Thursday, 6th May '04

Oogabor Dingdingdongdong

Patience, my friends. All will be explained in due time.

Another fun day, yesterday. I love the fact that everyone is returning from overseas and life has become more... heartwarming, in that way. You know... things got a little colder once half the people that are close to you are away pursuing their education miles and miles away.

Met up with the S03C girls again... well, the Singaporean set at least. I actually don't know how we spent over five hours just sitting around and talking... about everything in each other's lives and about everything in other people's lives (read: gossip. Hey, Huiyu was around what). And all the while we were scarfing popcorn. I'm very happy now that I've satisfied a year long craving.

And then the real madness began. Met Dage, Babs and Shaun at Clarke Quay MRT and then traipsed off to Sketchers (again!) for pasta... and were subsequently joined by Dre, Kai and Gnet. Post dinner conversations are particularly exciting:

Alright, let's go to Watsons.

(somewhat behind on the conversation since he arrived only later)
Jeanette, why are we going to Watsons?

Aiya, you know... to buy those... oogabor...

Jeanette... what the HELL are oogabors?!?

Dingdingdongdong lah!

Can you just speak English?

And then we had our Bangkok trip briefing at Shaun's house by Bert with some help from Jov... who says Bert is DA BOMB wave your hands in the air! He printed out everything we needed with beautiful Smubs EZ travel letterheads, and had full flight details and travel tips and EVERYTHING. Not even my Mum could complain. And it was so professionally done, I actually had to convince her that there was no such travel agent as Smubs EZ Travel in Singapore, and it was something Bert had just come up with. She honestly thought we booked the trip with this "agent". And the Smub-vivor trailer... amazing. You go, littlest bro!

And then we had tong-xiao Monopoly. It's only with the 21st that a stupid game as trivial and luck-based as Monopoly could turn into this serious, cutthroat experience that we had. Between alliances and mergers and buying out each other and peace talks and whatever... it was actually stressful. Just ask Limin. Everyone was running her life but her. But anyway the unholy alliance of Andre and Heng bled everyone dry. And all they owned was the Havelock road stretch.

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Thursday, 13th May '04


Um. No. Read that title with the expression required to portray a startled reaction to being attacked with someone's too-long finger nails, and not in a Pete Townshend / Mick Jagger / Steve Tyler sort of way. =)

Suffice to say that today Ave saw fit to perform a teeny bit of cosmetic surgery to my left boob. We collided after I had happily demonstrated my skill in doing the front crawl (ok, freestyle, I just had to use a cooler term) change direction sommersaut thing. The details are a bit fuzzy, but I distinctly remember beating a hasty retreat while clutching at my now somewhat ragged chest, with Ave apologising profusely all the while. No no, girl, it was my fault too. And accidents do happen. Sparing everyone the gruesome details, I guess we could say that I got a small taste of what Antonio might have gone through, had Portia not busted out her best mooting suit and kicked some Jewish money-lender ass. We could also say that if Ave got killed on her way home (I'm not mad... really! *crazy grin*), there would be enough of En Ying's DNA under her fingernails to make me a prime suspect.

On the brighter side... well, that's what the sun was. Bright. BRIGHT. No rain. Whee! And I did get to watch some fella doing a decent butterfly. No, Dage, don't get any ideas.

Some other comments on my so-called life:

Finally sorted out my "full albums" collection. Which means I burnt the mp3s into nice audio CDs, and did track listing inserts for each. Just call me En Ying the Pirate. *Arrr* *Pieces of eight!*

Room clean-up is finally gaining some momentum. Chucked out a huge black trash binliner of pure rubbish and am close to finishing another of recyclable paper. Took some time to rearrange my accessories, and was definitely feeling somewhat girly after that.

American idol: goodbye Latoya. Well, I liked her alright, but she had this ability to make me fall asleep / zone out almost everytime she sang. I'd wake up everytime she finished and the judges started praising her for doing a fabulous job... I'd be like, ok, her voice was impeccable... but... huh? Poor Jas though... I thought the judges were just too harsh on her... when she started tearing I wanted to bonk them on the head. Thank goodness Ryan Seacrest was such an encouraging sweetie.

