing Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water, a musical work of art and the album to chuck the Beatles' Sgt Pepper album out the window.

And all I got listening to it was...


* Author's disclaimer: this doesn't mean the album wasn't any good. Although I would much rather the Beach Boy's vocal finness was present to carry it through, it's definitely worth a listen - two or more if you can afford it - to figure it out. There was clearly an artistic vision somewhere, albeit the vision itself not being very clear. And if nothing else, take a listen to satisfy the hype. Let me know what you come up with, coz I'm not likely to figure out anything soon but the mystery of Administrative Law.

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Saturday, 16th April '05

These Are The Thoughts That Hit You At 12:41 AM.

Don't you just love my completely unthemed entries that simply jot down everything that happens in the hollow shell above my neck?

You don't? Well, booya. You will see in a minute that I don't quite care:

1. "I'm getting stoned, and what's wrong with that? The President seems to be just fine." I am fascinated by the irony that these Smashmouth lyrics (yeah, hands up those of you, who like me and ex-NCMP JB Jeyaretnam are "mired in the past" - such off-the-mark quotes a sure sign of too much Public Law in recent days) were written in the days BEFORE Bush took over.

2. Take a look at this blog entry: she calls me lovely. Aww. No but really, in light of Jer and Limin's enthusiasm, I was brought crashing back down to earth. Makes me feel like I should go to both Touch and New Creation and find out what the hooha is all about. And a celebrity death match between Pastors Prince and Khong might be in order. Prince sounds, well, princely, and Khong... *shrug*

3. In any case, Limin is happy, in more ways than one, and so I am too.

4. Abdoolcader S.C.J. is the Lord Denning of Malaysia, I swear. Dry sarcastic quotes included, vis my latest MSN nicks.

5. How did I manage to leave this point so late! Tan Kok Guan replied, whee! Secured internship for early August, though I haven't a clue how this is going to impact the Heartlands Celebrations thing - if it even happens.

6. Kai is going to get up early to mug in RI? Tell me, how many wrong things do you spot in that sentence?

7. I think I'm mad. How did I agree to watch Samara at midnight tomorrow? I'm going to have nightmares... of failing my papers.

8. Harrod's Traditional Chocolate Chunk Biscuits. *chomp chomp* *yum*.

9. Dipstick test done at last. I don't have diabetes (if you want more on this, just ask), but I have leucocytes in my pee. I think I forgot to take mid-stream urine. Maybe I should stop the over-information here.

10. I miss whining to Dage. This morning was rather fun, harhar.

11. Sentences getting shorter and shrtr.

12. Hahaha.

13. Zzz. sleepy

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Thursday, 14th April '05

Lucky B*tch

That's me, by the way. rolls eyes

WAH, I haven't been this lucky since the Bio 'S' prelims. The Equity & Trusts written test well pretty swell and the Public Law Assignment was this crazy crazy fluke.

Note to self: save money to pay off big bet to Liang Ying. Can u believe I actually made a one-sided bet on my result and what I would do for her if I got XXX grades? And didn't even demand anything in return? That was how bad I knew my stuff was - and the number of grammatical mistakes, typos and spelling mistakes when I got back the paper today was phenomenal. I got the world's lenientest marker - and I don't mean analysis-wise. I would have flunked me for my horrible citation format alone.

All I need to make my day is some reply from ANY law firm giving me an attachment. Please please let me get R&T. It's the only one I know that's confirmed still considering me (i.e. the rest have more or less impliedly told me to suck it).

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Friday, 8th April '05

Sorry, I Just Went To Use The John And I HAVE To Say This.

With all my neighbourly love:

Ok, you useless little idiots. I don't know what your mothers taught you, or what planet you're from and whether the gravity there has a different effect on you egestive waste, BUT:

Flush the damned toilet when you're done, asshole. Do you think people like to go in there and see your semi-solid yesterday's-dinner smeared around the porcelain bowl? And guess what? I don't think the nice cleaner auntie appreciates having to clean that up either, ingrate.

One last thing - and if you flush it and it didn't go down, surprise surprise! YOU CAN ALWAYS FLUSH AGAIN! *gasp* Oh yes, no shit.

Friggin' cretins.

