Tuesday, 29th August '06

Ooh! We're Happening People!

Ahahahaa. It's all rather funny. I can't believe how fakely funky this makes us look. I mean, we actually look like cool party people who were at some happening event, and looked good enough to be put on the front page of www.nightlife.sg as the cover image of the event!

Here. Zoom in big big so you can see us better:

Ooh, and look closely at the pic of the people on the right of us. The Boyz Toyz thing - it's WEIYI! Haha. I suddenly feel cool and like I have cool friends. Eh, this is supposed to be Singapore's Guide to Partying! As PCK would say: don't pray pray! Weiyi lends a measure of credibility to it all because she really is one of the coolest people I know.

How ironic. The day En Ying is on a website for "partying". I think my friends from Halifax would piss themselves laughing at the sheer implausibility of it all.

In reality, of course, we weren't half as funky as all that. We actually went there looking for EIC, but it turns out EIC wasn't playing coz the stupid Jeagermeister went and sponsorsed the stupid World Battle of the Bands. We also weren't half as happy as we looked in that picture. In fact, we were downright grumpy the whole night, cursing the lack of EIC (which I maintain is the best rock band Singapore has right now), the horrible horrible music that the WBotB was spawning, and the fact that the stupid pushy waiters kept bugging us to buy drinks that we didn't want to buy. We never even knew the event existed (or how badly it sucked), and we certainly weren't aiming to go there for it.

Muahaha. And now we're "superstars" - thanks Babs. wink

In anycase, the rest of you guys' photos are up too! Click on um... us... on the website and the pics come up.

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Monday, 28th August '06

Loosen Up My BAS-TONNES Babe (UH HUH!)

Zaki's horrific mangling of the Pussycat Dolls song is running around my head. It's been a long day, weekend, whatever.

The torn thigh muscle or hamstring is a lot less serious than initially feared. Don't anybody panic, I'm no Michael Ballack. The Tan Tock Seng doctor probably did the over-advice rest thing. Grr. But at Dr (Daniel) Phang's warnings that it has a potential to become chronic, I'm gonna take it easy.

The condensed version of the story goes like this: Law Iv rehearsal, pre-poposal Lindy Hopp scene, warming up with split. For some reason i slide into one, left leg, the stronger side, and something from under my thigh and almost up my ass goes "POP!". It felt like cutting a stretched rubber band. Not spectacular pain or anything, just a loosy POP!. And then back of thigh goes numb down to the knee. Suddenly incapable of performing any more splits. One hour of sitting out in a cold Auditorium later, I'm Limp Bizkit without the Bizkit.

Pay a riduculous amount to doctor and hospital for some peace of mind. Doc examines the area and pronounces: "No bruising. Don't worry too much, should be just a tear."

"How is that any better?!", I shrilly express my contempt at that ludicrous suggestion.

Sigh. No lah, it's really a lot better today, so no one freak out. Law IV might still be an issue, but I will still shimmy and shake my way through the Next Wave perfectly well.

Speaking of which. Today was vetting for Ensemble.

Huang Zheng's: I dunno lah, she does such weird stuff and that's turned out awesome in the past, but the fact of the matter remains that sometimes it will not work out. Which is fine because who the heck wants to stay safe and not experiment. So her daring to try odd concepts I really like. That being said, this item was still in a rather embryonic state. Just gotta give it a chance to grow.

Bryan's: Yay, came off pretty nicely. My batch girls thought it was decent, neat, and Sandy said she saw a side of En Ying she'd never seen before. Evidently I don't go around acting like a high-class prostitute seducing male "big spenders" on a regular basis. Muahaha, it's fun to have an avenue in which to act flirtious and in your face and being able to justify it all by saying it's not me, I'm still your clean innocent friend, it's just show business! It's funny how we've rehearsed it so much I forget that "I can show you a *Min flips her ass to the audience and slaps it* good time!" is meant to induce excitement - at least in Singapore.

