Monday, 23rd April '07

What, No "Vultures"? (a.k.a. EIC's John Mayer Continuum Launch Party)

Announcement 1: Don't let Gnet drink a litre of Erdinger in one go. The result is us all being very worried about how she was going to drive home, and her doing strange things all night long.

Announcement 2: I am utterly, stinking BROKE. If the Italy tickets and accommodation hadn't already sucked me dry, this was the final nail in the coffin. Freaking price of drinks / food and TAXI FARE. The TAXI FARE cost more than my dinner and more than my Snowball. Bleugh. Not that one can really complain about paying out the cash to have a good time; but this is one of those moments that I would be really really happy to find a $10 note wedged up in the pocket of a pair of freshly laundered jeans. Or, a rich uncle three times removed could suddenly decide that his time is up, and bequeath me a small fortune. *shrug*. I wouldn't say no.

Now that the formalities are dispensed with, I'm left to blog the John Mayer Continuum Party "adventure". When Babs and I arrive the Power98 FM crew are already there, and ask us if we were "the winners". Yeah, I knew about the radio contest that gives you free drinks and food for the night if you are "a winner", but nice honest people that we are, we say no and take a side table with a decent view of the stage. We are soon joined by Gnet and Jason Balota.

Chelsea plays with some random small team, and this is screening downstairs. We are later informed by Jason and EIC themselves that the game was a draw, so the ManU-Chelsea gap remains strong at 3 points. Personally, I'm just happy if Chelsea stays out of form till the 25th. *grin*

So, the music. One can never complain when EIC plays. As far as cover bands go, they're The Best I've ever heard, beating out even the Lower Deck's Signal Hill but just a bit. I habour a small gripe that the rest of the band wasn't there, especially because "Gravity" (as G commented before she got high), needed to be carried by a strong backbeat.

But Jack and Rai are DA MEN. As always. The JM songs put Jack's flying fingers to the test (to which he rose valiantly), and Rai's dreamy vocals were impeccable as usual. By the time of "I've Got a Woman", I was convinced that Rai's version beat out even JM's. I could wax lyrical about how Rai's singing is the most beautiful sound produced in Singapore, but this being Singapore with its two degrees of separation, it'll probably get back to him sooner or later and I'll not have a shred of dignity left.

And here's some other stuff that you should know. We (read: Gnet), shamelessly played those crowd teaser, give-away-goody-bags games, winning us a mother-big bag of JM/Power98 treats. We let her keep the Continuum CD and Any Given Thursday DVD (shoot, why do I ALWAYS already have the stuff? Qiong, you could have saved a lot of money not getting me that DVD), and hijacked the T-shirts, magazines, etc.

We also shamelessly laughed at the shamelessly tipsy Gnet. First she nearly fell asleep at the table, then she got off the barstool and nearly couldn’t get back on. Then she stole Jason’s hat, and couldn’t put on her watch. Then she drew on napkins. And then she wrote the inexplicable, cryptic message “R------ IS MY BLIND DATE” on the napkin. When Jack joined us for a bit (Balota is a friend), he took a double take at the “R------” message, but quickly got over it when she asked him if that was beer in his glass on stage. When he said yes, she followed up that impossibly intelligent question with the impossibly intelligent next question, “SO, YOU NEED ALCOHOL TO DRINK?”

Jack, wisely enough, decides that it's time to leave us to our own destruction and begin the next set.

The table of us also shamelessly monopolised the dedications. This being part of Gnet’s insistent indulgence in napkin-art, we ask for “Vultures” (Jack thinks it’s shiok too, ok! *fangirl smile*), “Taylor”, and “The Promise”. We actually get none of what we ask for, but we get replacements in the form of “Banana Pancakes”, “Split Screen Sadness” and another obscure Tracy Chapman number. Balota gets a gratuitous Dave Matthews “Crash” thrown in. That means that our table took 4 out of the 6 dedication songs. It pays to have friends who are friends with right people, at things like this.

Other honourable mentions: Mario (the Power98 DJ), singing "Your Body is a Wonderland". Mario ≠ the sexist dude in the world, but a really "nubbad" performance, as they say. And Shirlyn Tan, whom I'd never heard before, but apparently she used to "play with Jack" (dirty nuances aside) every Monday night before the EIC gig started out. I like her voice, but the music's a little too Alanis Morisette for my taste. But she's definitely worth a listen.

Alright, I realise this one was rambly. I'm pretty bushed myself. Pictures of Gnet acting strangely, the much-vandalised napkins, and EIC to come. Watch this space.

