Tuesday, 28th September '04


Bec dear, WHERE do you get these quizes from?

Oh and lookie, everyone, ain't I an adorable kitty-cat. For some reason, I'm being reminded of this T-shirt Weiyi has that says: "Super Pussy". sleepy

If you were a cat!
Name / Username
Your age would be: 7 years
You would look like:
This fun quiz by schmeanna - Taken 51403 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

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Friday, 24th September '04

I'm Like The Back Of A Bus. Too Many Ads On It.

Will take a break from Property Law assignment to go on a mad advertising spree:

presented by the NUS DANCE ENSEMBLE

The NUS Dance Ensemble has earned a reputation for its impressive versatitlity, as evidence by its diverse repertoire consisting of ethnic, contemporary, jazz, ballet, hip hop and salsa numbers. Through its twelve years, the Ensemble has mesmerized, evoked, and inspired audiences with its creativity, passion and raw talent. The Next Wave 2004 promises to deliver all that... and more.

Be treated to fresh works by Zaini Mohammad Tahir, founder and resident choreographer of the NUS Dance Ensemble and Shabirul Zaki Ahmad, Ensemble alumni and sought after local choreographer. In addition, The Next Wave 2004 features dynamic new pieces by four highly established guest choreographers. Experience the magic of Jeffrey Tan, resident choreographer, assistant ballat master and former principle dancer of the Singapore Dance Theatre, Ryan Tan, co-founder of the highly successful local dance studio, Studio Wu, Albert Tang, formerly from the prestigious Cloud Gate of Taiwan, and Xu Jie, a talented young dancer from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. With its eclectic mix of our NUS and guest choreographers, The Next Wave 2004 is a spectacular display not to be missed.

Date: Fri & Sat, 24th & 25th September 2004
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre, the Hall
Tickets: $12, $15, $18 Available at all TicketCharge outlets

Ave's Latest Gig also deserves publicity:

doubleyellowline: basic theory
16th october, plaza@republic polytechnic

doubleyellowline2004, first took place at The Substation's Guinness Theatre on Sunday, 15th August 2004, produced by local musicians FOR local musicians. The name "doubleyellowline" connotes the No Parking rule, which metaphorically is the message the organizers want to express to the performers and the audience - the notion of not stagnating, of always moving forward in the pursuit of musical excellence. doubleyellowline embodies the spirit of determination and initiative. The show, with bands playing everything from emo to punk to alternative, reaches out to the music-loving populace - the young and the young at heart.

And Jeffrey's latest show barely needs introduction, so yeah:

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Wednesday, 22nd September '04

Property Law Is Boring Me... Hence We Have...

A barrage of silly quizes. Everything I could find, really.

Did I ever tell you I was good or what?

How Love-Smart are you?
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Now you see what's taking so long?

You are the most important person in his life. He would do anything to see you smile. Actually, he would be the PERFECT boyfriend. Always getting lost in your eyes, always treating you
You are the most important person in his life. He
would do anything to see you smile. Actually,
he would be the PERFECT boyfriend. Always
getting lost in your eyes, always treating you
like a princes and always saying a joke to make
you laugh your head off while he smiles at your
hysteric laughter. Yup, he is the person you
were destined to fall in love with.

What kind of boyfriend would you have?(with pics and obviously for girls^^)
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I don't see how this works:

You're a plain white silky bra with a little bow in
the middle, you don't like to take chances and
play it too safe.

What type of bra are you?
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At least I'm healthy:

Virgin to many things you are. Just get drunk and have sex dammit. And not with yourself anymore . . . .
Congratulations!! You're a glass of water!! . .. um

What Drink Are You?
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Aren't they supposed to be the best kind?


What kind of lover do u REALLY want?
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Umm, ok:

The Amazing Love Tester!
Test Results for en ying
>>> WARM <<<
Now you're talkin!

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Summer breeze... makes me fine fine... blowing through the jasmine in my miiiiiiinnnnddddd...

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like the energizer bunny. lol. But your
probably really athletic and even if you're
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your energy. You're enthusiastic about
everything you do and find it hard not to be
happy. You're usually pretty optimistic but can
be realistic when needed. You always hope for
the best to turn out and many times they do.
Sometimes though, you let your temper get the
best of you but you apologize as soon as you
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you. You're friends love how active you are and
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Don't think that I'll actually try this any time soon:

Your anime hair color is white.