Dan's: Oh my word, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I love his item, dammit I should have gotten myself casted in that one. Though I would probably have died trying. I've not seen such a cool piece in a while... very stylised, lots of energy, INSANE pas de deux work - you can see all the poor guys' veins a -popping, and really a very creative use of props. And so physically demanding - and not in the aerobics cardio way that Zaki's is... it's like trying to train a bunch of normal dancers to be a Shaolin monks kungfu posse. It was all incredibly grand and Yip Man and I joked that Zaini was going to have a hard time crafting a finale piece to top that.

Juli's: Love the music, love the concept. We've never really done such an urban/ industrial item before. I could have used a little more ensemble work at times... like too many individual bits going on so that my eyes got confused from time to time, but it was always interesting and very fresh. I'm particularly impressed by Jeremy in this one - I don't really know him personally, but when I left for Halifax he was still a little bumbling boy all shaven headed from BMT that couldn't stand on one leg, and that one year he in MDC while I was away in Canada I come back and he's this little dynamite. Him and Glen are the cutest lah, just that Glen was always pretty steady since I knew him.

Shaun's: New chorepgrapher that I've never met or seen before. Pretty commercial I guess, but he got in some external gymnasts to do stunts, and our boys got turned into califaire girl holders. I dunno leh, it was one of those pieces that looked good and you gasp at the stunts but ultimately I can't say very much about.

Suli's: Didn't watch. Too busy freaking out over remembering Zaki's last minute blocking.

Zaki's: A song combination of the Pussycat Dolls' Buttons and Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" can only be a crowd pleaser. You know, one of those commercial pieces you love that's a lot of fun and showly and poser and act cool. We had a pretty bad run of it, but ultimately the idea's there, it's meant to be the one for the mainstream audience that grew up on a diet of MTV and Perfect 10 98.7 FM. And when you have a cast of alumni and the few oddball undergrads like us around shooting "Who da man?" looks at the audience as the opening strains of "Sexyback" start up, you WILL get wolf whistles. To some extent the dancing may be one thing, but it's one of those pieces that relies so heavily on attitude that an inherent confidence is half the battle won. And we had a cast that had such a powerful "street cred" that it sort of worked itself out. BUT MAN, did we screw up the other half of the battle, by all standards. I don't think my timing's ever been worse. Think the people watching probably heard me cursing as I danced.

Zaini's: The scheduled finisher as usual. Very classic Zaini lah. Nothing as wow as last year's Bjork which I'm still crushed to have missed out on, being in Canada. He always has such a power cast that it could never be bad, but I found myself waiting for the climax which never came. Maybe we wait for him to add himself in a solo, hee hee.

Time for bed. TIRED!

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Thursday, 24th August '06

"When I Look Back on My Ordinary, Ordinary Life..."

Mmmpf! Finally got a new layout. Yeah, I know Qiong, this is insanely overdue, the John Mayer layout having lasted an amazing 1.5 years. Well, this one is likely to stay for a fong time too, seeing as the 4th year isn't exactly going to be another Dalhousie experience (i.e. a round of slacking).

Anyway, this layout might take a while to load, what with the gi-normous picture files. But seeing as I'm probably never going to have the time or energy to get off my ass and build a photo archive page - this is the closest I'll get to displaying some of the choisiest of the collection. My apologies for taking liberties with photos that I didn't shoot myself; I needed the look to be as commerative as possible. Each picture does prompt a pretty substantial memory.

Also, I know it kinda smacks of the Law IV website's design, but Shen's ideas of the photobars formed part of the basis of inspiration. In this case, however, I chose to maintain the full colour of the images.

Limin, you probably think the layout looks like oatmeal, but I like it. smile Brown is the new black.

And there's something about the colour of the links that I don't feel fully satisfied with, but I'll get round to finding a better hue someday. Right now it's uncomfortably similar to the Alexi Yagudin layout colour.

Till then, I NEED the sleep.

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Wednesday, 16th August '06

6 in a Bed, and the Little One Said...

"AIYOH! Why so squeezy?!"

