Saturday, 31st July '04

Pushing The Right Buttons

*grin* I actually know this show well enough to fix my results any way I want. Heh.

If I ever go on Singapore's Brainiest, you can bet your bottom dollar this will be my specialist subject. I've actually read just about every single episode script. Golly, I'm such a nerd.


Lucky you, you're a skin. Just like Whitaker, Courtney, and Nicholas, you are willing to do whatever it takes to get close to the aliens or their human allies. But there is only one thing you want. Isabel. You believe that she, or rather her alien half, Vilandra, will join you again and history will repeat itself over again. Never wish to hard though because the human half,Isabel, is a much stronger fighter than you might think.

Which Roswell Enemy Are You?
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Finally I Find A Quiz That Is SO Me

And this is what I get? I hate Tess Harding. She annoyed me since the first day she stepped in to join the pod squad. ARGH. She killed Alex, for crying out loud! He was my favourite character next to Micheal. Here I wanted to be Nasedo or a skin.

*grumble* Strictly speaking, Nasedo and Tess weren't even enemies to the aliens per se. They were antagonists only because they wanted the same goals, but didn't have the same humane morals to temper their actions, is all. *sigh* Not cool.


Oh gosh say it isn't so?! You are the one and only Tess Harding. You were raised by a killer so it would only seem fitting that you become one yourself. You have always had a high hatered towards Liz Parker because Max loves her oh so much. In your heart you want to kill her but you know that if you do Max will get upset and oh no, we can't upset our fearless King now can we? It's okay though in the end you managed to kill a human allie and almost got away with it had not those human brats figured out what you did. But in the end you did get the kid and the free ride home.

Which Roswell Enemy Are You?
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Wo3 Yao4 Gei3 Ni3 Kaya

Gah. I'm exhausted. First day of matriculation today and I spent it all dancing. Oh, and laughing at the ZA foundation and G-strings some boys found in their matric-packs too... and koping a new, huge notepad from Bernia's pack.

Presentation practice today went pretty great... the stunts look amazing with the guys totally knowing how to use their strengths and the girls holding their own weight and being absolutely tight. Very nice.

This year's batch has also a shitload of energy and even if I still have to remind them to smile and watch their lines, they're coming along terrifically. It's going to be a good show, but i'm still rather worried about one yet unchoreographed and crucially important scene.

The guys are also nuts. (Now aren't they always?) Liang Wei as usual is a darling jester... his energy is boundless and I'm forced to marvel at the way he does all his stunts full out every single run. Last year I just had cartwheels and after 3 runs I'd be too dizzy to go anymore. But then again, boy's an ex-trampolinist. Ziliang's another character... he SINGS the songs (the Indian "Churi Churi" music, especially) really loudly during every run to boost his own energy... and he's so infectious everyone is soon singing along with him. It's hilarious... he's just so HAPPY when dancing. Prince York and Princess Evelyn are getting more into their roles than ever too. Now if only Ziliang wouldn't sing the pas de deux music's Indian lyrics so that it sounds like "wo3 yao4 gei3 ni3 kaya... ni3 yao4 gei3 wo3 kaya...". It's retarded, and York looked so scandalized. Well... I guess this is as much I can say without giving too much of the game away to Med Fac spies and whatnot.

I guess what I'm thankful about in Presentation is the spirit the freshmen brought to it. They crazy kids went out to Walla Walla tonight after post rehearsal dinner but I'm sure they'll be there tomorrow. I'm gratified the better ones spend their breaks coaching the slower ones... and how even between runs the ones with harder moves they can't master practice at the sides. And how the i/cs bring so much food to keep everyone's energy up without even asking for the money back. It's work, it's tiring... but it's such a party too.

Especially when the Flower Boys start their towel snapping. Oww. Evil Daisy. crying He thwacked me a good one on my shin while I was just sitting there minding my own businesss.

And OH YES!! I can breakdance! Ha! Flower Boys have the photos of me doing a breaking pose on my hands and head, which I'll upload some enough. Took a while to get off the ground and I'm sure I bruised my shoulder something awful, but I'm seriously proud of myself. It was quite funny... once Ziliang and York started teaching us (the dance seniors), and we got it, all the freshmen girls started going at it too... and the boysjust kept cheering and snapping photos each time someone new got it down pat. It was quite a sight... whole bunch of sweaty tweens standing on their heads in front of the officious-looking Law Library, while the some ran around with cameras like the paparazzi, and the rest stood around laughing. Every so often a bewildered Prof. would walk by and cast us curious looks.