What is your anime hair color?
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I knew it. Ariel wasn't supposed to be wearing those bimbotic shells:

ex 12
You're a mermaid. The stereotypical mermaid had a
long, fish-like tail that blended with the
human torso at the hips and almost white skin
with red hair or some off color like green or
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They were mostly harmless and peacefull and
they were content to simply sit on the beach
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friends. They never wore clothes and were
always women. They were sweet and a little
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This was exactly what I feared. Bert should take this one:

You are Beast!

You are brilliant and extremely clever. You can
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You are Betty Grable!
You're Betty Grable!

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I actually own one of these:

You're an Etch-a-Sketch!! You're the creative,
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What Is Your Animal Personality?

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One more time... WHO?

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Wah. Why The Hole So Big One?

Back from the first run in the UCC Hall. Things are getting all exciting again, with all our props finally coming together (just that Jeffrey's not too happy with the set design of the cargo net because he and all of us expected far smaller holes. And shh, don't anyone tell him we're slowly but surely breaking SDT's expensive suitcases).

I love the set designs and lighting, I do! Zaki's bunk bed... Ryan's bench and lampost... nice nice nice. But I should really stop giving the game away. And it was so great to finally get onto the big stage, where suddenly I don't have to hop over stray suitcases because there's no other space to run on, and I won't end up kicking various other dancers due to sheer lack of room. The challenge is to project and emote enough to fill up the Hall. Quite a daunting task... it's huge.

So there we were... some watching the bump in blocking runs... some doing the blocking runs... some (ok, me) trying to do homework and failing miserably... and most watching Jeffrey go nuts. It was quite a sight lah... he was going a little mad, and within the course of one night managed to pull off an enthusiastic Gene Kelly impersonation in his Converse sneakers (prompting Ori to go "Ok, ok Jeffrey, next time we buy you taps, alright?"), an almost unrecognisable parody of Xu Jie's item (and looked around sheepishly when he noticed the whole theatre was staring at him), and then a totally unprovoked imitation of Zaini's piano player. Which left Cici, Jianyin and Flea and, I'm sure, plenty of other girls gushing and melting in their seats. Poor guy doesn't seem to know how many eyes follow his every move. Or how he set ol' Hamzah's heart a-fluttering when he said hi. But Sarah and I are sure he hates us anyways - at least he's given up on our dancing. Bleugh.

But speaking of Hamzah... (and this really was the highlight of the day) only three words come to mind: FULL BODY WAX. Wow. It was SO hilarious and just SO cute because he was SO SO SO proud of himself. See, the story goes like this: Hamzah's friend decided to treat him to a full body wax at some salon and after four hours, Hamzah looked fairer and smoother than silk - and is now pleased as punch that he can hold his own amidst the "hairless Chinese DE boys". I mean, if it was anyone but Hamzah I'd be disgusted, but just because it's him it's actually funny and endearing! He was going around showing off his hairless chest / armpits / shins and then in front of Sarah and I at Olio Dome, proceeded to hike up his tiny white tights to reveal a butt cheek as smooth as a baby's alongside a peacock blue thong. I suppose the "hairless Chinese DE boys" weren't too amused, and neither will the other heterosexual guys I know be after reading this. But taking it all with an open mind, I could see how happy it made him and it made all of us happy for him too. Simple pleasures, yeah? So what if it cost 300 bucks? Watching him re-enact the pain of having his arm and leg stripped simultaneously was rib-tickling too. Poor dude is still red and raw in odd spots. And now I'm running out of synonyms for "funny".

I guess I was also quite impressed by Hamzah's confidence and the fact that he was so comfortable about his gayness. It was refreshing to meet one who wasn't trying to hide it, wasn't trying to hit on every other male around, and wasn't acting grumpy or temperamental just because it seemed like an 'in' thing for gays to do. I may be being a bit post-modernist here, but people should all just relax about the homosexual thing for a bit. If a guy's gay, he's gay, if not, he's not. No point being a closet homosexual, or even a closet heterosexual (believe me, they exist), and certainly no point being a homophobe.

And so there we were sitting and trying to think up a post-production present for Jeffrey and apart from lava lamps and legwarmers, someone suggested we wrap up Daniel (senior dancer who's apparently quite in demand - from both sexes) and send him over for a night. But we've since settled on sending him the freshly waxed Hamzah. satisfied

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Monday, 20th September '04


seth and ryan in the beach promo series of pictures, photo courtesy of (or rather, koped from) 'the pool house'.The funniest things on the official O.C. blog are gone. ARGH. Why? Apparently blogger-in-chief Buzz Rodell was packing up to escape hurricane Ivan and this was the result. Pah.

