Wednesday, 31st May '06

To Do List

What it says:

1. Add Dalhousie results to CV and pretty it all up.
2. Mail TKQ.
3. Get on with the room cleaning. Dammit, must finish by this week.
4. Reply to Luk's email.
5. Get nails fixed. If not careful, cuticles will peel down to my knuckles and I will be sorry, and in very much pain.
6. Read up on law firms.
7. Replace discarded make-up: foundation, concealor, poweder, eyeliner. Bloody expensive operation, and I feel so needlessly guilty spending.
8. Finish "A Darkness More than Night". I seem to have lost reading momentum. Even in my best genre.
9. Grit teeth and sort through all the Halifax photos. In particular, get down to organising and slideshowing the ones of the big trips: PEI, NYC, Quebec/Montreal.
10. Think of some interesting holiday to go with parents. Japan? Tokyo looks so cool. Korea? HK? Obviously, I'm not setting foot in North America for a while. Not that I didn't like it when I was there, but I'm not making that kind of plane ride again till I'm good and ready. Europe, too ex.


Oh, X3 was pretty good, btw. Visual effects stunning as usual, and I was impressed by the ensemble performances. Famke Jessen has a lot more in her than I used to give her credit for. Rebecca Romjin-Stamos too, did a marvellous job in the little screen time she had, while everyone else more than held up their ends of the bargain. And of course I was cheering little Haligonian Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde / Shadowcat) the whole way. That's one intelligent actress who I do hope gets to go far.

Plotwise, it got me. It makes you THINK. Action flicks aside, Marvel comics are so layered that way; there's a good story, there are characters that are always flawed heros and totally human, and then you have the ISSUES. The ones that make you wonder what you yourself would do in that situation. I can't say I wouldn't freak out about mutants. But it's definitely wrong to make a little kid feel like an outcast just because he happens to have special powers. And then what if the little kid ain't so innocent - I'd use the "cure" against him, wouldn't you? But if I were a mutant, that IS a slippery slope, and I'd join up to Magneto's cause pronto. Questions questions.

Stay past the credits, ok? There's a bit at the end of that you shouldn't miss.

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Room Clean-Up Part II: Feeling Singaporean

You'll never guess what CDs I still have: the 阳光系列 collection that TCS produced years ago. But I almost never throw CDs away - they've have to be really really awful. In particular, I'm keeping 阳光系列 2 just because it contains the most beautiful song to ever come out of this country, 和平的代价. The theme song to the best drama to ever come of this country too. The Chen Ruibiao version, not the Christopher Lee version, by the way.

I've just been looping it and putting its lyrics on my MSN nick all day.

-- 陈瑞彪

夜雾静悄悄笼罩着家园 离开黎明还有多远
绝望 彷徨 扭曲一张张的脸 走到生死边缘

梦魇为何像现实一样真 苦难像大海一样深
仇恨 烧红 胸中热腾腾的火 为生命的尊严而战

多少人用生命鲜血和理想 换来一线和平的曙光
多少人用生命鲜血和理想 写成一片血泪的诗章

Cleaning this room is like fighting World War III.

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Room Clean-Up Part I: THROWWWWW!!!

Typed this a while ago, and it's a work in progress. But more like a MAJOR OPERATION, given the pack rat that I am:

And with that resolute war cry, tinged with more than a little sadness and nostalgia, I began the revolutionary room clean-up. This, fueled by the sudden realization that 22 years is too long to be keeping half my life’s baby treasures with me, was going to be a rather sad, mammoth task. Sigh.

In a nutshell, I’m throwing out a lot of junk. A lot of which I’ve kept for too long simply because they were nice little tidbits of things that reminded me of little events over the years. And now that I can’t keep it all (sheer lack of space or energy to keep it clean), some of them are going to have to go.

And this is a list of the stuff I found while cleaning. Stuff that I eventually decided to keep is indicated. Everything else is to be chucked.