And guess who made a guest appearance? *jumps* Clay!! It was damn funny... Seacrest introduced him as the geek from Atlanta who turned into a heartthrob with an expensive haircut. And there I was thinking that Clay didn't have a heartthrob bone in his body. He was still a geek the last I saw him... just an incredibly confident geek with a VOICE. And then he came on stage and did his number... and DAMN. He WAS a heartthrob. *melts* It wasn't exciting in a listen-to-him-sing! way... it was more a boy-is-hot! way. Which explains the aforementioned melting. It was all in the attitude, man! Mind you he went back to the glasses again, not contacts. But even I couldn't call him skinny nerd boy anymore. Excuse me while I wipe the puddle of En Ying off the floor. Can't wait for the Christmas album!

Yeah, I think we've seen enough of me in full gushy teenybopper mode.

Storyboarding has gotten easier, I guess, now that I'm a little more confident of how I want things to look and have a slightly firmer grasp of the overall feel of the film. I'm just worrying about the overdone physical comedy aspect, and whether I'm losing the dramatic momentum of the piece. And I have to say I know NOTHING about lighting effects. Shit lah, looks like a trip to the library is in order. I hope the cast rehearsals have been good and the lines will be clean by tomorrow.

Limin and Ningz are back in Singapore. Man, I can't wait to meet up again. Am looking forward to dinner with the Smubs tomorrow and Troyday with the 401 Gang on monday. Yes, we have designated the 17th of May Troyday. But I swear if Qiong squeals too loudly at the Bloomster I will stuff her mouth with my sock. Men in skirts... heh... I'm still amused by the Brad Pitt's having a leg double for the show because his own were too inadequate. Reminds me of that Friends episode in which Joey got fired from his job as Al Pacino's butt double...

And this is an interesting set of lyrics:

"Cookie Jar" -- Jack Johnson

I would turn on the TV but it's so embarassing
To see all the other people
I don't know what they mean
And it was magic at first, when they spoke without sound
But now this world is gonna hurt
You better turn that thing down
Turn it around

"Well, it wasn't me," says the boy with the gun,
"Sure I pulled the trigger but it needed to be done
Because life's been killin' me ever since it begun.
You can't blame me cause i'm too young."

"You can't blame me, sure the killer was my son,
But I didn't teach him to pull the trigger of the gun.
It's the killing on his TV screen.
You can't blame me, it's those images he sees."

"You can't blame me," says the media man
"Well I wasn't the one who came up with the plan.
And I just point my camera at what the people want to see.
Man, it's a two way mirror and you can't blame me."

"You can't blame me," says the singer of the song
Or the maker of the movie which he bases life on
It's only entertainment and as anyone can see
Its smoke machine's a make-up, man, you can't fool me

It was you, it was me, it was every man
We all got the blood on our hands
We only receive what we demand
And if we want hell then hell is what we'll have

And I would turn on the TV but it's so embarassing
To see all the other people
Don't even know what they mean
And it was magic at first but let every one down
Now this world's gonna hurt
You better turn it around
Turn it around

Mildly depressing stuff, I know, but very simply reflective of society, I guess. Everyone's so reluctant to take responsibility seriously these days. I always thought it was just me being anal or oversensitive but after talking to Charlotte I realised it happens EVERYWHERE. *sigh* I prefer not to read the song as a pure diatribe on the evils of television. But it's good stuff for a ex-pro-surfer-dude turned singer songwriter, isn't it?

Hmm, and I cooked supper tonight! Well. As much as you could call boiling water and sticking things in microwave ovens cooking. But it all essentially ended with me and Dad sitting at the table belting out the Myojo Mee song (kok kik kik kok!), and Mum sitting around shaking her head. Hee hee hee.

Okie, gotta go now. Bedtime. *yawn*

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Sunday, 9th May '04

Get Out Da Way, Bitch, Get Out Da Way!