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Sunday, 22nd April '07

The Best Quote Ever

I think this one trumps even the frighteningly sincere "It's mine, ok, it's mine!". Oh, the old Re:pro days.

"XXXX tried to touch me, so I knelt down and scored."

That was Danielle "Roxy" Wu, accidentally making the game of touch rugby sound more exciting than it is. Name of mentioned guy has been changed to protect the innocent (from a certain ninja turtle).

It's a day later, and I'm still laughing.

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Sunday, 15th April '07

I *Heart* U

So visceral. So real.

Awww. smile

Just proves that my psyche is very much tuned towards twisted, geeky things.

Kuay chup anyone?

*Picture taken from the "DNA helicase... unzip your genes" Facebook group.

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Friday, 13th April '07

For Everything Else, There's MasterCard.

This was recently brought to my attention by a law school friend whom shall remain nameless (and hence, blameless).

I make no comment on whether this is a good or bad thing; I haven't entirely decided, though I see why it pushes a lot of people's buttons.

To buy for one year (prices in USD, I believe)...

President of the United States of America, one: $440,000 (George W. Bush)

Prime Minister of Britain, one: $370,000 (187,000£) (Tony Blair)

Prime Minister of Japan, one: $360,000 (Shinzo Abe)

Chancellor of Germany, one: $350,000 (261,500 Euros) (Angela Merkel)

Prime Minister of Singapore, one: well, you know.

I mean, I've sort of processed that there's going to be a lot of money going to some civil servants, but I have never thought of it in terms of 1 Singaporean PM = 2 USA Presidents + 1 British PM + 1 Japanese PM + 1 German Chancellor + spare change.

I wonder whether they've forgotten that there are some things money can't buy.

But for everything else, there's MasterCard!

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Release of 13 Monsters from Another Dimension and... En Ying's Inner Child

I watched the new TMNT movie today. It's actually not bad! Or, "nubbad", if you must.

*potential spoiler warning*

So to everyone that's been saying that the movie sucked or wasn't good, I ask: what did you really expect? These are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we're talking about.

Perhaps no longer teenagers in this story (we begin at the point that Shredder, and presumably Krang, have been vanquished, and the turtles have taken up crappy jobs befitting their characters), but still dripping with that sort of teenagerish idealism, belief in teamwork, good triumphs over evil etc.

Expect the usual jibes and mixed breed puns - "will you get off my shell [back]?". I take a bit of issue with Master Splinter's new look - he's a mangy old rat, not a fuzzy cute fox. And he isn't really supposed to sound like Mr Miyagi. But that's nothing that can't be overcome. And hey, the jokes were funny in the typical corny way that the Mirage Studios version was. This movie was never touted as the next Borat, you know.

I guess the movie was heavier in terms of the spirituality and tao of ninjitsu than the Mirage Studios version, most noticably with Splinter constantly ordering his wayward sons to "KNEEL!". But I kinda liked it for that too. It didn't just coast on the happy Jim Henson puppetry like the earlier movies did, but attempted to give it a bit more dimension for the older fans, and I respected it for realising that its target audience was no longer the 7-12 year olds, but the 19-25 age bracket. You've got to give the scripters props for fearlessly and yet non-cheesily tackling the more human issues of chaffing against leadership, the value of brotherhood and abandonment. And I'm so happy they gave all the turtles back their normal weapons and their parkour-styled mode of travel (anyone catch the tribute to the opening theme from the Mirage Studios version in the prologue?), such a rarity in this modern age where every producer seems to think in the tired "the more gadgets the better" way. Did you catch that little snipe at the jetpacks? Haha. I miss the turtlecomms muchly, though. Together with the darker styled art, it all goes to show that keeping the original comic book main man, Peter Laird, in the production team was a good choice.

One slight gripe: APRIL O'NEIL AND CASEY JONES ARE NOT HEROES LAH, FOR GOODNESS SAKES. It's a show about the TURTLES, ok? April O'Neil is a freaking news reporter who is gutsy in her own way, but does NOT practise ninjitsu and does not go trekking in the forests of Central America a la Lara Croft. She drives a Channel 8 News van like a maniac, but she does NOT - I repeat, DOES NOT - wield a katana and kick foot soldier butt. Neither is Casey Jones the baseball bat / hockey stick flourishing alpha male. He's a snivelling, cowardly brownoser with bad hair and self-deluded arrogance that would make Mr Bean wince. And for the love of Mike, he is notnotnotnotnot April's live-in boyfriend. plain

Otherwise, great show if you appreciate for what it is. A feel good action flick, with more than acceptable animation, and a bit of the "angmoh trying to incorporate an asian sub-culture" thing going on, and a few life lessons thrown in for the impressionable youngsters who still need a bit of guidance here and there. It starts out a little unsteady, but ultimately it gives all old-school "Turtle Power!" fans the best elements of its predecessors. It's the Turtles in their essence, and that's all you can really ask for. I like.