Stuff (in no particular order, but probably the order of discovery)
1. Set of green metal tins. HA. Bought these for Bert for Christmas 2002? Something like that. In any case I dedcided I liked them so much I’d get a set for myself. Mistake. But I can do something with this. Keep.
2. 4 Tamiya race cars. Mysteriously all missing engines. I could have SWORN I built at least 2 of them with engines. Distinctly remember racing Daniel with them, circa 1989. Yeah, it was a while ago. Goodbye, my babies.
3. Snake in a can.
4. “Pfizer” the giant Viagra squeezie. Provided much comic relief during the A-levels. Now a little grubby. Keep.
5. A plethora of keychains. Including this ancient one I got about 18 years ago from someone who went to Hawaii. Someone on Dad’s side of the family. It was so long ago I don’t even remember who. Including a Bart Simpson one I won or was given from Alex Ho’s 7th birthday party. (Now how did I remember that?) Including a handful of boomerang shaped ones from Western Australia (I should have been 11 then) and a huge one from Thailand that says “Chocolate makes the world go plump”. Haha. Sayonara.
6. A cat mask that was made by distorting a power ranger mask in 1998. I didn’t even make it. Behind that I found the Kabuki mask from the “Rhythms of the Orient” Speech and Drama exam. The cat mask had to go, the Kabuki stays.
7. Two leftover testtubes from Chem / Bio lab in RJC. Still have my intials on them. The rest were either broken, exploded or stained beyond acid-cleansing. So sad, but goodbye.
8. Bead necklaces. Heavens, I made those in 1991. Keep.
9. Crocodile snappy-toy from the Underwater World in Sentosa when it first opened in 1993.
10. A collection of funky pens from God knows how long ago. I think I’m going to have to shut my eyes and throw this.
11. A Raphael watch, which was used less for its time-telling functions than its resemblance (and triggering of my imagination-neurons) to a Turtle Comm. If you don’t know what I’m talking about I’m not even going to bother to explain it. But Vincent and I got a lot of mileage out of that thing back in the day. I distinctly remember quarrelling with Mich over it because I wouldn’t lend it to her and then having one of my big legal battles with Uncle Eddie over it, arguing that there was no obligation to lend your little cousin your favourite toy just because she wanted it and that property rights (MINE) included the exclusive right of possession. Of course, that argument was eloquently put forth by my 6 year-old self in the phrase “No! Don’t want to lend her! Why should I? *bursts into tears and howls that would make a werewolf blush*”. I still maintain that I never supported the “force the kids to share the toys” concept. It’s not my fault that everytime I shared something it came back broken. Oh yes, keep.
12. The mixed up picture puzzles. Think some dude in my Pri 1 class might have given them to me.
13. Catapult. Not quite as old as you’d think. Gerri gave me this in 2003? Chirstmas? Haha. She knew I’d love it, and she was right, since I immediately used it to slignshot poor Froggo (Qiong’s Froggo) across the room. But the rubber bands have since corroded and broke off. I’m crushed.
14. First Aid Kit. The cold compress seems to be growing mould, and no wonder; it’s been 13 years since it was bought, at least. But that was one of the coolest things Dad’s ever given me – next to the sickle cell anemia slides I snuck into JC and freaked Mr Yap out with.
15. A desk caddy that I labeled with “Koh En Ying, Newspaper Editor” during the phase I decided I wanted to be a journalist and started a family Newsletter called the Koh Gazette. Poor Mich got roped into the fray, of course, as at that point the “noh nang” (as Ah Ma used to call us – it’s Teochew for “two people”) did everything together. The heartwarming thing about all that is that our nieces (Amanda and Andrea etc.) have started another one, the idea doubtlessly passed on to them by their grandparents, my Uncle Alan and Aunt Angeline. Along with that I found old editions of the newsletter. Well, when you’re 11, the fact that an Uncle got a new dog was breaking news, what.
16. A Pri 6 class photo with Mrs Soh and 杨老师. I didn’t remember I even had hair like that. And guess who else is in the picture? ANDRE HENG!!! Hahaha. I ALWAYS forget Dre and I were classmates for four years.
17. My Murphy-Meisgeiger Type Indicator results. The official version. USFP.
18. Jem and Desmond’s legendary bottle of Absolut Mandarin. Empty of course. Too pretty to throw.

Taking a break for now.

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Tuesday, 16th May '06


Yup. Officially here. Call me, you know where.

Singapore Airlines ROCKS. I have never felt so proud of my countrymen as today.

More on this later. Suffice to say I'm now going in search of prawn noodles and fishead curry.

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Monday, 15th May '06

My Most Exciting Flight

Sitting in Halifax International Airport's Gate 40, waiting for the bloody Continental Airlines flight 2340. It's been delayed over an hour now, and it might be somemore. I might therefore miss my connecting flight because I'm landing at Newark and making a transfer to JFK, which I may not be able to make because of the rush hour traffic.