Hmm. Late. Must go sleep. Presentation tomorrow again at 10am. But before I go, I guess it's true that you learn something new everyday. If only from Quizilla:


You have a dominant kiss - you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role. MEORW!

What kind of kiss are you?
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Thursday, 29th July '04

Beauty Queen Of Only 18,
She Had Some Trouble With Herself...

I've been humming this song since tuesday night... maybe someone's trying to tell me something.


You don't want love to come through to you. You like it the way you are. To be unreachable, no need to show feelings. Hiding everything inside you. You are already used to it. You say yourself that you don't need anyone, that you stand on your own two feet or that you dont have time for these things. But in reality you are scared to get hurt. You feel save where you are: by yourself, nobody can hurt you there. You invent your own relationship in your dreams. You just need to know that you COULD get a partner. Thats it.
~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
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Tuesday, 27th July '04

Park Yourself At This Gig...

Apologies for the unbearable title upthere... I couldn't resist an ironic cheesy joke. You know... doubleyellowline... parking... um.. *trails off pathetically*

But hey, I'm going for it as far as school will allow... anyone care to join me? Bec? - We'll make good on that last date... haha. This should be way more than a decent gig... 5 live bands for a token sum.

And if it isn't a rocking show then we always have Ave and Ben's necks to wring, right? hehe

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Monday, 26th July '04

It's 4.26 In The Morning...

... and I'm hanging around by the computer waiting for Derick to send me the final version of the Area 1 allocations for pre-flag canvassing. Yes, I'm cursing myself (as usual) for not doing my work as early as I should. My penchant for last-minute rushing is really getting out of hand.

I hope canvassing goes decently tomorrow. We're facing quite the manpower shortage and canvassing being the totally joyless activity that it is, is very likely to send the less tenacious freshmen - and, heck, counsellors as well - scampering home faster than you can say... well... "pre-flag canvassing".

Sidenote: hurry up Derick...

Hmm... while I'm still trying to kill some time I might as well go on about what I did today... which was not that much, really. Started out early to go to this Nurse's Day screening of "I, Robot". Despite all the bad vibes I got from the trailers... Asimov fans who didn't think it looked right... Matrix fans who thought it looked like a rip-off etc, it turned out to be more than a credible movie! It had me cringing in the right parts, Will Smith outdid himself somewhat (and finally took a daring step beyond his Fresh Prince of Belair / Independance Day type joker roles - Ali doesn't count), and the effects were probably the most seemless ones I've seen since Lord of the Rings. Yes, yes, I think the effects here outshone even the Spidey 2 ones... but only by a leeeetttllleee bit. The decomissioning of Sonny bit really did strike a chord with me too - some of you readers would probably know why.

Sidenote 2: oh, come on Derick...

Later in the afternoon I popped down to NUS to help decorate the Dance Ensemble Matric Fair booth... wasn't particularly useful there, and there wasn't really all that much to do, so I left in less than three hours. Mel and I spent quality time fretting about the abysmal state of Presentation rehearsals, but, as usual decided there was nothing we could do. Crap. And I told Liang Wei I would try and do something.

Right then, that's all my sleep-deprived brain has to offer tonight... off to wring that allocation list out of Derick.

*stomp stomp*

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Saturday, 24th July '04

Rooftop Shenanigans

Today has been something of a red-letter day. Kind of pathetic, I guess, but a day in which I’ve realized on of my rather-lame lifetime ambitions and partaken in an illegal, half-crazed activity… and felt absolutely no remorse upon being caught. Ho hum. cool eh?

Actually, it’s still funny thinking about it… and despite the nagging little voice in my head that just has to keep trying to remind me that I could have gotten sued (thanks, Meishuang) / prosecuted (thanks, Winston) / killed (thanks, random Security Guard) / worse, I’m still feeling absurdly happy about having done so.