Notice that in both cases, there were only 6 people in the bed. "Why?", you ask. That's because the host of the room-warming party made a careful head count in both cases and concluded there were 6 both times. Again, why? Oh, you all know who the host was, and how gifted she is in math...

Sorry Babs, couldn't resist the cheap shot. Anyways, I have to be off to bed soon, so I'm just going to summarise the room-warming with a bunch of quotable quotes. It was just one of those evenings that was so typically Smubby that anyone familiar with the culture would be able to know the orginator and the exact context just by reading the quotes...


2. "Would you like some white cranberry juice with Frangelico? See, see the monk? It's my choice liquer... from Italia. MY Italia!"

3. "I can't stop eating the sushi / spring rolls / cheese fritters!"

4. *sobsobsniffsniff* *wipeseyes* *blowsnose* *someone runs to get a waste basket*

5. "Butter caramel tiramisu! OMIGAWD, Limin's where's the tiramisu? TIRAMISU!!"

6. "We're too comfortable in your bed... you said room warming what... so we warm your room lor..."

7. "Limin, I think I'll just stay here overnight!"

8. "You all are crazy! CRAZY!"

9. "Why you say you tell me you dowan the turkwa when you didn't say you dowan the turkwa?!"

10. "What noodles would you like with your meal? The vermicelli is very fresh today..." / "Haah? Err, nono, meepok please." / "Ah, of course, sir! The fettucine!"

Ahahaa. That was fun.

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Sunday, 13th August '06

Funnyfishcakes.com Has Its Own Domain! / Funnyfishcakes Greatest Hits

Yeah, what the title says! Funnyfishcakes - though no one calls it by this name, and the words "En Ying's blog" seems to resonate better with everyone - finally has its own domain.

So here are all the relevant updates as us fishcakes bring our funniness to the world via a different channel.

I'm not all that coherent at the moment... today has been a gruelling day involving (non-stop!) 2 hours of Law IV rehearsal, 3 hours of Business Chinese and almost 5 hours of Bryan on about 4 hours of sleep. Luckily all were rathre slack, but I'm still grumpy and tired.

We are no longer a subsidiary of February-Rains, though we are still happily affiliated. However, a good number of media links (pictures and music and videos) are still hosted on February-Rains and will take some time to move over.

My apologies for the lack of change in layout... I know you've seen this one up for too long. Since December 2004, to be exact. Wow. And the Alexei Yagudin layout had only ever lasted 6 months. I've been hit by a bit of inspiration to do a Jamie Cullum's "Photograph" themed layout, but I have to move all the media links first. And the new layout idea involves pictures from Smub, 401, Halifax, The Next Wave etc etc... will be a while in the making.

I haven't even got halfway through sorting out the pictures from Halifax... although receiving David's (Leffler) online photo album links a few days back gave me a large kick in the pants. It is at this point in time that I realise how many Davids I know and how it's getting tricky separating them all from one another in the writing. I thought I previously only had this problem with the plethora of Chrises I keep meeting.

Also, I'm about to change the announments sidebar, so I'm just going to record the Starhub Football Poem (for lack of a better name, or the energy to come up with one) right here. For posterity, and because it's just nice.

You can stand amidst fields of gold and green
And hear a billion hearts that beat unseen
You can join the crowds that cheer as one
In the place where they all come

You can fill 90 minutes of fleeting time and space
With tragedy, triumph, and amazing grace
You carry them forever in your soul
Their names carved on every goal
This is where you can always belong
This is where legends are born

While I'm not much of a soccer enthusiast myself (God gave us HANDS for a reason, dammit, and not for scoring like Diego Maradonna either), I at least appreciate how much it brings people together and how we really all do speak football. Looking back on all my entries as I painstakingly moved each one to the new domain and combined the Musings of "My Smelly Shoes" with the old archives of Funnyfishcakes.tk, I realise how much I have blogged about soccer without even really liking the game. And everytime I blogged soccer, it was about a crucial event that was so powerful, that just the shared viewing on the screen brought me so much closer to the people I shared the moment with. Just get this: Funnyfishcakes (counting My Smelly Shoes) is about 3.5 years old, and in that time, I have chalked up entries about:

Sitting with Dad and making fun of players' names.
The OK Corral Pepsi Ad
Euro 2004 - Greece is the Word!
and the many many World Cup 2006 entries including ones about Zidane, Smub Soccer Parties, Shamsul Maidin, etc etc.