I SHOULD be worried. I know one year ago, as I was coming from Singapore to Halifax, something like this would have FREAKED me out. But right now, I'm sitting here chillaxing after a 45 min talk / put on hold affair with the Travel Cuts people. In fact, I'm so cool right now I'm worried that I'm not worrying. It's a funny feeling, feeling so... invincible. Even if I can't put my finger on the exact time and place that it happened, this living by myself abroad thing really has made a difference.

But it still isn't my lucky day. Boo. Or as Marco just said when I whined to him on MSN: Mamamia. Or in more Chinese terms - 我的妈。Isn't it amazing how such vastly different languages from vastly different cultures use the EXACT same reference (to one's mother) as an expression that means the same thing?

Speaking of mothers, I just sent Ma an email. I know she's going to flip, especially if I have to spend the night in NYC. Anyone in Singapore who sees this, please look after my parents and make sure they don't panic. This is what's worrying me the most - my worrying parents.

I AM growing old.

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One for the Road...

What's a travel home without good music? Suffciently chillout, surfer-type music for my taste. Thanks, Zerk, for the mp3s. The lyrics are somewhat vague, but I think the writer caught my feelings right. Mixed, nostalgic, but ready to bounce.

Remember, no emotional shit 'til I get home!

Heading Home
-- Donovan Frankenreitur

Try to sell somethin' that just can't be bought
Said it's the latest and the greatest but I know that it's not
Be somebody you don't wanna be
Didn't even exist last year but now it's what we need

Oh no not me, oh no not me
I'm headin' home

Try to tell them somethin' that should never be taught
I guess it wont be great around here when they're born
Once it's really gone then it's really gone for good
Just because you can doesn't mean that you should

Oh no not here, oh no not now
I'm headin' home

Go somewhere ya never gone
Sing something that ya never sung
Think about something that ya never thought
And if you're gonna give, give everything you got

Oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
I'm headin' home
Oh yeah right here, oh yeah right now
We're headin' home

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Friday, 12th May '06

I Think I Preferred "Pulchritudinous"

Gosh, I hate Spam. If it weren't for gmail's amazing filter, I would have had to change my email add again. And now I'm CERTAIN I got entangled in some crazy porno mailing list. I've just gotten 117 porn related Spam in TWO DAYS.

The thing is, the last I heard, porn used to come with really cheesy, but still at least "clever" sort of puns on famous movies. You know, like "Armaggedditon" or "Lawrence of A Labia" or "the Porn Identity". Of course they're laughable, but you kinda want to give them a bit of a pat on the back for coming up with those horrific names. I mean, it has to take some effort.

Now it's just all bad English, spiced up with words that they might have taken from an SAT word list. Maybe it's Russian English, I don't know - more than half the things feature Russians (or "Russsianss", to be exact). confused At least it still makes for good annoyed-blogging fodder.

Check out my top 10 picks:

10. admirable Hussy in hardcord fuucking
-- "Admirable". What an adjective to use. I think I preferred "pulchritudinous". Tell me why "Hussy" has a capitalised "H"?

9. comely teens in bukkkake action
-- Sorry I'm a little bit dumb when it comes to this, but what's "bukkkake"?

8. Just well-favoured Lady suckingg Dick
-- I don't understand. If they had at least said well-FLAVOURED it might have made more sense.

7. superb Ladies and innocent little charming pusssies
-- Every guy's perfect girl, I'm sure.

6. aesthetical Younngest Eighteen in hard fucking
-- Aesthetical? AESTHETICAL??! *falls over laughing* For all the things I think porn is supposed to be good for, aesthetics doesn't quite seem to be one of them.

5. bonny Lady and innocent little aesthetical pussies
-- My Bonny lies over the ocean, my Bonny lies over the (pu)-sea! Bad pun, I apologise.

4. goluptious ruusian Cuties in pono
-- This is just ONE example of the numerous "goluptious" mails I have. I assumed it was a mangeld "voluptous" but now I'm not so sure. Maybe it's another GRE word.

3. grandiose Sluuts in hardcorre actionn
-- More adjective havoc. To throw in another in the same vein, see also resplendent Cutties in hardcore acttion. *sigh*

2. Have you ever seen elegant Eighteenns get fuccked in every holes?
-- No, can't say that I have.

And my all time favourite:

1. Russsian brilliant Sluts here doing pretty-pretty blowwjob.

Kaoz. Can die laughing. These are so funny I almost don't even want to delete them.