So what was this little activity, you might ask. It’s going to come as something of an anti-climax – but oh, (quoting Woonky) the sacrifices I make for my art. *insane grin*

So this little escapade began with Re:pro filming again. Today was the final day I was to be involved in directing the shoot. Whatever leftovers there are, Eva and Nawaz will handle from now on. But before I washed my hands off the whole Martyr Machiavellian business, I just had to see the Rooftop Scene through. Without spoiling the surprise for those whom I intend to show the film to, it will suffice to say that I had to pile my three cast leads, Ross, Mei and Woonky, along with scripter cum visual effects guy Siyuan, my favourite cameraman Winston, and occasionally producer Nawaz onto a tiny rooftop atop a 40-storey condominium. The standing area couldn’t have been more than 40 square metres, and there was no ledge whatsoever. Which meant that if you weren’t paying attention and started backing up, it would take less than a dozen steps to send you plunging to a rather gruesome demise.

We began by crawling our way up a 10-foot ladder to get onto the roof. Once up there, we were pretty conscious about getting caught, but we just NEEDED that rooftop view for the shot. So as I briefed the Winston and the cast about the next shot, we huddled close to the ground like little squatters so that the adjacent blocks' penthouse owners would hopefully not notice us.

And what a shoot it turned out to be. I think we were at an all-time efficiency high… each angle took at maximum three takes – despite the NGs that were prone to occur in response to the sheer weirdness of standing 40 storeys above ground without a permit. Perhaps for the first time, we were actually relaxed (WHAT an irony) and enjoying our work… Winston was jokingly fearful that I would dangle him off the ledge to get some new artistic angle… and we managed to get acrophobic Mei (had to hold her hand and edge her gingerly to the spot) and Winston RIGHT up to the edge to get this terrific angle of her foot hovering above the microscopic cars and people in the carpark below. We wasted loads of Woonky’s eyedrops to have our cast crying… all the while munching on Lay’s seafood potato chips and enjoying the terrific view… wind in the hair and all that. In between takes we took the odd video of a sunset I can only describe as soothingly gentle… Woonky pretending to jump off the roof… us eating yet more chips…

The strangest thing (in hindsight) was that in different takes, Ross and Woonky’s characters had to wear the same set of clothes… which meant that after certain takes the boys would have to strip down to their undies and exchange clothes… while on a windy rooftop essentially in full view of everyone in the country. The funny thing was, that for once, we were so professional and focused, no one thought twice about it. Mei and I just automatically started examining the horizon, and even Woonky restricted himself to couple of jibes about Ross’ poor choice of intimate apparel. *rolls eyes*

But all in all, it was just one of those moments… that you’re doing something so simple and so lame, but you’re both literally and metaphorically on top of the world, as it were. big grin

Just as we were filming one of Ross’ scenes we heard a few urgent-toned, foreign voices from below. One was coming out of a walkie-talkie… so it was like… *cracklestaticcrackle* PENTHOUSE *feedbackcrackle* TEENAGERS ON ROOF *statichiss*. And all of us instinctively ducked except the MoronMagnusMagnified, who just… stood there. We had to hiss at him to get down and then we all just tried to stay low and quiet... but for some reason we were just so pleased with ourselves that we were shooting each other Cheshire Cat grins all the while. It didn’t work though, and the security guard was on to us in a minute. We were then evicted. Argh.

So that was it for the rooftop shenanigans we got up to… it seems that we were spotted by a grumpy female penthouse resident from another block, who insisted that we be removed lest we poison the water supply (the rooftop was really the cement lid of a giant water-tank) / get blown off by the wind / commit suicide. And then we received a lecture about the evils of running up to rooftops without permission and the dire consequences that would be visited unto us. For my part, I really doubted anything else would come of it (or maybe I was still intoxicated by the view)… some of us were pissed off…

And some of us were just worried that the penthouse resident had complained of two almost-naked boys on the water-tank. hehe

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Sunday, 18th July '04

"Terrible, Terrible"... And Other Stories

I'm lovin' it! *pa da pa pa paaaa*

Or was, anyway. I was pretty exhilarated until I lost my handphone - which I am now quite convinced was stolen by a cleaner at the NTUC Beach Resort Chalet at Sentosa. I'm now slightly grumpy, terrified that my parents are going to disown me, and completely at a loss as to how I'm going to go about recovered the 400 or so phone numbers that I no longer have at the touch of a button. I’m wishing I had Ave's phone number memory.

And while we're on the handphone fiasco, I have a whole bunch of thank you's and much obliged's to hand out... Babs for making the 400m walk back to the chalet and hanging around with me for ages while we scoured the rooms for the missing phone. Bert for the Coke and Esther for the fries... and in doing so, for contributing to the "En Ying needs to save money to replace the phone" fund. Kow and Kiat for also contributing the Fund by seeing me home in a taxi all the way from Habour Front. You guys are amazing, I really don’t know what I'd do without all of you.