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The Hills Of Hell Will Be Covered in Snow Before I Ever Do This Again

Finally the week of...
Monday - skip horrific Public Law lecture and meet group to pia general Memorandum of Understanding clauses.
Tuesday - hotcakes at Macs in the morning! Meeting LCS group to do more on the MOU, meet opposing negotiation team to re-negotiatate clauses and re-draft and re-format (the friggin' bullets keep jumping, holy shit!) the blasted MOU all in the span of a harrowing 4 hours only to submit the thing seconds before the IVLE folder closed. Pretty much K.O.ed for the rest of the day.
Wednesday - Realised there was a shitload of Public Law Readings to do but I had no time to do it since Equity and Trusts assignment due in less than a day. (Did I mention that for the past 3 days I had been sleeping at 3pm busting my ass on that terrific little gem of an essay?) And that citations (even after almost 2 full years of practice) can still irritate the crap our of me. As Ave nicely pointed out (quoting K.C.'s nick) citations suck. Ibid. Dinner, by the way, was a cup of Super! cup noodles at 11pm, thanks to my pigheaded, stubborn refusal to leave my computer till the citations were done.
Thursday - Woke up at unholy hour of 7am to wolf down a miserable cup of instant Milo and Tan Gek Neo Jessie and Re Fong Thin Choo for breakfast, and proceed to re-memorise the Chng Suan Tze ditty. And then to attempt to craft a coherent answer to the tutorial question (Prof Thio wanted to CHECK them this time - no tutor has done that since secondary school lah! But good, anyways, since it'll force me to actually think). And then for good measure typing the CST ditty onto my marquee screensaver. All together now: "All power has legal limits..." Thank God for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea at night.
Friday - Miserable Equity and Trusts tutorial despite Prof Tan's laudable efforts... just didn't do enough reading. And for some reason, was awfully stoned since Thursday night. Perhaps waking up at 6am to start readings wasn't a good idea - especially when it entailed me falling asleep every 10 minutes.
... is finally ending.

*end whine* Never again. EVER.

Perhaps sometime this week end I will have a life:
Friday - Mass at Holy Family Church this evening at 6pm, even if Dad was feeling a bit reluctant to go. I think he has as much church-o-phobia as I do. But really, Catholic churches are a lot creepier somehow - but perhaps I will save the discourse on my skepticism over Catholism for later. Heck, I don't even really like going to Protestant churches much, but Weiling and Chris deserve a shot.
Saturday - Bball with Babs and the twins (J&J) and whoever else is there in RJ in the morn. Gosh, I have to get up and mmooooovvveee. This week has been so assignment-oriented and sedentary I SWEAR I'm getting rhuematism. My ankles and knuckles ache when it rains, and I get a backache just sitting up. Office injuries and all that - imagine my life to come. And since I'm on this topic, I also think that if I continue in this line of work, the number of photocopies I make and the number of photocopied readings I do will ensure that I die of carbon poisoning. I am literally BREATHING IN carbon these days.
Sunday - I may actually miss going to tech class. *scratches head* Oh well. The only other thing left to do is sit home and try to dicipher Prof Winslow's lecture notes.

AND, the weather has been so good for swimming.

*end whine. Really, this time*

Think I'll go nap. It's a Friday afternoon, after all.

Daylight is climbing the walls; cars start and feet walk the halls. The world awakes and now I am safe - at least by the light of day... -- John Mayer, "Quiet"

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Wednesday, 6th April '05

"What A Day It's Been. You Have Learnt Something, I Have Learnt Something. Too Bad We Didn't Learn It Sooner; We Could Have Gone To The Movies Instead."

I'm having a day of reliving my childhood.

First, I'm memorising almost a whole paragraph out of the case of Chng Suan Tze at the request - no, rather threat - of my Public Law tutor. Kind of in the painful fashion of those old mo4 xie3 thingys. "In our view, the notion of a subjective and unfettered discretion is contrary to the rule of law. All power has legal limits and the rule of law demands that the courts should be able to examine the exercise of discretionary power. If therefore the executive in exercising its discretion has exceeded the four corners within which Parliament has decided it can exercise its discretion, such an exercise of discretion would be ultra vires the Act and a court of law must be able to hold it to be so."

So there's bad legal writing for you.

And then I have rediscovered Boy Meets World. Ok, I sort of rediscover it on and off, but for the first time I've actually managed to download a episode BEFORE Cory and Topanga got started on their never-separating and highly unbelievable love story. I actually realised how much older Will Friedle is than Ben Savage and that for some really strange reason Rider Strong was about two heads taller than Savage at the time (1994?). Weird stuff, but comfortably nostalgic. They were such sweet kids before they grew up and Matt Lawrence (the eye-candy) joined the cast and started distracting me, and Savage and Strong went on to make me jealous by entering ridiculously high profile Ivy-Legue schools (tell me how child actors that never really went to school get into Stanford and Columbia, huh?) , and doing some really bad indie movie *koffcabinfeaverkoff*. I have also realised how ridiculous it is that Feeny teaches the same kids all the way to college, but damn, I still want the whole collection of episodes, and they're not all downloadable. Haha, and that "And then there was Shawn" episode is insanely funny.