But soccer aside, the process of moving everything from one server to another and consolidating the old website with the blog gave me a chance to go over a whole bunch of nostalgia inducing entries. On one hand it's hard to believe I've been blogging voraciously for 3.5 years - has it really been that long? On the other hand looking back on those same entries, I find so much has changed in such a short time. From entries about the post A-levels bumming period and working in retail, to the TFYE experience (lots about that!), to the kinds of songs I quoted, to working with the Dance Ensemble for the first time, to the Henghwa fiasco, to the first Singapore Idol, to Sydney, to Halifax and the folk there, and then coming home.

That's what inspired the idea for the Jamie Cullum themed blog - the line from photograph that kept sounding in my head as I worked my way through reformatting the entries:

"When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life
I see so much magic though I missed it at the time."

For the record, this entry marks the 337th blog entry since February 2003. So, at the risk of looking like one of those sitcoms in which they're too lazy to film another episode and just show clips of old eps, here are some of the things I've written that were most able to jolt those perceptions of magic. Basically, the Funnyfishcakes Greatest Hits.

smile - Happy, content, and generally the kinda mood easy-listening music is for.
sad - Gut-wrenching misery.
confused - Thoughtful ponderings.
big grin - Stuff that is hopefully hilarious. Not because of my writing, but because that's how the situation was.
plain - Dulan, angry or sarcastic stuff that usually just ends up sounding funny.

plain On the Customer from HELL
-- The pilot blog entry that is a classic as far as I'm concerned. Pretty much set the tone for the future of the blog.

sad confusedIn Memory
-- Written for the first friend I've known to pass away before her time. One of her close friends later thanked me for it, and just because it managed to help one person through the difficult time, this suddenly became one of the most meaningful pieces I've ever written.

plain confused Social Retards
-- Potentially my most controversial entry. It looks so silly in retrospect; how much trouble it all caused and on the flipside, how many people it connected me with.

big grin Speak Now, Or Forever Hold Your Pee
-- Just one of the million TFYE blogs. I'm putting this down because it was just typical of the silliness we had. And because its title is the best pun I've ever made... and probably will every make in this lifetime.

confused That's All, Folks
-- A commemorative post for the TFYE people. *sniffle* One of the more Emo moments this blog has had.

big grinbig grinbig grin FEEEEESSH DEEEEPPERRS?!?
-- A true classic, if I do say so myself. And I didn't even have to work for it. Transcribing BenKoh is quite enough.

big grinbig grin "Terrible Terrible"... And Other Stories
-- Jem and Desmond's drunken adventure. Think Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, but more like those two clowns and all their stupid quoteworthy friends at a chalet for 3 days straight driving each other crazier and crazier.

big grin Jay _Chow_??
-- Another typically En Ying entry, this time making fun of poor ABRPs (American-Born Rice People) and bad Chinese translations.

sadsad Two Emails
-- Officially THE SADDEST, ANGSTY-EST thing this blog has ever seen.

smile Precious Moments
-- Just a little one to make myself feel happy.

confused Coz Heart Can be an Ass
-- Because it's true.

big grin Stupid Asians, Never Seen XXX Before.
-- A Sydney blog

smile Strange Canadian Toast
-- Canadian observations.

big grinbig grin Cheap, Sweet Shots
-- The legendary MSN convo with Dage that spawned 29 comments faster that you can say "XXXXX". Or "baboon", for that matter. Obviously a crowd pleaser.

big grin "Sometimes I Wonder What Goes On in That STUPID LITTLE BRAIN"
-- This entry goes down in history as the first a friend's parent has read (Emma's mom) and told her daughter to stop corrupting that "poor innocent girl".