So now I'm handphone-less and the best way to get to me quick would be to tag my blog (this one, yes), to call my home, or to email me. Oh, I hate this.

Now that the depressing stuff has been put aside, nothing can quite distract me from the happiness that was the past 2-3 days at the 20th Oteam chalet. It was just so amazing to be able to spend undiluted time with folks who I’m so comfortable with, and talk and catch up on everything. And I'm very glad that I took care to spend time with people whom I so seldom see and not just Smub... long beach walks and spotting the octopus with Swee and Chris and Luk and Shaun... shorter ones with Kow and Kiat and Dex... excellent dinner conversation with Esther and Sara Sam... lying in the sand with Nora and Charlotte... bed ramblings with JAB (I remember one night Bert and I started singing the Mickey D’s “pa da pa pa paaa” tune… the reason for which now eludes me)... "Taboo" games with just about everyone (complete with all of Desmond’s characteristic madness )... warm fuzzy talks and heated debates with everyone on the first night... barefoot soccer games (do I SUCK at this game or what?) with Niko and Yaoch and Luk and Shaun and Babs... or even just seeing J&J and Waileong clowning around and being the happy "Structure Boys" again.

In this whole year that has gone by, I can hardly think of a time I was happier or more at ease. I miss them all so much. I miss studying with them, I miss the security of being with them where I know that if anything goes wrong we’ll somehow be alright together, I miss the way we’re so in tune we can communicate accurately with a lingo that no outsider will ever understand - heck, I even miss being called "Chicken". And no, Dex, I still don’t know how chickens have sex.

Speaking of which, a whole bunch of us somehow wound up having an argument about fertilized (or unfertilized chicken eggs), how they do it, "There's Something About Mariam", the mechanics of sex change operations and the magic of WWE all within the span of 15 minutes. I think those who were there know what I mean.

But I think the real highlight of the chalet was Jem and Desmond's drunken adventure. First Desmond and Jem started challenging each other to drinking Absolut Vodka and then Jem got so wasted and dehydrated he couldn’t even breathe properly and could only choke out a few words in between having spasms and clutching at Limin, ruffling her hair and saying "thanks, Babs"... and all the while Desmond kept walking around the pool blurting out his deepest secrets to Esther. And then he had the nerve to walk up to Limin and tell her to "shh". Which was followed by Jem’s vomiting all over Limin's pants and Kow's foot before passing out. Somehow I was very glad I went to bed before the drinks came out. It's strange though, how I would be appalled by such a situation anywhere else, but because it was Jem and Des… it was just roll-on-the-floor funny.

Let me repeat: half a bottle. One swig. Absolut. Dry. Gee whiz. rolls eyes

The topper: Jem woke up in the morning with absolutely no memory of the Absolut, sat up, waved at Limin and said (very cheerily and without the slightest trace of a hangover) "HI!". He could have woken up in the middle of the AYE and said "HI!" in exactly the same way. No memory, no conscience, no remorse. Desmond, on the other hand, will not be looking at vodka for a good long while. It’s pretty crazy, how sedated and obedient Drunk Desmond is compared to, well, Normal Desmond (cf. quotable quotes below).

Somehow, the fact that we trust each other so absolutely (argh, bad pun) and take such good care of each other so ungrudgingly during such times… it’s heartwarming – albeit in an odd sort of way.

And now, because I can’t think of a better way to end this entry, I’ll leave you with the quotable quotes from the 20th Oteam Chalet 2004. confused

"You drink it!"
"You lousy!"
"You drink it!"
"You lousy!"

-- Jem and Desmond at the vodka challenge.

"Terrible, terrible… …Terrible, terrible…"
-- Jem in a drunken stupor, eloquently describing to Limin how he felt before pouring his semi-digested dinner on her pants in demonstration.

-- Desmond, also drunk, for no apparent reason.

"You put..."

-- Bert and chorus of male voices while trying to guess the Taboo word “feng shui”.

"If I'm very skinny, I am…?"

-- Gnet and myself, trying to guess the Taboo word "Fat-free".

"I don’t know! They just stick things into each other!"

-- myself, on how chickens have sex. (What? It was a spur of the moment answer. blush )

"Jessica Simpson is…"

-- unidentified male, trying to guess the Taboo word "blond".