And then today, some other NUS student's music once again popped up on my comp, and low and behold... THE ENTIRE FRENCH LIBRETTO OF LES MISERABLES. So you know what I spent the afternoon listening too. Amusing, that 24601 in French is read as "24,60,1". London cast still has better vocals, but some songs like "La Grand Jour" continue to sound amazing either way.

The titular quote was taken from another of my childhood favourites, "Perfect Strangers", by the way. Anyhoo, it's not like anyone other than Ben (Low) remembers that show.

Alright. Public Law calls.

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Sunday, 3rd April '05

Oh, What's In A Name?

Frankly, I'm rather sad to leave behind that last chicken-infested blog entry... spent damn long on it too - maybe you can't see the point, but an avalanche of Trust cases does mad things to the mind nearing midnight.

In any case, it's not even dinner time and I already have busted my ass on enough Trust cases to know I will never make a gift of property to an unincorporated association because the blasted buggers will probably just divide all my painstakingly acquired money, abscond and make a day of it. And woe betide me if I try to tell them what the heck they're to do with it becasue I'll just wind up not even having created a Trust in the first place. Such is the inspiring side of law school.

In any case, I've decided that since turning 21 (I'm going to blog this happy part after exams because I have more or less promised myself to be utterly bogged down with work and miserable till they're over), I might need a new name. Hmm. Explore some options, shall we?

My crappy little elf name is Leafwind Clouddash.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

Qiong, what's yours? Don't you give me that Legolas Greenleaf thing.

My Iraqi Leadership Name is al-Kubaysi Hamid Nusayyif al-Din Ugla.
What's yours?
Powered by Rum and Monkey.

I just love it. Now if only shading those damned Optical Answer Sheets wasn't such a pain.

My japanese name is 坂本 Sakamoto (book of the hill) 久美子 Kumiko (eternal beautiful child).
Take your real japanese name generator! today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

Is it me or did they call me a childish suaku?

My goddamn rock solid ghetto shiznit name is Peeping Joe Kool.
What's yours?
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That be a trippin' name, yo.

My White Rapper Who Thinks He Is Black is Skanky Ho.
Take The Silly White Guy Who Thinks He Is Actually A Black Gangsta' Rapper But Is Actually Trippin' Since He Is A White Fo'. today!
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No shit. I think I've ever called a friend's girlfriend that before.

My insanely stupid emo name is break my revenge right now.
Take The "If Your Name Was An Emo Song... Generator Thingy" today!
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I'll keep that in mind. Sounds right up there with "Michael Learns to Rock", "Jimmy Eat World", and "Death Cab for Cutie" to me. The longer and the less sense-making the better.

My very British name is Chloe Cavendish.
Take The Very British Name Generator today!
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Spiffing. Anything but Camilla Parker Bowls. Tzo, do this one!

My My friends would really like to call me: is monty python.
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Why, exactly?

My ultra sexy ethnic stud-muffin name is Conchita Hernandez.
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Heavens, no. Sound like the next guy I run into will be called Enrique Iglesias or something equally horrific.

My God-damned hippie name is Coral Mariana.
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Coral actually sounds pretty. I'll sleep on it.

My insulting name is Essence of sheer vile Wankbottom!
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For some reason I think this has nothing on the short, sweet, simple "Babs". Don't you? *wink*

My Mormon name is Jennyfivetina BoChe'!
What's yours?

Off I go to Utah.

My Here is your Icelandic name... is Hrönn Elín.
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Somehow sounds more LOTR-ish than the elf name one!

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
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A little interaction, anyone? rolls eyes Let's see what you can do.

And now for the royale finale:

En Ying Koh's Aliases

Your movie star name: Deloba Anthony

Your fashion designer name is En Ying Paris

Your socialite name is Chickee London

Your fly girl / guy name is E Koh

Your detective name is Dog Raffles

Your barfly name is Chocolate Gateau Lychee Martini

Your soap opera name is Bedok

Your rock star name is Sour Strips Cheetah

Your star wars name is En rio Kohyou

Your punk rock band name is The Bleugh Tissue

Water over the pebbles! -- G. Love & Special Sauce

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Friday, 1st April '05

House Of Flying... Rubber Chickens?