I'll be the first person to admit my titles need a little work. But after almost two weeks of blogstipation (thanks to Wei for the apt vocabulary), it's taken quite a bit to start blogging again. But I _have_ missed the joy of transcripting my life for the reading pleasure (and pressure) of everyone else around here.

I don't know where my two weeks of holidays went. But here are the major highlights. Sorry for the point form.

"Martyr Machiavellian" (a.k.a "Re:pro stuff" / "THE FILM")

* This has so far taken up at least 60% of my waking time. Come next week, it will take up even more, and come production week it will take up my sleep time as well. Mama mia.
* I see Eva, Nawaz and Siyuan way too often. Hopefully none of them have a death wish for me yet. On my part I love the fellas... they're so chao onz. Hahahah...
* Casting is finally settled. Our protagonist, Magnus (I hate that name), is played by Ross, and because this film is so character-driven and voiceovers are a major thing (think American beauty), we're really depending on him a lot to carry things through, acting-wise. HEARD THAT, ROSS? The other lead characters, Brandon and Clarice will be brought to life by Wenguang and Meishuang respectively. I'm very thankful for the easy chemistry we go going between these three, since they're playing siblings. Woonky is particularly suited to kicking Ross' ass. We barely had to do any fight choreography. Arther (Law AGP) and Audrey (TS Year 2 girl) will handle Father and Mother.
* Prior to casting, life was a nightmare. To be frank I wanted to strangle the casting team for making Eva, Nawaz and I practically do half their work for them. We contacted half their auditionees for them and had to constantly breathe down their necks to get anything done. And then the casting team turned up later than some of the auditionees and then laughed midway through our bouncing-off-each-other scenes. I can't say I was expecting anything great, but I at least expected professionalism and I don't know lah. I can't blame anyone, but whatever miscommunication or whatever occured, it just didn't look good. *shrug* it's over now, and we got a cast better than what any of us had hoped for, so it's all good now. Look at us; casting is obviously an exciting business.

* Poor Reynard is still the butt of all the Flipside jokes. I don't think the rest are ever going to let him live it down. And we all are STILL suffering Flipside PPS, quoting lines, making insider jokes, the works.
* Siyuan's house is currently the prime filming location. It's perfect for the show, but MAN is it HOT. Brandon / Magnus' room in particular tends to resemble a sauna. Try fitting two directors, one producer, 2 actors, 2 camera man (with equipment) and 1 gaffer (with equipment) into a 3m by 3m room. Which, incidentally, is covered with claustrophobia-inducing movie posters and buxomy FHM pinups. Can die lah. I was climbling chairs and cupboards in order to stay out of the camera shot and not be a gargoyle (read: the Re:productions term for anything - usually human - that is not supposed to be in the picture but gets screentime anyway. Is both a noun and verb.) This same room is where the Brandon / Magnus fight takes place too. *phew*
* There is this WEIRD cat that hangs out at Siyuan's place... It's a stray that only tries to enter the house when Re:pro is holding a function there. It keeps coming back despite use blocking it out with wooden slats, putting it in the lift and sending it to the 12th storey etc etc. And it will just curl up in Nawaz's bag and go to sleep.