"Yeah, like… Ploop! Ploop! Ploop!"
-- Dex, very taken with the onomatopoeia of egg-laying.

-- Dex again, in a vain attempt to start a decent mealtime conversation (You can ask Esther for an impersonation).

"Limin is a…?"

-- The guys’ team, correctly guessing the Taboo word.

"Alamak! You should have just said 'a _what?_ job'! I would have guessed it!"
-- Desmond, on how Swee Tiang should have described the Taboo word "blow".

"The thing with a lot of things!"
-- Alex, giving the girls’ team no reason not to be able to guess the Taboo word "porcupine".

"Who is Jerald Chan’s twin brother?"
-- Amu, posing a tough Weakest Link question to Jeremy Chan.

"Sha… Na…"
-- Desmond’s answer to the Weakest Link question "what is Sheena’s Chinese name?".

"I don’t like girls… I… ARGH! Men and women like to have what??"
-- Desmond, describing the Taboo word "sexist".

Um. That’s all I can remember for now… any additions are most welcome! smile

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Wednesday, 14th July '04

I Think I'm Never Going To Stop Sneezing

Really, I do. I’m sneezing at an awe-inspiring rate of 3 / min. The skin of my nose is going to come off and my ears are suffering the worst popping in the history of the world. My soft palate has been torn at by the raging breath that is my respiratory spray – and trivia buffs insist that that air travels at the speed of a hurricane – so much so that it’s threatening to divorce itself from the roof of my mouth.

I am also feeling a rather, um, twingy twinge of guilt that I might just have let my cold bug into Bishan Home for the Mentally Disabled (where RnF community service is going on), where it will run wild and saddle a whole dorm-full of Down’s Syndrome-d residents sniffling for goodness knows how long. *whacks self on head*

And Limin is grumbling that I’m not going to Chinablack tonight.

But yes, I was exaggerating. Err, poetic license? *shakes head at the memory of the awful “Tempest” poetry recital*

Totally out of point note: I would have written that Spider-man 2 review and posted it, but I just can’t find the energy to do it again. I swear I wrote an excellent one before my computer friggin’ crashed on me. From now on I type and save everything in MS Word before I put it into Greymatter.

Now, where was I?

Ah yes, just back from community service, which is, by all standards, going excellently. Nick and Charmaine did a great job planning the work plans (and I guess Ross and Derrick helped quite a bit) and the freshmen, as I’ve said before, are a terrific bunch, the overall result of all this being that we’re far ahead of schedule and can now add in a games day for the Home residents. I’m pretty glad RnF comm. seems to have it all together… once the comm. service is over then it’s just up to Jia and I to have a glitch-free Flag Day and for the Presentation to be a worthy performance.

Speaking of presentation. It’s really turning into quite a gargantuan effort, and sometimes I wonder if we should really bother. I know it’ll be a great show, but the obsession with beating out Medicine faculty is a little misplaced. I want us to have a show we can be proud of, but really, I’m not going to pia my ass off just so that we can win the best dance award. We already know we put up a good show year after year, but our style is too contemporary and theatre-based for the judge’s liking. The judges want mass-participation and NDP-styled offerings. We’re just never going to win it if we keep giving them shows based on modern dance skills with strong techniques. You can’t expect a ballet show to beat out para para dancing if the judges are Ah Bengs.

But once again I was amazed by the freshmen and still am. We have very few trained dancers, but the girls were so receptive to being tossed around by the guys, and the guys never let them fall. And this year’s guys can SO do stunts… all of them got the straddle jump in an instant, and the K kick in such a short time. And for the hand-standy hard stuff they just kept going and going… and they had to carry girls after that. Mad props, dudes.

Alrighty then, till the next update. I really gotta do something about my sneezing. The Panadol Cold isn’t working. Argh. I'm going to bed.

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Friday, 9th July '04

My Brain Is More Than Grey and White Matter, It Seems.

Wow. Amazingly accurate... with only one problem - I really don't like the colour green all that much. Green is the colour of algae, a horribly boring Law textbook and the Green Goblin (even if James Franco will be playing him soon).

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla

At work or in school: I work best by myself. I like to focus on my ideas until my desire for understanding is satisfied. I am easily bored if the subject holds no interest to me. Sometimes, it is hard for me to set priorities because so many things are of interest.