Err. Yes, that's right. You heard me.

Heh. This is one review for which I am SERIOUSLY at a loss for words. But in the tradition of this rather verbose rambly blog, I'll try anyway. So I'll begin with an observation what probably isn't worth the webspace it's printed on - Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal should have kept its original name. Their new, abbreiviated moniker of [bjm_danse] seems somewhat spartan in comparison.

And now that I've had a little warm-up, I'm STILL unable to describe the bemusing yet thoroughly enjoyable experience that was tonight's double bill of "Mapa" and "The Stolen Show". Well, the stoppering of my verbal diarrheoa was more the effect of the latter than the former. Of course, Mapa was excellently performed - I've come to expect no less of this amazing dance company since Tzo dragged me to whatever dingy theatre it was to watch them in 2001. And well done to her too, because since then I've more or less resolved to watch every show Montreal Ballet show my pathetic allowance can afford.

But where was I? Mapa? Right. Like I said, well performed and the company once again showed the energy, intensity and lightness of step that I remembered from the first time. I couldn't help but feel that the choreography was lacking in some ways... it was small and certain parts (especially what Liang called the "Black Pas de Deux") tended to almost boring repetition. While the technique was flawless and the dancers' (oops, thats interpretive artists to us mere mortals) strength and control was jaw-dropping, this cranky reviewer sensed a general vibe of uninspired-ness. It was text-book perfect, yet there seemed no vision or direction, and I was reduced to just admiring the drool-worthy pirouettes, a la second splits and eye candy that was Youri de Wilde (that's him holding the 4th chicken from the left, next to bald dude).

But OH, the second act, The Stolen Show, was crazy... I don't mean crazy good, because one could clearly tell the technique showing-off was all done in the first act. This act was about interpretation and there was certainly something the choreographer wanted to say that did NOT involve much regular dancing. Without giving the game away, this act - it was actually only an excerpt, and the full Stolen Show" was really three acts long - it was so delightfully absurd, so enthrallingly eccentric, I would have paid the full price to see this part alone.

It began with something like an insight to a typical rehearsal day... dancers lounging around in khakis, chatting away in some English-French hybrid... eventually a transition to an intensely physical double-male pas de duex, a relaxed skit-dance of a male-female couple arguing about choreography ("No I said here! Non, ici! Here! Ici!"... "One two... cinq six...") and then THE MAGICIAN appeared.

If I had to describe the Magician, I'd call him a rough equivalent of Sim Pern Yiau as Adrain Lim in Such Sweet Sorrow. Slapstick as slapstick could be, but thigh-slappingly, eye-wateringly hilarious. He strutted around the stage in over the top Magician poses, and in response to that, twenty rubber chickens were hurled out at him from the wings, in the fashion of over-ripe tomatos. At that point I nearly fell off my chair laughing. He reacted by throttling a chicken and slapping in around in some frenetic attempt to make it disappear or something (all the while yelling away in Spanish).

At other appropriate junctures (spoilers ahead):

The mandatoy slutty, leather-clad assistants made their appearance in the form of yet another rib-tickling, immaculately-timed pas de duex involving two buxomy blondes fighting over a single shoe.

This was quickly followed up by an impressive and simply cool hip-hop jazz-ballet fusion piece (interrupted by the emergence of an eager tourist - all scripted, of course),

A conga line of rubber chickens being made to dance by the interpretive artists (my favourite bit, incidentally - see first picture), which then proceeded to FLY around the stage, and become involved in various other stunts

A half-naked man flanked by yet more voluptuous assistants and a bear (yes, a BEAR).

Now you do see why I have to stop the review here and admit defeat? I just CANNOT describe the whole insane, endearing, warped, higgley-piggley mess. Yes, I loved every moment of it and if you're in Singapore (or you'll be in Thailand or China soon), you HAVE to catch it. It's really the only way to go.

In a final last-ditch attempt to make something out of this gibberish of an entry, I'd just leave you with a passing remark that the synopsis pegged this whole affair as a discourse on the "conundrum of art vs. entertainment" and "whether the Stolen Show is presented as a question or a comment, a tribute or a parody, is left to the viewer to decide". Yet, I didn't feel like I needed to decide anything - open-ended felt like the way it was meant to be.

*All images available from [bjm_danse] official website.

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