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Life's gotten a little slower here now that just about everyone is gone. Trip to Lunenburg with Vic and Debbie was fun though. SIMMONS MATTRESS!! Haha. Most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. Especially in light of the cheap-ass YMCA mattress.

I can't believe I'm leaving so soon. Only 3 days left, really. Monday morning doesn't quite count.

Another thing I can't believe is that I learnt a new word from SPAM. "Pulchritudinous" means having great physical beauty or appeal. Such a great, SAT-inspired word to use in the same Email heading as "Russsian", "Hottties" and "Cumshotss". All those spelling errors being done on purpose, I believe, to avoid word filters.

Mission: Impossible III was surprisingly good too! J. J. Abrams is a great guy for creating textured characters, and he works so well with ensemble casts. It was still a popcorn-movie, of course, but he put the fun and drama back into the M:I franchise which was so sorely missing from the 2nd installment. Gave us back the old-school Ethan Hunt sans long floppy hair and carefully orchestrated cheek-graze, gave us back the "Impossible", and did some quick globe-trotting (Berlin, Rome / Vatican City, Shanghai) while pandering to our more basal needs for large, fiery explosions and high speed chases and gun-work. In a way I also liked that there was no sex in the show (well, a little was implied, but in a fun sort of way) but it was refreshing to see that for once a Hollywood blockbuster didn't need it to be cool and slick. It even had some decent humour going on - intentional (just watch Tom Cruise and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers acting like Italian DHL deliverymen. And the Shaun of the Dead dude's little cameos were awesome too) and unintentional (Tom Cruise charging full-tilt down the Shanghai five-foot ways yelling at no one in particular to "SHANGHAI! SHANGHAI!". Obviously this makes no sense at all, but I and the group of PRCS sitting in front of me starting laughing. I believe he was either mangling shan3kai1 or rang4kai1.)

Qiong, I think you're going to complain JRM's character was too small. I did think it was kind of a waste myself.

Alright. Off to bed. Way too much last minute shopping, packing and sightseeing to do tomorrow. *sigh*

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Sunday, 7th May '06


Wow. The idea that I'm leaving Halifax soon is gradually beginning to sink in. Flipping through old photos, saying goodbyes, having longer conversations with some of the guys than I normally would when there were many other around... it's all just sort of beginning to really seem "tangible". People have been leaving for almost 2 weeks now, but after the last other law dude, Mick, left yesterday morning and Zerk and I said goodbye to him, it was really like WOW. Ok. I'm the last law person left. It's like Zerk said: "*sigh* And another one gone." And when Marco and I were at Zerk's last night the living room seemed so much EMPTIER than I remembered it. And the Y now is also so ridiculously empty.

It's not sad. I'm actually getting rather excited to be going home. It's just that it's the closure of another chapter of life, I guess. But it was a good one. I hadn't had such a fulfilling and new-experience filled chapter since the 21st Council one, I think. You know, the kind of experience that flips you around and puts your brain on another different level. It's still not time for all the mushiness - I suppose I'll do the BIG COMMEMORATIVE BLOG eventually, but I'm refusing to do it until I get home and sort out all the pictures and souvenirs and have everything totally in perspective.

But like I said, I was getting excited to be going home. And bumming around here recently, I had sometime to think about the top priorities when I get home.

1. GET ROTI PRATA. I'm sorry this is my top priority. For all the people I need to meet, the prata takes the top spot. Be comforted, it's not the PRATA, but it's more like everything it stands for in my family life. You know how some families just have this thing. Well, prata and prawn noodles breakfasts are that thing for my family. It's just something Mum and Dad and I have done since I was... 9... and all the accompanying jokes about Jalan Kayu, oily floors, sweaty hands, the Sunday mornings, the bumping into Vincent's family ever so often... it's just the THING.

2. Go back to my room. Gosh, I miss my bed, and I miss having some space to walk. I want my HiFi back too. My Arafat radio. I now also realize how much I'm speaking in my own codes. Sorry.

3. Go swimming. IN THE SUN. REAL SUN. (Ave!! My swimming buddy!) Canada's sun doesn't count, though it amuses me how all the poor white boys are getting sunburnt these days. I just shake my head an attempt to hold potentially racist-sounding comments in. This sun enthusiasm isn't going to last long, of course. Three days in Singapore and I'll be whining about the temperature and the humidity like you've never heard before.