With friends: I may seem reserved. Although my thoughts and feelings run deep, I am uneasy with frequent displays of emotion. I enjoy people who are interesting and of high integrity.

With family: I am probably seen as a loner because I like a lot of private time to think. Sometimes, I find family activities boring and have difficulty following family rules that don't make sense to me. I show love by spending time with my family and sharing ideas and interests.

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Monday, 5th July '04

Greece Is The Word

Greece won!!! Greece won!!! hehe First time I ever watched a soccer match while actually having an ideal outcome in mind. But the annoying thing was that my dad was about to put $100 on Greece, and I would have instructed him to bet on a half-time draw and a full-time single goal victory. WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. plain And then I would have finally bought my steel string acoustic guitar or a nice Fender... but I guess it was just not meant to be.

Watching the post-match footage was... well... pretty heartwarming. You know that line from Jimmi Hendrix's "Wind Cries Mary"... it goes something like "you can see happiness staggering on down the streets". Well that's what it looked like in the streets of Greece. Painted bodies jumping and falling over each other, waving their blue and white striped flags for all they were worth... and in the stadium too. Lucky fellas get to celebrate the end of Euro and then await the glorious homecoming of the Olympic Games. Still, I couldn't escape feeling a little sorry for the Portugese team, but hey, they didn't pia as hard and the best men won.

I think what I liked about watching the Greeks win was the fact that they were such a young and fresh team. Coming from a country with no football history whatsoever, they had nothing to lose and hadn't the stress of a large reputation to uphold. They just gave it all they had - and enjoyed the spirit of the Game, if you know what I mean. And at every turn of the way no one expected them to win. Heck, I had $3.30 that said they would lose to France in the quarters, but by halftime all of us small-time gamblers had switched allegience simply because of the spirit in which the Greeks played... they were totally clean, made the most effective (and sneaky) tackles ever and were all round great sports. They hadn't the tension that many of the other classic team had that stemmed from the fight for more endorsements, or the fact that some players had greater star power than others. In the Greek team they all played like equals and their resultant teamwork was a joy to behold. Kind of like a good ensemble performance.

And it's sad, really, that by the time the World Cup or the next Euro comes along, the Greeks will no longer be the fresh-faced team I've come to love. It's inevitable, really... in order to defend the title, coaches will be sacked and new players bought. Certain players will acquire a higher status than others, jealously will rear its ugly head and the plain stress of being a country in the limelight will take it's toll on everyone... just like what has happened with every big soccer nation recently. Soccer will become for the Greeks what it is to England, France, Portugal etc. - simply a business; a way to earn billions from appearances, franchises and endorsements. It won't be about the Game any longer.

But in the meanwhile, I'll shelve my pessimistic thoughts about the future...

Greece is the word
It's got groove it's got meaning
*insert Clay Aiken's hideous hipshake*
Greece is the time, is the place, is the motion
Greece is the way we are feeling

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Sunday, 4th July '04

I Need A Bath, Dammit.

Argh. Mum locked her room (and therefore its attached bathroom along with it) just before we left the house to prevent the maid from stealing the jewellry / bringing naked men into it / putting anthrax on our toilet paper (ok, perhaps Mum's imagination is not as active as mine). But she has conveniently lost her key, and the toilet is out of commission until Dad comes home with the other set of keys. In the meanwhile, yours truly is sitting in front of the computer, sweating up a stink from my previous tech class exertions and listening to stupid songs (cf. "music in my head") to take my mind of the ballooning exzema patches on the backs of my knees...

Ah. Dad's home!

*Splish splash, I am taking a bath!*

Back. And so gorgeously blissed out from the joy of CLEANLINESS *is reminded of Char during Law Camp* that I have been reduced to satisfiedly murmuring "baattthhh... goooodd..." to myself. How monosyllabic. Johnny Weissmuller would have been proud. wink

Now what was I REALLY going to blog about? Oh yes, I have to publicly thank Limin for the absolutely divine spread we had for dinner on Friday night. Let's see how many rumbling stomachs I can set off by announcing the menu for the night...

For appetizers: fried wontons with delicately crispy skins, this time entirely folded by Limin herself (and not the original pranksters Heng and Bert). Poor Shaun, though, is still a little averse to wontons since eating three meatless ones the last time round - and thereby being forced to "marry" Kai.

Salad: Fresh prawns and crisp lettuce leaves, sprinkled with cheese and served with cream sauce.