No one else knows what I'm talking about and no one will until the action figures go back up. Bleugh. You know those cut-out-the-clothes-and-pin-them-to-a-paper-doll toys we used to have as kids... Rodell came up with this whole collection that was growing to include every character in the show. Obviously more discerning readers (such as I was) didn't actually cut out the things (but goodness knows what Rodell himself did with them) but they were hilarious parodies of the characters.

AND NOW THEY'RE GONE. *cue crescendo of mournful violin music*

Other updates of life so far... I've succeeded in doing about a third of my company assigment and am about to start reading the property question. Argh. Am so sick of doing work. Wasn't this week supposed to be a HOLIDAY? And I'm hungry, but I won't complain because Mum's gone to see a doctor and I'm waiting for her to come home for dinner. At least Uncle James and Mum get along.wink

Oh! And we got our Next Wave costume back from Anthony the designer at last! One wonderful thing about dancing for a group that prides itself on being "akin to a professional dance company" is that they're so not shy about spending money. So we've got a costume designer guy who's been coming down every Sunday and more for the past two months, and bustles around handling ALL the costume worries. He's got all his pro-looking drawings, and knows which piece belongs to each dancer, and he goes around fitting everyone individually. Everything that doesn't fit he'll collect back and made changes and fit them all again. Mind you, the whole costume is themed and properly designed... down to each accessory. And when he's found that a bunch of tailored accessories don't work - just toss them and start again. Amazing change from sewing bits of cloth to other bits of cloth and hoping that everything doesn't fall apart like we used to do in RJ.

Other evidence of money spending? A $150 piece of white tarpaulin, which we're going to mess up with brown and black shoe polish anyway. Now THAT is extravagence I can't quite agree with.

Tomorrow we move into the UCC to do blocking on the real stage. I don't think I've ever really properly seen the inside of the large 1000 seater Hall, or performed to such a huge audience. Not that the audience will notice me anyways confused. Such is the life of a "calafaire" dancer. hehe

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Saturday, 18th September '04

Lord Denning Rending Veils

I was flipping through this Company Law casebook that I dug out of the Law-brary today (YEAH! I FOUND A CASEBOOOOKKKK!!! WOO!!) and I saw this sub-chapter entitled "Lord Denning Rending Veils" and I found it so irresistably funny I started snorting to myself on the very silent Internal Shuttle Bus B. It's cute what... it's supposed to be about that "piercing the veil of incorporation" business that all the courts are so conservative about... and here comes my hero Lord Denning who bursts onto the scene with DHN and all his other cases and starts ripping them to bits... heeheehee... I just have this mental image of a cartoon judge sitting amidst organza-materialed veils and furiously tearing away, his arms in a blur and and all that... heeheehee. blush


Anyways, that's how I know I've been putting too obsessed with work recently (and that the company assignment is really getting to me). But then again, it's still not enough time spent mugging, overall. Blast it.

Yup, that's it for now, just a short one today, since my forearms are aching. Not because of Jeffrey's rehearsal, but because I think I slept on them last night. And, man, I hope Ryan's dancers aren't still practising. Poor things.

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Wednesday, 15th September '04

One For The Money And The, Free Rides.

The following is a product of a slightly deranged mind, driven round the brink of sanity by the cumulative effect of
(a) the sudden resurgence of an annoying, 37.5 degree will-not-go-away fever
(b) the agony of copying / formatting / skimming through 36 pages worth of statutory provisions from the Singapore Companies Act and 10 pages worth of recommendations from the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance
(c) the fact that in the absence of my darling little Laptop, my spawn-of-the-Devil Desktop is determined to make my life a living hell Ė i.e. it has shut down 5 times in the course of typing the few words above
(d) the stress of the impending Affidavit of Evidence in Chief / Principles of Property Law Assignment / Company Law Assignment that
it has hanging over its head.

See? Even my blogging reads suspiciously like Parliamentary legislation. Long-winded, rambly and useless to the average citizen.

But anyhow, since Iíve clogged my mind with so much legalese and hopefully a little real information, I might as well vent some of the resultant pent-up frustration on the hapless little boyband, Blue. Oh and Babs, I hate to tell you this, but theyíre finally coming to our SARS-free Singapore.

Ok, make that 6 times Ė that the computer has shutdown spontaneously, that is. To steal a word coined for the upcoming Martyr limited edition villain poster, FISHY FISHCAKES.