Still, they could have said "COWABUNGA!" at least once.

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Wednesday, 11th April '07

Rock and Roll Dreams Come True?

"The beat is yours forever
The beat is always true
And when you really really need it the most
That's when rock and roll dreams come true"

-- Meat Loaf, "Rock and Roll Dreams Come True"

I like starting my entries / law school essays with a good quote. Sort of whet the appetite and all that.

So I was driving home on Monday from school, after bit of work done with some Bimz (with Seetoh it was more like some serious talking, and with Clar it was more like seriously watching her run around panicking). I was actually for once enjoying the fact that I left my iPod at home, so I was being forced to listen to whatever passes for post-lunch time radio entertainment these days.

Turns out Power98's SuperMario something-or-other show isn't too bad. A good mix of late 80s to early 2000s, just the way us yuppie-aged people like it. And then THE ANNOUNCEMENT came on (words obviously not quoted verbatim because if I could pull a stunt like that, then I would be some kind of idiot savant - instead of the plain idiot that I am):

"... ANNNDD please continue to listen in, because coming up in the next hour, we will be telling you how ten lucky winners - that's right! TEN LUCKY WINNERS! - will be given the chance to enjoy a JOHN MAYER and EIC live acoustic session at Wala's Wala's at Holland Village, with a fabulous spread of food. John Mayer and EIC, in celebration of the release of the Continuum album. Details after these messages..."

*insert commercial break*

Wait a second, I think. Didn't Continuum get released on 12th September last year? And to pre-empt some eyebrow raises from you readers, yes, I did memorise the exact release date. What? I had to make preparations camp out at Gramaphone, you know. Damn Sembawang Music Centre couldn't even be good enough to stock the CD on time.

*more important realisation quickly kicks in*


Lest you missed the big bold letters even in the second round...



It is at this precise moment my stomach does a big flip flop. Ok, flip flop is an understandment. Backwards tuck double twist triple pike is more like it. All cars in the vicinity of the Paya Lebar exit on the PIE at 2:20pm should now thank their lucky stars, because if I had been blessed with any slower reflexes, this little white Honda might have veered off course in a dramatic screeching of tires, hitting the road barrier and causing a 22 car pile-up.

Ok. BREATHE. Breathe easy.


Of course, I finish the drive in one piece, but grinning like a Cheshire cat all the way home. Perhaps that grin, coupled with the concentration on driving and trying not to scream and run around in delirious excitement, looked a bit more like the macabre grin on a victim of strychnine poisoning. Whatever the case, I had enough presence of mind to text Limin and Kai with hysterical SMSes detailing my uncontainable excitement.

Uncontainable excitement, you understand, borne not out of girlish crushes and teenybopper fanaticism. This was the unbridled delight of discovering that someone whose music has had so much influence in your life, who has probably unintentially taught you more about growing up, managed your expectations of adulthood, been the reason you have taken any interest in blues guitar, got you over your angsty end-of-teenage years, made you appreciate the beauty of simple words (more than any of the literature lessons of secondary school had, anyway) and telling it like it is... is finally going to turn up in a place you could actually see him in person.

And in a setting that it's perfectly plausible to go to him, shake him by the hand, and tell him thanks for having, in all honesty, played a pivotal role in my life. Thanks for being the voice of someone who has managed to take my thoughts and express them in ways I never could, and in doing so, showing me that if you got through it, so many others must have done so too, and so must I at some point. For all the times I make jokes about how much he's a clown, he's written things that have made me stop and look at the world differently, and I've gotten more out of, and had more belief in some of his songs, than I've had in even the Bible.

Essentially, to say thanks for giving me the gift of music. In it's purest form. It's like Meat Loaf said, this was something of a Rock and Roll Dream Come True.

To cut a long story short, something in me of course knew it was all too good to be true. I know where to check Mayer's schedule lah, it's physically impossible for him to be in Singapore this month. He should be in Australia or something. So I make a well placed email to EIC themselves, expressing my disbelief in what Power98's been saying.

