Thursday, 29th April '10

Quite the Queen Mother of 欠扁问答题

Lihong has got me blogging again with this real cheena pok gem. As matters stand, I don’t know whether to be mortified that the logic behind it was immediately obvious the instant she told me the answer… or whether to be sheepishly proud. Anyway, here goes:

Q: 一个 bazhang (as in those 粽子 things) 掉在地上。 是谁把它捡起来?

A: 降龙。

“WHY?!?”, I hear your plaintiff cry.

因为降龙拾 bazhang! (降龙十八掌)

I kid you not. I’m delighted to learn that all those days of watching Condor Heroes (in various incarnations… TVB serials, Mediacorp dramas…) meant something in the larger scheme of things.

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