Friday, 18th June '04

At Kai's House

I'm finally able to post something on this blog... like a real entry - the Orli one was just for kicks (and testing the Greymatter program). I'm here at Kai's house getting ready to spend the night, and I have happily hijacked the computer. big grin

So this is the inaugaral entry, so to speak. i'm not blogging too coherently, obviously, since I haven't blogged (or written anything, for that matter) in ages, and Kai, Limin and Dage have TV blasting away. Well, Dage is now whining that it's a stupid show and we should turn it off.

DAGE: It's a stupid show! Turn it off!
KAI: I thought you like the show...
DAGE: Turn to Channel i.
LIMIN: Robocop? Don't want! Nonono, I show you, this Bachelor episode is damn bitchy...

*sigh* sleepy

But anyway.

Once I get down to it, I will be posting a HUGE HUGE entry on everything I've done for the past month... the Bangkok trip (no no Ave, no sleazy jokes, please)... the M&M filming experience... and the multitude of stayovers the Smubs have had since all the folks came back... the big wedding dinner of my unknown uncle and aunt... the soccer match I watched with Mich (or the half of it)... the Law Camp stuff I've been working on... But first we'll take a commercial break and I'll let you in on Dage's embarrassing situation at Haagen Daz.

DAGE takes a huge scoop of banana toffee ice-cream and just as it approaches the vicinity of his mouth, a sizable droplet falls on his pants under the table.

LIMIN: What? What? Why, what happened?
EN: Maybe that's where it dripped.

Stunned silence as DAGE valiently fights to stop his cheeks from turning red.

*chuckle* Poor Dage.

Alrighty now, I'll return to the fun of bullying Limin and watching prove herself the bane of Dage's existence. And chatting to Angela on MSN! Whee! Really miss that girl!

Look out for a huge long entry once I get the connection in order again.

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