* Storyboarding is one heck of a difficult thing to do. I have a huge respect for film directors now. They have so many things to take care of... acting, camera angles, lighting, sound, zooms, gargoyles, continuity, costumes. Basically the director is this huge saikang person. I thought stage directing was a hellish job, but one thing theatre gives that film doesn't is that what you see is what you get. Something that sounds / looks right during a rehearsal will sound / look right during a run. Not true for film... everything that gets processed by a camera changes. And then there's the minor (note tone of sarcasm) problem of shooting out of sequence. The actor's have trouble hitting emotional peaks on call without a lead-up time. The sets people have to make sure everything is in the right place... the slightest continuity problem will be quite obvious. And guess who has to think about ALL of this just in case someone else misses it? You got it, the poor sad director.
* Rehearsals are also underway, and from the looks of things, are going quite well. It helps that Meishuang has worked with TNS and knows the stuff, Wenguang has a fantastic work attitude (I almost forgive him for all the times he torments me with dirty jokes outside rehearsals) and is suitably intimidating as Brandon, and Ross looks EXACTLY like Magnus and works well too.
* I have also pulled a Viggo and injured a toe. I now have the dubious honour of being the first Martyr casualty when I dropped a heavy wooden stool on my toe. I bruise so beautifully. And Nick Khoo's "you'd better ice it, it will definitely swell up one!" was very encouraging. And then Winston the camera man nearly dropped wooden slats on my other toe and, for some unfathomable reason, Nawaz slammed a Coke can into the back of my head, spilling Coke all over the living room set. All in the space of one day. By the end of filming Magnus won't be the only person dead.
* At the very least Martyr will beat Flipside hands down. *crosses fingers*

Dance Ensemble Tech Class (a.k.a. How to get a hernia with a headache on the side)

* I haven't attended anything dance related since Secrets started, so dragging myself back down for tech class under Zaini's (intimidating instructor) reproachful eye wasn't something that had me jumping for joy.
* Thank God I can still do Luigui warmups. Remember the stuff I talked about last time? *dance instruction tape drawl* Frape, frape, frape, second position, plie, balance, come back!
* Zaini is evil. He makes us do pushups in rollover centre-split positions. And Luigui situps. OWWWWWW.
* Zaini is very evil. He makes us do across the floor pirouettes (with a million different hand positions), pice (how to spell?!?) turns, chaines, and posse turny thingies till a couple of girls fell down out of sheer dizziness. I couldn't walk in straight line after that, spotting or not.
* Zaini is still evil. He teaches choreo like we know it already. And "single pirouette" does not exist in his vocabulary. Doubles doubles doubles. *grumbles*
* Zaini is *beeping* evil. He stretches an already killer 3 hour tech class till it lasts almost 4 hours.
* BUT. Zaini produces great dancers. Watching the seniors is such a humbling experience. They learn choreo so fast and so accurately and they're all freaking rubberbands and do male pushups.
* How the hell did I wind up missing move and groove to go for tech class?!?
* My dance sneakers are finally breaking in. Can do double jazz pirouettes on left foot now without sqeaking to a dangerous halt midway through a headwhip.

Mahjong and Movies (a.k.a. spending time with the 21st)

* Watched "50 First Dates" with Bert, Jia and Dage, and thought it was a better show than what I would have expected from an Adam Sandler (Waterboy, Little Nicky) - Rob Schneider (The Animal, Deuce Bigalow - Male Gigolo) union. Dage laughed like a madman. It WAS funny lah, but some of the cruder jokes I could have done without. I don't find vomit and jokes about gender-indetermino hermaphrodites very funny - but that's just me.
* Watched "Dawn of the Dead" with Dage. The opening sequence while the credits rolled was intriguing. Perhaps a tad blasphemous in it's Revelations quotations (Johnny Cash, I think), but it did its job nonetheless. The "when there is no more space in Hell, the dead will walk the earth" tagline was too damn cheesy, though. Everyone said DOTD was a stupid show but Dage and I found it quite decent, on the whole. I mean, how clever do horror zombie movies get? This one at least beat the other benchmark zombie movie, Resident Evil, in terms of intelligence and plot. There were ideas that really shone in this show. One was the humour they injected into the whole trapped-by-zombies situation, it was a really interesting twist to a grossly over-milked genre. Another part I loved was when Mekhi Phiffer's character knew his wife was infected by the zombies, but he took so much trouble to hide her from the rest because she was carrying their child. It was heart-wrenching to see him lash her to a bed and attempt to deliver the child, and how he cried as he carried his new baby girl. It really brought out the irrational side of love... the audience kept cursing his stupidity, but which husband and father would allow anyone else to execute his family, zombies or not? It was a very dark take on the unconditional love theme.
* Watched "Van Helsing" with Hanting, Yaoch, Liang, Ivan and Kai. Awesome soundtrack, laudable special effects, but overall a rather boring movie. I can't really tell why, the action was fast paced and every character decently played. It had humour and suspense too, but it just had no spark, somehow. Ivan and I also kept pointing out the inconsistencies in the plot, but that's just us science students for you.
* Stayed over at Gnet's house... and realised how much money her second sister REALLY makes. *catches breath*. I love their house, and there's so much space there it's fast becoming the default Smub hangout. How cool is it to have a Smub filled attic, with a TV, computer, mahjong table, sofa bed and futon, toilet and food all in one place? Anyways, finally learnt to play Mahjong properly under Andre's tutelage. My ex-shifu Kai has been ditched because she keeps heckling me while I play. =)
* And this was us at Bert's birthday dinner.