4. Go to Ah Ma's house. Ever since Ah Kong passed away that sort of restructuring that came with the aftermath left me used to going to Ah Ma's for dinner everyday with the big family. I'm not entirely close to them, but there's a familarity of having one's aunts and neices etc around in one place. I missed that a little. Never really thought about it actively here, but yeah, I do.

5. Business Chinese. I'm not joking, I WILL do it.

6. Now, should I try to do more French, Sign Language, or try Malay? The thing is that now I actually know people I can practise this stuff with, see. Not sign language, but the others. So there is a greater impetus. Well, I suppose the best language to learn for practising would be German, seeing as more than half my Skype list is German now.

7. Go to all the old hangouts. Lido and Wala's and everything.

8. Plot out a "Lonely Planet" guide to Singapore. En Ying-style. Zenith's coming end-June, Mick's coming in Nov-Dec, Sara and her boyfriend Chris in January, and I've also promised to look after a couple of friends of friends. This might actually be harder than I thought, seeing as I have absolutely no sense of direction, and if I drive around and get lost (as usual)... damn laukwee.

9. Eat. A LOT. Here's the point where I don't even want to list the food I want to eat. Because it will drive me INSANE. I envision a huge amount of weight gain in the first month back. Even more since the darling Hian Ko will want to feed me all the time, as these cooking-type aunts do.

Ok, going for a shower. Need to wake up. And figure out if I'm going to be a lazy bum tonight or go running around with the guys again. Never have I seen people so excited by the idea of Dome's dollar-shots.

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Elections, Elections

Results out. I think by now we're allowed to do "explicitly political blogging", but you won't find anything THAT intelligent on this blog.

More whining than anything else, really.

I know the boys (read: the collection of dudes otherwise known as David, Mick, Sönke, Michi and Marco) have suffered my alternating bouts of enthusiasm ("only 37 seats walked-over on Nomination Day!") and whining ("and I can't VOTE!?") rather a bit over the past few days. But nothing prepared me for THIS:

Hougang Worker's Party Rally

Ubi Worker's Party Rally

Aljunied Worker's Party Rally

WAH LIAO EH. That's THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. Holy shit. I can't BELIEVE how friggin' exciting Singapore must have been over those few days. It's CRAZY. There hasn't been enthusiasm like that since McDonald's was giving away Hello Kitties with Happy Meals.

It was such a bloody anti-climax that I wasn't there for it all. I mean, just LOOK at those pictures!! As Qiong says: "Macam rock concert."

I'm actually finding it hard to describe the exhilaration of something like this happening in Singapore. It feels like a revolution was sparked. Of course it was still disappointing - ultimately the old Parliament was returned at 82 out of 84. But the PAP's mandate was only about 66% this year, and if that's a sign of things to come, we might soon be moving (well, inching) ever so slightly towards a state that's not so de facto one-party.

But until them I continue to endure jibes from the German about dictatorships etc etc. Sheesh.

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Friday, 5th May '06

Descendents of the Dragon

What a grossly translated title. Muahaha. I'm certain I didn't even get the spelling right, but what the heck. Why's China called "the Dragon" anyway? It's just one of those things I've taken for granted without asking why. Hmm.

I like the musical arrangement of this song a lot. I think I've been listening to it for a few years (since ripping it off poor Dage), but only thought about blogging it after I properly read the lyrics today. Wang Li Hong writes disgusting English lyrics, for all the time he spent growing up in America, but there is one line that kinda got to me a bit: the one that goes "别人士地上我成长 长成以后是龙的传人". Nothing so dramatic in my case, but in a way spending the past year in a Western country has given a couple of insights, but hasn't changed my culture. Still very much a rice-person who's rather eager to go back "home for a rest", as David and Spirit of the West say.

Wang Li Hong is one of those artists I very grudingly admit to liking a lot. Sigh. His lyrics can be so AWFUL - I mean, do you see anything remotely intelligent sounding down below? And he tends to think he's Black, which is really Not Cool on a Chinese boy - but his musical arrangements are great and the lyrics DO WORK. In some inexplicable sort of way.

Anyways, here's the rest of the song, before I go see about dinner.