smile *Takes a Huge Breath of Air and Screams*: SSSSNNNOOOOOOWWWW!!!!
-- For gorgeous photos, mostly of me and Emma floundering in snow.

confused The Great Dehydrogenase Reasearch Paper
-- Because by that time I had had it up to my eyes with "Asians can't drink" jokes.

big grin Fire Burn and Cauldron BUBBLE!
-- Because I will never forget Armando, Pasqual, or the bubble.

big grinbig grin Comments on the "KEK is a QIONGster" Fiasco
-- 25 comments, another crowd favourite, it seems.

big grinbig grin Ten Reasons Zizzou Lost His Mind
-- Recent, but I think it qualifies.

big grin H-Um, HUMMM!
-- It was such an important date, and Dage's comments are too good to miss.

big grinbig grinbig grin Click, Bang, What A Hang! Your Daddy Just Shot Poor Me.
-- This entry is here to remind me that best friends will do anything for you.

Other Key Moments, i.e. stuff I'd like to remember but too personal to force upon everyone all over again.

Wah. Why the Hole So Big One? -- The one with Jeffrey Tan and Hamzah and the brazillian wax.

Bay-BEHH, I KOMpared You To A KEESE From A Rozz! -- This entry is only in for its title, really. And its reflection of the whole Singapore Idol fever.

That's the Way We Get By -- The one with my first Mambo night, my first visit to Bert's (and the translucent shirt), and my first R(A) movie (Summer Storm). The first R(A) movie watched legally, anyway. Haha.

Yeah, that's it for now. Going for a nap.

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Friday, 4th August '06

What I've Been Wondering Lately

Another self-indulgent point-form entry that really doesn't link from one point to the next.

1. When I get angry with the dh server people, such as I am now, I take great pleasure in dreaming up ancient-sounding torture methods. Like the plucking out of toenails and sticking it up someone's ass. The server people are insanely, excruciatingly useless. They're actually IGNORING the mails I'm sending them every single day. It's like they have the service and no one runs it.

2. What would the world be like if Bob Marley never shot the sheriff?

3. John Mayer's latest single is rather lame. Seriously, I never thought I'd say this, but "Waiting On the World to Change"? He's been doing too many Live Aid shows.

4. It further disturbs me that I like the Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" more than aforementioned John Mayer song.

5. I qualify as something of a Citation Nazi. Marking Mum's students' papers was frightening. I finished with the first dude (who managed to get every single citation wrong) and launched into a bout of depression. Like, how many XXX school students does it take to write a citation?

6. Here's the Singapore guide to speaking with a German accent, as exemplified in Caberet: wherever you see a "W", substitute with the "V" sound. And every "and" should be pronounced "und". The result is... not very authentic lah. Mark Richmond sounded more Indian than German at times. Fei Xiang, on the other hand, totally kicks ass. Emma Yong has amazing vocals too. Caberet wasn't THAT raunchy leh. Maybe my standards have been skewed. Mel found it horrifying and I was like... um... ok, Nazri's ass crack-bearing yellow overalls were cool... Fine, it's Singapore. Ok, ok. All the acting was pretty on and the quotes rather lingering (Fraulein Schneider's "Please Herr Schultz, you must not bring me any more pineapples!" took the cake), and overall it was nice, just that it wasn't as tight as I would have liked. It was a good show, but the sets were just sad, and the number of maskin tape set markers on the floor was awfully distracting. I think all the money went into Fei Xiang's pocket.

7. How do we expect our country to vote a good government in if we can't even vote properly for Singapore Idol? Baby steps, I say. First, we have to learn to stop kicking out the capable people and leaving in cutesy people who can't sing. Last night's results show was a fiasco, the bottom four were unquestionably the four best singers left.