Saturday Night Fever the Musical
(a.k.a. the reason why I keep going on about my my my my my boogie shoes)

* This was a lot of fun, and I couldn't get enough of the dancing. This was probably the reason I'm finally dragging myself to DE tech classes. Probably got brainwashed by the you should be dancing, yeah! line.
* I can't stop singing songs from the soundtrack. It's amazing how good the songs actually sound when sung in a normal, manly voice. I'm contrasting that with the Bee Gee's my-underwear's-too-tight howls, of course. Night fever is particularly infectious.
* Singing was just decent, but HELLO! they were dancing like mad things.
* Speaking of dancing, how do those girls dance with heels like that?
* I loved what they did to the Esplanade Theatre floor. It lit up like a real disco! Whee! The only thing that could have been cooler was if the tiles lit up as Tony walked on them, sort of like Micheal Jackson's did in the Billy Jean MTV.
* Reach out for me, when the feeling is right, give me that night fever night fever... we know how to do it! *jabs finger in the air* Um. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I did say it was infectious.
* The musical was extrememly faithful to the movie. I don't know if that was good or bad. I mean, even the jokes were verbatim (e.g. *takes a deep breath and musters up an Italian accent* "yo motha's spegheddi sawce dohn't drwip" / "but Mr Fwusko! Yo just said fo dahllars!" / "Yo dohn't twouch da hair!") But they missed the Tony-Manero-getting-caught-quite-literally-with-his-pants-down joke. *sigh* What was the point,
* then, of making the poor actor strip? Oh yes, a bunch of female shrieks echoed through the auditorium. As you can see by now, the Italian accents were even more Italian than the movie. It was like watching a mafia flick. Quite entertaining.
* This time the actress playing Stephanie could actually dance *heaves a sigh of relief*. For folks who have seen the movie, you'll know how painful it is to watch Tony and his gang drool over her dancing when she dances about as well as a surf board.
* I'm going nowhere, somebody help me yeah... ha ha ha ha, staying alive! Staying alive!
* The pointy (yes, that IS the real name of the move) was surprisingly underused. It was only used as a pose, but they didn't do the line dancing thing like in the movie. Probably figured this generation of audiences wouldn't buy it for an instant. *sigh* I was looking forward to that.
* However, John Travolata's jazz splits flipping all over the disco floor move was overused. Using that gosh-awful move at all is overusing it already, in my book.
* Tony and gang were so endearing. I loved the bit they danced to K.C. and the Sunshine Band's Boogie Shoes. Everytime the "my my my my my boogie shoes" line came out they stood in this little semicirle and did a domino jig towards the middle... just too adorable.
* Bobby C's suicide was as cannot-make-it as in the movie. I know it was needed to break Tony at the end, but *uuurrrrgggghhh* the build-up was horrible. One moment he's a clown and the next moment he jumps off a bridge?
* "Salsation" was great. For the record, that's the Puerto Rican couple's competition piece. To quote the great Manero himself: Hot Stuff!
* Tzo, remember that time I played you that really funkified version of Beethoven's 5th? And you were horrified at the mangled classical music I listen to? Well. Haha. It's from the SNF soundtrack, one of the disco pieces! Explains a lot, huh? It has a very original title: A fifth of Beethoven. Hahaha.
* The tapdance was a nice spin on Jive Talkin'. It sure didn't take away my energy!
* "Night On Disco Mountain" sounds like it might have been written by Danny Elfman.
* "Disco Duck" is an idiotic piece. =) And DJ Monty is a perv.