Here's an exerpt from Jack's reply:

"and yes, you heard right, it's a JM party going on the 22nd of april, but no lah, JM is not coming down. (if he did, i'll flip too! haha...)."

Excuse me while I go find ways to sue Power98 for false advertising. angry, grr

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Friday, 6th April '07

"Daddy Doesn't Fart!"

Heeheeeheee. I really should be working on the Topics in IP exam paper but I got more than half done on the first of 4 days, and the rest of the questions are incomprehensible, hence I have really lost my drive. I'm sure there'll be a rant on that topic soon enough.

Anyway, this is a few days belated, but I did get a very decent slightly-after-birthday present on Tuesday night / Wednesday morning:

Heeheeehee. *fangirl mode*

Oh. 'Tis bad, 'tis bad. I got it bad. crazy

And to follow that up, I actually accidentally came across a Gerrard documentary I'd been trying to find for a while. This time I didn't even have to search for it, it just popped up in my lap as I was on youtube. Nice. It's pretty much a typical celebrity cheesy biography thing, but hey, I'm not complaining. Well, it doesn't make Gerrard out to be the sharpest knife in the drawer (and neither is his fiancee), but his daughter is the most adorable thing next to Jonah. You have to see the first installment, where he's getting a haircut and his daughter suddenly runs screaming out of the room: "Daddy farted! Daddy farted!" and Stevie looks around as the camera zooms in on his guilty cum long-suffering expression: "Daddy never farted. Daddy doesn't fart!".

I think rolled around laughing for a good whole minute.

There's this other part too... right at the start where he's packing to leave for the World Cup in Germany.
Narrator: "When he comes home again in a couple of months, he hopes to bring back the World Cup. Today though, he has other concerns."
*cut scene to Gerrard pottering around house*
Gerrard: "... need SOCKS. Can't find socks in this house. Alex, do you know where me socks are? I've got no socks!"

Dude's also got the coolest crib, and the glass doors he had made to commemorate the the UEFA 2005 Istanbul comeback victory are pretty gorgeous (he had the team's faces embossed on 2 glass doors that are now the entrance to a games room). Oh, the things money can do.

Enough now, watch this if you have too much time on your hands. I'm not going to pull a Limin or Kai and proclaim him a future husband - you could say I have a little more dignity than that (but not much) - but it is entertaining for a *koff* fangirl.


Steven Gerrard - "A Year in My Life"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

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Wednesday, 4th April '07


又过了一个生日。本小姐现在一变为了二十三岁的老古董。 smile

今年的庆祝方式与以前一样,没开什么生日会,也没预备什么打算。 上完了“保险法律“ 课之后变和 Gerri 一块儿观赏一布电影。。。电影叫《The Number 23》, 是 Jim Carrey 演的恐怖剧。其实,我相当欣赏这电影所采用的 film noir 气氛,而且觉得故事情节 (虽可算是有一点 over the top)够精彩。晚餐是和 Smubs 一起享用。 Heehee, 二十三岁的我依然能津津有味的吞下那几个小龙包, 真过瘾。 satisfied

Ok, 亲爱的读者也许在问自己:恩盈吃错了什么药, 无缘无故以华文来写“博客“。唉,我就是那么的无聊, 好不好?更何况, 我几天前在地铁上收听 iPod 的时候 突然听到了 1998 年的旧歌曲, 让我回顾以前比较年轻/幼稚的我所有的感受、 思想、 理想。。。 我指的就是那所谓 quarterlifecrisis 的时期。现在即使还没完全度过 quarterlifecrisis, 可算有了多一点。。。 perspective.

总之,这首歌歌词不错, 值得看一看:


“才二十岁哦 就残晒咯
还有许多 许多



噢!我双眼翻白 呜呼哀哉

才二十岁哦 就残晒咯
二十岁了咯 生命的负担又重了许多

才二十岁哦 就残晒咯
二十岁了咯 生命的负担又重了许多

cool eh? 还好现在的我看开了许多!咦,怎么现在的情绪又是给阿牛形容得如此妥当?


“生命像一首曲哦 生活像一首词哦
要一句一句唱 一节一节哼
偶尔平平淡淡 偶尔带些激昂

二十岁了咯 小心哦
二十岁了咯 长大了该开心哦


就到此为止吧。PSV Eindhoven vs Liverpool 球赛开始了!

*Forgive the typos, pinyin typing is a pain in the butt and I have no time to check.

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