8. Two Morton's Happy Hours in a week may be a bit much, but those steak sandwiches are awesome. It pays to grin goofily and hopefully charmingly at the waiter, and sound devastated that you can only take one at a time. He may actually bring you those forbidden seconds. That's possibly the best thing I learnt in Canada, you CAN actually do things you're not allowed to if you ask permission and smile a lot. It's not always transferable to Singapore, but once in a while it is.

9. I'm feeling quite smug about not being the Law IV SM right now. Poor Charmaine Lim, I would have loved working with her but the stress isn't quite worth it. And the dance rehearsals for the musical are pretty funny too. I really hope David (Yeo) doesn't drop Khadijah - the poor girl is terrified enough already.

10. I thought I saw the worst alcohol allergies in Kiat and my Dad (who's red after one bowl of XO fish noodles), but Charmaine Seah takes the cake. I thought she was joking when she said her heart was beating very fast midway through the noodles. She was eating XO fish noodles without the XO, so there was only maybe a splash of chinese wine. But by the end of it she was closer to purplish-red than normal skin colour.

Me: And I thought I had bad face flushing reactions.
Mel: Yes, but do you PASS OUT? *looks pointedly at Char*
Me: *looks pointedly at Char* You PASS OUT?
Char: Yeah.

... rehearsal about to start...

Mel: Char, can you show them the steps?
Char: *characteristic squawk* No! I'm drunk!

I am reminded of my Halifax alcohol shock, but this time in reverse. I think it was maybe a month or so ago Soenke told me I could tell my friends I know a German who drank 8 litres of beer in a single day (no prizes for guessing who, and it was probably a World Cup induced moment of madness), and at that point of time I just shrugged it off as another example of my decadent exchange friends. Charmaine put things back in my little Asian perspective, I guess. Haha. One needs to remember that this is the place where Limin qualifies as alcoholic, and my father warns me not to hang out with Jem Chan.

11. Freddy reached KL! Spoke to Susann yesterday, so that was nice. She's such a silly goat smile, he called her and she cried. So cute right. I don't think could ever be like that. I mean, Freddy's only going to be doing the Malaysia (Truly Asia!) thing for two months. It's ok, when he gets here I'll make sure the scary Asian people don't eat him. *sigh*

12. It appears to be a time for catching up with the Halifax crew. Emma went for a Jason Mraz concert! If that's not enough, she ended up drinking in Ian Sheridan's (bassist, was it?) room, but not, of course, before the whole squeal and take photos with Mr A-Z shebang. She now wants to quit law school to become a groupie. See none of this ever happens where I come from. Maybe I do not have hot enough girl friends that will get randomly invited backstage.

13. Since I'm on an exchange roll, my exchange buddy in NUS this sem's a Dutch-Indian guy (as in he's racially Indian but born in the Netherlands) from Erasmus U called Pravin. I've only MSNed him a bit, but he's pretty independent and travelly seeming, so that's cool. I suppose most European guys are. He's already been to Zouk for Mambo, which amuses the heck out of me. What also amuses me is that someone in the Law School International Relations Comm thought he was a girl and told me so. I hope my intro mail didn't sound too female-oriented. At least I didn't offer to bring him bra shopping or anything like that.

14. On a note that flows from 12, I have been gripped by the idea that Wenyuan should quit medical school and become the lead electric guitarist in some rock band. (This after Tzo so happily informed me that WY's cousin dropped his Fender on the floor, JUST to watch me reel in shock. Am I so predictable?) So when I voiced this thought to the girls at New York New York (Gerri, Zhihui, Tian' Ai and Tzo, who brought along the long-suffering WY), no one really reacted. Until I added in the REASON why I thought WY should be in a band: So Tzo can be a groupie! Now just tell me that isn't the most fantastic idea I've ever come up with.

The best part was really watching Tzo splutter. wink And go "what the hell? I don't want to be a groupie! Can you see me as a groupie? He doesn't want me as a groupie! *turns round* DO YOU?" And the REAL kicker was the look on WY's face that betrayed just the slightest hint of crestfallenness. I tell you, he really did want her to. I swear. smile

Yeah. That's all I got. Ciao.

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