Swimming at Jurong (well. That's all it's known as.)

* Err, what can I say about this?
* Oh yes, I still remember how to swim! Yayy!
* There was no sun at the beginning, so the only one who got some hint of a tan was Ave. And she had to slather on copious amounts of tanning oil for that.
* I still don't like slides much.
* The lazy river wasn't as lazy as it looked.
* The wave pool looked like loads of fun. Why did it have to rain just as we were about to go into it??? The pool was shut as soon as the rain got too heavy.

Room Clean-up

* This is just going abysmally. Yes, I haven't finished yet.

Law Bash

* This time I stayed absolutely alcohol free. And was actually much happier, partly because alcohol doesn't get me high, it only makes me sleepy, so without it I was free to get high on life, and partly because Sprite tastes way better than Vodka.
* Hanting is damn fun to watch dancing! I haven't seen anyone look happier when dancing. Jia's right, it makes you want to ruffle his hair and pinch his cheeks, he's so sweet. We were actually doing the frog dance in the middle of the dance floor.
* Somehow Kez managed to teach me Salsa moves while R&B / HipHop music was going on! That was a lot of fun!
* Maybe I should have hung out with the Law people a bit more... I only danced with Jo, Nick and Ross (although Ross's butt waggling at some girls I couldn't identify was very amusing) for a bit... but I so rarely see the 21st that I just couldn't get enough of them! And idiots Jon and Wenguang were waving their freaking sausages (the imaginary ones, lah, not their real... nevermind) at me again. Answering Wenguang's "come hither" finger curl would only have spelt disaster. Bloody jokers. Yes, I mean that fondly. Sigh.
* It disturbs me that I knew all the lyrics to all the songs played during the mambo part. But mambo music IS fun! And Jerald is a freaking mambo king lah... (self-admitted. I think he must have been rather high.) he knew all the dance moves. I nearly rolled over laughing when he started doing the It's My Life dance moves. Oh, if only Qiong were there. Qiong!!! I told you to come! They played Beautiful Ones, Pretty Fly (For A White Guy), In the End and It's My Life in succession!
* I think Ben, Hanting, Wenz and I were going nuts lah. With a very amused Liang and Ivan joining us. We were singing and miming everything from Spice Girls to Linkin' Park. And it was rather disturbing to see Hanting, Ivan, Wenz and Ben singing Sex Bomb to each other. Wenz actually knew all the words... *rolls eyes*.
* Of all funny places to meet up with old primary school friends, I met Alex Ho there... apparently he got dragged along by J&J.
* Alex Wee makes a good chocolate cake! If I wasn't hoarse from all the shouting (otherwise known as attempts to communicate in a club) I would have had more. Wenz is a lucky guy...
* Speaking of which, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, WENZ!
* Dage, Kez and Yaoch and Gnet and Melvin left too early lah. The fun only started later. Earlier on it wasn't people dancing to the music. It was people dancing themselves while music played in the background.
* Seems like certain songs are such club favs they inspire people to sing along. There was this one song made almost entirely out of lyrics that went "get out day way, bitch, get out da way!", and throughout it the whole floor was yelling out those lines. I suppose it's all fun when you're caught up in it, but when you sit at the sidelines and watch, everyone looks so silly...
* But overall... I had a good time! Interesting...

Ok lah, have spent an entire evening on this Musing. If this doesn't pacify Limin, Bec and Tzo, I don't know what will!

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Thursday, 6th May '04

Did I Actually Buy Lime?

Yeah. I think I did. But who can complain with pictures like this... Gosh. If En Ying is being forced to rate this picture as pretty darn gorgeous, then well... it must be pretty darn gorgeous.

Yeah, as Dage says, I'm not even talking properly anymore. blush

orlando bloom

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