Entree 1: Fish fillets wrapped around large prawns and baked to a juicy, flaky perfection, served over a base of hand-whipped potato, garnished with sweet long beans and drizzled with just enough mouthwatering lemon cream sauce.

Entree 2: All Australian burgers, with darkly toasted buns, pan fried beef patties and lean bacon, topped with a generous dollop of fluffy scrambled eggs (give me some credit, I did most of the burger apart from the patties). Served with black pepper sauce and smiley face-shapped potato cutlets on the side.

Dessert 1: Entirely made-from-scratch tiramisu. An Oreo cookie base of just the right thickness, covered with sponge fingers and slathered in hand-whipped, and silky-smooth Mascarpone cheese.

Dessert 2: Homemade tiramisu ice-cream.

Wine: Sweet and only mildly alcoholic, young Moscato white wine. Actually served in proper wine glasses.

Damn. I'm hungry again. LOL I swear, the thought of a Limin dinner was the only thing that got me through the horrific excuse for food that Islandwide Catering proivided us with during Law Camp. And I make more than a half-decent menu writer, don't I?

What else did we do on Friday... most of the folks managed to stay over, but I just had to go home and finish the Dance Ensemble Matric Fair Flyer. This is what the first draft looks like, minus the title and the ugly NUS logo bar that the Centre for the Arts demands occupy at least 10% of the flyer. Kaoz.

But anyways, we spent the rest of the evening bumming around, playing Taitee, Bridge and Risk. Oh, and of course the boys got bored and decided to molest Shaun for entertainment. And since Shaun was sitting right next to me, I got an uncomfortably good view of the action as I attempted (in vain, because the very excited boys wound up kicking them all over the place again) to deal out the next game's cards. See if you can guess who said what:

"...come here Shaun!"
"Argh! No! Get off me!"
"Hold him, hold him tight!"
*muffled giggles*
"Tao pok! Tao pok!"
"Pinch his ass!"
"Quick quick! Pinch his ass!"

Maybe I should stop now. This is a blog for all ages to read. razz

So after their big stayover, Babs and I went to watch "Godsend". We decided it was a very decently made movie in terms of acting and cinematography and all, but in the end the story was just useless. The midway twists were nothing but predictable and we came up with three endings ourselves, any of which would have been more satisfactory and less "what the heck has that got to do with anything?". And I think the movie left out so much that it could have done in terms of exploring the moral conumdrums of human cloning in such situations. Overall it looked like a poor attempt to mimic "Identity" (which was incidentally the best Hollywood thriller I've seen since "The Sixth Sense")

That's it for now, I guess. Tzo's back in Malaysia and just dropped me a phone call. Can't wait to meet up tomorrow!

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A Word From Ass Girl

Hmm. Yes. I suffered a half a day of walking around with the word "ass" sewn on my ass in bright prink sequins. Talk about wierd. With the result that for a while I actually answered to people calling "hey, Ass!" sad. Just for the ones who don't know this yet, it was part of the costume for the Legal Idol dance to Britney Spear's "Toxic". Mel and Char had "Kiss" and "My" on their posteriors respectively, and I got my word, well, just because of unfortunate blocking. And the pub I was with with my OG after that just HAD to play "Toxic". At least poor Ryan (who played one "Fantastic Burrito" in the skit) suffered too.

It's been about one day back from Law Camp and I think I have recouperted somewhat. But I have come down with a mild case of the sniffles plain, which I hope clears up soon.

On the subject of Law Camp. I don't know lah. confused I think Wayne was right, ultimately, in saying that we got the end product down. The freshies enjoyed the camp for the most part, I think, and we had no major mess ups or accidents. But then again, I'm not sure that the process was entirely right. I guess I have to respect that the Law Oteam has to have its own style and own work ethic and all that, but, let's face it, the Law Oteam is no RJ's 20th Oteam. I don't necesarily mean that in a derogatory way either, only that it took me a lot of getting used to.