-- 王力宏

遥远的东方有一条江 它的名字就叫长江
遥远的东方有一条河 它的名字就叫黄河
遥远的东方有一条龙 它的名字就叫中国
古老的东方有一群人 他们全都是龙的传人

巨龙脚底下我成长 长成以后是龙的传人
黑眼睛 黑头发 黄皮肤 永永远远是龙的传人

遥远的东方有一条江 它的名字就叫长江
遥远的东方有一条河 它的名字就叫黄河 (它的名字就叫黄河)
虽不曾看见长江美 梦里常神游长江水
虽不曾听见黄河壮 澎湃汹涌在梦里

古老的东方有一条龙 它的名字就叫中国
古老的东方有一群人 他们全都是

Now here's a story that will make you cry
Straight from Taiwan they came
Just a girl and a homeboy
In love
No money
No job, no speak no English
Nobody gonna giving the time of day in a city
So cold
They made a wish and then they had the strength to graduate
With Honours
And borrowed 50 just to consumate a marriage
Under God
Who never left their side
Gave their children pride
Raised their voices high
Love will never die...

多年前宁静的一个夜 我们全家人到纽约
野火呀娆不尽在心间 每夜每天对家的思念 (每夜每天对家的思念)
别人士地上我成长 长成以后是龙的传人 (龙的传人)
巨龙巨龙你擦亮眼 永永远远的擦亮眼

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Tuesday, 2nd May '06

I Should...

The point being that I don't. Sigh. Let's see how long this list gets.

1. Do the laundry
2. Clean the room
3. Go to Sobey's
4. Clean out all the junk in the fridge that has gone bad
5. Find out where to stay in Lunenberg
7. Check out the scuba diving
8. Deal with all the books I can't bring home
9. Heck, deal with EVERYTHING I can't bring home
10. Register for that Business Chinese course
11. Think about next semester's modules.

Short digression for the modules thing. Was talking to Ave the other day, and I'm SERIOUSLY tempted to try the "Chinese Legal Tradition & Legal Chinese" course. It might also kill me, especially when the instructor is supposedly insanely demanding and the last person I've heard who took it thinks he's dead meat. But it could also be SO interesting. One part of me thinks: if they only ask for a B4 it can't be THAT bad, can it? And then I think, Chinese legal instruments? Hell yeah, it could be B.A.D. And I don't want to screw up the 2:1 for a stupid 4 credit course, do I? The last time I spoke / wrote Chinese formally, I was 16 years old and motivating myself by thinking that I had put myself through 4 years of Higher Chinese just so that I would never pick up another document in Chinese again. It's amazing what a few years does to your perception. Maybe a chat with the professor is in order. Hmm. I wish they had something like an admissions test so at least you know if you could make it or not. Sure my Higher Chinese results make the grade, but that doesn't really tell you anything when you did it by chao mugging 150 chengyu and 8 ciyu shouce and got through the exam by avoiding all the "real world" essay topics and writing instead melodramatic shuqingwen about being trapped in an elevator and taking half your melodramatic phrases from Daniel Chan pop songs.

Otherwise, Intro to Chinese Civil Law sounds great (but from experience I can never get over the prof's accent, which is going to be tricky), Conflict of Laws is a definite yes, EU Law too (especially if the visiting prof is still around), and I really want to do BioMed and Ethics (but they might give me some flack for having done Health Law in Canada already), Tax Law, Corporate Takeover Regulation... sheesh. Too many interesting things, too little time.

But back to the list:

12. Pick up the plane tickets
13. Organise music
14. Organise photos

Boo. That's a longer list than I thought.

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And All The Little Ants Are Marching, Red and Black Antenna Waving.

I've been obsessing over this song for so long, might as well blog it. No particular reason why. Man, I'm really looking forward to getting home and going to an EIC gig. They do this song pretty well. Anybody up for Wala's?

Ants Marching
-- Dave Matthews Band

He wakes up in the morning
Does his teeth, bite to eat and he's rolling
Never changes a thing
The week ends, the week begins

She thinks, we look at each other
Wondering what the other is thinking
But we never say a thing
These crimes between us grow deeper

Goes to visit his Mommy
She feeds him well, his concerns
He forgets them
And remembers being small
Playing under the table and dreaming

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die

Driving in on this highway
All these cars and upon the sidewalk
People in every direction
No words exchanged
No time to exchange

And all the little ants are marching
Red and black antennas waving
They all do it the same
They all do it the same way

Candyman tempting the thoughts of a
Sweet tooth tortured by the weight loss
Program cutting the corners
Loose end, loose end, cut, cut
On the fence, could not to offend
Cut, cut, cut, cut

Take these chances
Place them in a box until a quieter time
Lights down, you up and die

It's just another one of those irresistibly quotable songs that you're never quite sure what is being sung about. And the outro is gorgeous too, it's just MADE for a live performance to close of a show.

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