So here I go, pulling a little Seth Cohen - i.e. being geeky and sarcastic.

All Rise

Yo, yo,
Yo, yo.

[Um, yes, why did we ever bother starting our submissions with ďMay it please the courtÖĒ It appears that court might actually prefer a more succinct approach. Or maybe this isnít a mooting trial, and things go differently in an advocacy hearing. I wouldnít know enough yet.]

Your honour please, gotta believe what I say.
[Iím not sure the advocate in question has trained his witness properly. In fact, Iím not sure witnesses even speak directly to the judge.]
What I will tell, happened just the other day.

I must confess, 'cause I've had about enough. I need your help, gotta make this here thing stop.
[Ah. The equitable remedy of an injunction.]

Baby I swear I'll tell the truth, about all the things you used to do.
[Nonono, DONíT address opposing counselís witness.]
And if you thought you had me fooled, I'm telling you, objection overruled.
[I canít remember the actual name for the relevant objectionÖ thought I sure I saw it on the Practice at some point. Still, Iím very sure witness is stepping way out of line.]

Here we go, oh baby.
[I put it to you, witness, that you are mentally unfit to give testimony.]

One for the money and the, free rides,
[Claiming damages in the form of reliance interests, I think. But I canít identify a clear contract. Perhaps if Plaintiff and Defendant had been married we might have something to talk about.]
It's two for the lie that you, denied,

All rise, All rise.
[Now Iím sure thatís a job for the bailiff.]

Three for the calls that you've, been making,
[Harassment. Sorry man, we have that common law tort in Singapore since Malcomson & Anor v. Naresh Kumar Mehta. Your country, on the other hand, has gotten stuck on the subject since Khorasandjian v. Bush, so youíd better hope you have the right locus standi to be making this claim.]
It's four all the times you've been faking,
[More misrepresentation?]

All rise, All rise.
[Shut up already.]

I'm gonna tell it to your face, I rest my case.
[But butÖ youíve only laid out your claimÖ you havenít adduced any evidence!! By the way, is this witness also his own advocate?]

You're on the stand, with your back against the wall,
Nowhere to run, and nobody you can call.

[What do you think this is, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?]

I just can't wait, now the case is open wide,
[I take it both Plaintiff and Defendant have opened their cases]
You'll try to pray, but the jury will decide.
[Does UK still have jury trials? I canít remember. And donít you have to close your case before any decisions are made? Civil procedure and all that. This isnít no voir dire.]

So step back, 'cause you don't know this cat.
I know deep down that, you don't want me to react.
I'll lay low, leaving all my options open,
The decision of the jury has not been spoken.

[Ooh, suspense, sia!]

Step in my house, you find that your stuff has gone, but in reality,
[Substance, not form? I don't understand this case, so I'm grabbing at straws here.]
to whom does the stuff belong?
[I worry for this witness. Here heís claiming damages AND an equitable remedy, but Iím not sure his actions have been entirely conscionable. Heís probably saying he gave stuff to his live-in girlfriend, and now heís taking it all back. Could fall under the definition of theft / conversion unless heís her landlord and has applied for an action in distress for unpaid rent. Which is not very likely.]
I bring you into court, to preach my order,
[Hoping this is going to be a ground-breaking case, I see. For Plaintiffís sake I hope Lord Denning is sitting in on this one.]
Any you know that you overstepped the border.
[Last minute he tries to work in physical trespass. Not going to sit very well with the court, I can tell you.]

What you say, games you play, what you've done, when you're gone.
[Oh man, this action is SO going to be dismissed with costs.]

One for the money and the, free rides,
It's two for the lie that you, denied.
All rise, All rise.
Three for the calls that you've, been making.
It's four all the times you've been faking.
All rise, All rise.
I rest my case.

[Yeah, whatever.]

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Thursday, 2nd September '04

A Woman Who Would Steal Your Love When Your Love Was All You Had Wasn't Much Of A Woman.

So sometime in the course of my busy life I found time to watch (a bootleg DVD of) "Secret Window". So shoot me, please, for violating my New Year's Resolutions less than a month into the "New Year".