To begin with, I'm not nearly as close to the Law people. I think I will still say that even if I know more than half the faculty personally and they respect me enough to ask me to join committees and all that jazz, I don't really have real REAL friends in there apart from Liang and Jia (both of whom were for various reasons unable to attend). There's no one I'd MSN just to chat about nothing in particular, and no one that would really hang out in my hall room etc etc. There used to be, before Secrets started and became pretty much my whole life, and I would be lying to say that I'm not at least a little resentful over that. But it's a sacrifice I'm glad I made. So i guess all I'm trying to say (in my typical round-about way) is that without the real friendship bonds that made the 20th Oteam what it was to all of us, there wasn't that same sense of pia-ing together as one to achieve a common aim. And of course, that did nothing to help alleviate the fact that in the course of the five days I began to feel more and more alienated and distanced from everyone else. Pretty much a lonely wallflower, in many ways, but that's stuff for a later entry. Still, towards the end I swear I felt closer to my OG juniors (and I wasn't even an OGL) than to my peers.

And that's the next problem. I didn't sense a common aim at all. Nothing beyond giving the freshies a good time. In RJ there was always this overiding awareness that in everthing we did we had to impress the Rafflesian spirit upon all our juniors. Stuff like how we wanted them to remember that they were never alone and welcome them the family and show them the importance of the school anthem and match support... somehow in everything we did we knew we were on the same page. I couldn't sense any of that in the Law Oteam. There were great actvities, and Universal Studios / Jungle Trek etc were brilliant on the surface. But there was just no heart. And I hated that.

Another thing I couldn't get used to was just the way things worked. I can't quite explain in but I'll give an example. But formal dinner, the two Law Camp logistics i/cs were so knocked out they didn't even make it to formal dinner. They HAD to take the time to sleep because they hadn't in the last four days. Some of the other logs committee members helped. But then again I know there were some who didn't at all. And even when the FOCC tried to force the Oteam into a "one suffer all suffer" mentality, it took on a very warped sort of manifestation. What it meant, basically, was that while the logs comm / boys were carrying things, the girls would sit in the Raffles Hall dining area in our sorry, smelly sweated-in-dried-and-sweated-in-again attire, doing absolutely nothing. Now that wasn't "one suffer all suffer", that was just a bloody waste of time. And I felt so sad for the FOCC and the logs comm because they dared not push the rest of us to work with them. They could plead with us, but because they dared not be assertive and actually tell us what we needed to do, nothing got done.

And then there was the general work ethic. It was just so foreign to me, the idea that only guys were expected to do any heavy lifting, and that girls automatically didn't have to do any work. I distinctly remember the 20th Oteam girls doing as much Bangla work as we could, even if we did it slower, every little bit helped. And it was also damn fricking annoying that while I watched people like Jon visably losing weight over the past few days, I knew of people who could have bloody been at the camp, but just chose to go home to sleep in their nice beds. Wayne was right in reminding us that everytime we slacked off something we needed to do, it just meant that someone else was working harder. Unfortunately the only people who were around to hear that were the people that came in the first place. I think it spoke volumes that although we had only about 100 freshies at Law Camp, and we had a 120 man strong Oteam, things were still done so much more laboriously than how things were done in RJ with a 60 man Oteam and a junior population of over a 1000. It was underemployement at its worst, but it was inevitable simply because no one could really be trusted to do what they promised they would. angry, grr

On to happier things, though, the freshies were really the bomb. With the solitary exception of the DLG (dulan group, for those who don't know yet), the freshmen themselves were what made the whole thing go smoothly, and I was so thankful that they were, at every turn, so obedient, so sensible and so caring for us. LOL I was amazed when my OG pulled of a truly masterful Punk'd prank on Monster and Sups (their unfortunate nicknames for Eva and Eric on account of the fact that Eva acts like a monster and Eric looks like a skinny Clark Kent). Man, I wish the video could have been better done, but Nawaz did excellently without the aid of hidden spycams. Even though Charybdis (shaddup lah!) will always be incomparable, the Bollywood Bandits endeared themselves to me in almost the same way. And I was really touched when on the last night of the camp the guys left the pub immediately and without complaint once our resident pub virgin started feeling unwell, and even began to offer an impressive cocktail of asprins and concerned suggestions.

Another couple of times I had fun was just bumming around with my roomates Mel and Char in our little room, battling beetles (which my roomates did mostly by screaming at them), cockroaches (they don't bother me much since Errol) and flants (an amazingly scientific term for flying ants)... telling inane jokes ("Why was the little insect confused? He thought his uncles were A(U)NTS!" blush )... enduring the racket made by Winston's OG and Chin Hao (soon to be of Singapore Idol fame) and Linus' mangled imitations of the Calling, Jack Johnson and Jars of Clay.

Ah well. One more event to shelve in my life's memories, I suppose. Till RnF week starts. crazy

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