Sunday, 5th August '03


It's high time I wrote another journal entry for the TFYE... yeah, I've given up writing every single week since (a) since school started again I haven't even GONE every single week and (b) we've been concentrating on the second showing, so there wasn't much interaction with the other TFYE-ers anyway. Like Beck says, I'm feeling increasingly alone. I guess that's the way of a production team. There are parts you work together and then there are parts where you're on your own and you'll just have to sort out your own difficulties.

Last week was pure crap. Missed two sessions for orientation, so by the time I went back into class the rest were so far ahead. Like REALLY far. Just check out Siti, she does her piece so naturally I want to scream with laughter. And there I am sitting there with no proper script. I needen't tell you how bleugh I felt.

I think stuff like theatre really needs one to concentrate on it. I can't, for example, go for a session with my mind still full of Attorney General v. R Anpazhakan and that mess of a document that is my Legal Writing assignment. Which, since the assignment was due on Monday at 9 am, was exactly what my brain was full of.

But this week started out just as horribly. I was so tired I was seeing double. Literally. Thank God for Ave *hug* who dragged me out of the rut just in the nick of time... *phew*. Manja-city.*grin* Think I've got my groove back a bit... but it's horrible trying to memorise lines when I keep falling asleep as I read. Discipline needed, I guess.

Right now I'm thinking about my growth as an actor... which hasn't been very much, I realize. All along my drama training has mostly been Shakespeare based, so it was really difficult to get into a character from another era, or play someone without being extrodinarily careful to pronounce my "th's" and "d's". As in, I can't quite figure out a character for myself, but if someone shows me what to do with it, I can "imitate" them pretty okay-ly. So what I need to learn to do more is bring myself to the character. I don't know, I need a more experienced life. And I'm frustrated because I don't know how to get one.

Ah well, will work harder. Gosh, do I sound like that animal farm horse.

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