But here I am to do what Limin calls one of my "random reviews". I guess I review because I can't find a better way to release my creative energies when I don't have very much time to indulge in anything very creative myself. Oh, who am I kidding, I review because my insecure psyche and inherent critical nature needs an outlet to relieve itself. No, seriously lah (and I mean it this time), it's probably a combination of both the above, and then the desire to get write something and get my thoughts on a specific subject published somewhere. Maybe it's also because my dream job is what Jason Hahn (yes, him of 8days-Saffy-and-Amanda fame) currently has. Lawyer cum food reviewer cum comedic comment column (oh help, the alliteration is killing me) cum co-habitant of a house with two beautiful members of the opposite sex - which may not, from the sound of the comedic comment column, be as enticing as that phrase sounds.

Now, after that little bout of self-indulgence, where was I?

Yes, "Secret Window". An adaptation of a Stephen King novella better known to fans as "Secret Window, Secret Garden". And no, I'm not going to give you the story (who wants to be a spoiler?). I'm sure the synopsis is readily available somewhere on the world wide web, and frankly, it doesn't hold much of a twist in the ending. In fact, geez, I have never spotted a twist as quickly in my life - and I wasn't even looking for one.

But still, the following is designed for people who have seen the show already. Which means it was written for a grand total of... Qionghui. confused Haha.

I began with that title up there because I think it was the singular best written line in the whole movie / book (I know my review is going to get all tangled up between the two soon enough, so I might as well start now). Don't ask me why, though, it just rings so nicely and makes you believe its rather ridiculous message. It's a line that reflects perverse pyschotic logic... the kind that frightens you and causes you to sit up and empathize with the guy all the same. And while I'm into this talking to myself business (very in the vein of the movie I'm talking about, yeah?) I've just realised that I've explained why anyway.

So in terms of the plot, you know I think it isn't much. A very typical horror story, and very very VERY classically Steven King. It's like somewhere in the middle of "The Shining" (and the Smubs will recall with fear and dread - thought perhaps not in the way King intended - a night at Gnet's old place at the mercy of that woeful mini-series) and "Apt Pupil" (which was actually a good novella and, if Tzo's right, a good film too) King ran out of scary ideas, hybridised them with a little classic schizophrenia, and created Mort Rainey and John Shooter.

I don't know much about David Koepp and his directing prowess, but he directs (and I realised this at sometime through one of those behind the scenes DVD features) LIKE ME. I can't say that's necessarily a good or bad thing plain, but that just makes me all the more atuned to the strengths and weaknesses of his work.

In essence, his direction is microscopically innovative, experimental and exciting. Technically, the small scenes do their work. Especially the opening and closing scenes of the movie - the motel and the corn bits. They're sharp, leave a strong impression and create all the feelings of suspense and wonder you'd want from a movie of this genre.

However, the macro-management of the film as a whole fell to pieces. This movie was directed like that of a novice let loose in Hollywood with too much money and too many toys (i.e. what I would probably have done with Martyr if I had it all my way). Despite the merit of the individual scenes, the overall plot was left rather as a coincidence of all the fun he had with his little scenes. At times there were too many special effects (the dream sequences, the cracking house) were arbitrarily thrust into major spots, obscuring the more subtle, but highly symbolic imagery (the literal journey through the looking glass, the smashing of the mirror) that Koepp had the wisdom to include. At others, grossly overdone horror-genre gimmicks reared their ugly heads, the most glaring of which was when the word "SHOOTER" started to appear all over Mort's little cabin in the woods. Can someone say "REDRUM"? (You'd have to have seen "The Shining" to know what I mean.)

And then Koepp's decision to cut his original ending... where the camera pans beneath the corn field to show two rotting bodies - he found it too "tales from the crypt" and thought it was out of sync with the subtle, implied nature of the film in total. The one time he thinks about the macro-aspect, he gets it wrong. If there was ONE scene from the film that might make me not want to sleep that night, watching that scene in the director's cut was it. It was nasty, it was grim, it was one of those things that seared itself onto one's minds eye. It was good.

But don't let all that distract you from the brilliance of some of the shots... again, the motel scene was magic, and the various Morts talking to themselves were cleverly engineered. It's just that the finished product lacked a clear directorial vision, and if it wasn't for the experience of Johnny Depp and John Turturro in the leads and in particular Depp's vision for his character, this movie might have joined the Re:pro halls of fame.

And on that point, Johnny rocked the house. I loved the character and image development, the tiniest habits and nuances he gave Mort Rainey and the final shockingly well-performed character switch. He made it look effortless, and he made me invest in Mort - something really hard to do, given the rather insipid nature of that character. Watch the film for Depp, if nothing else at all. And that motel scene, of course.

As usual, now, I've said everything I wanted to, and don't know how to end it all. Argh. En Ying, out.

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