Friday, 29th September '06


Preliminary note to self: I HATE blogging in Chinese in Greymatter. Everytime I try to edit the stuff it changes the characters to silly gibberish that looks like "AMPFSHK#|AMP%347&H" repeated ad infinitum. And I thought typing in pinyin was pain enough. And THEN, I will never blog David Tao stuff again because the bloody word "喆" does not exist in my computer's hanyu pinyin drop-down menu, and upon blogging, it sometimes ends up looking like David Tao = 陶吉吉. Tao Ji Ji, wtf. What's more, "喆" won't FORMAT - see below for how it mysteriously eluded my bolding and italic-ing. angry, grr

Well, I'm in one of my rare cheena-fied moods, so this is one of those Hokkien songs that sticks in my head. I heard again it a couple of days ago on "Singapore Dreaming" - in fact it was the recurring theme - and by sheer En Ying-ness, I just had to revisit it.

Hah. I jumped with glee when the opening strains of it came on the movie and Limin thought I was mad when I said I loved the song.

In anycase, here's the adapted David Tao version. Must happier than the original, I have to say. And the harmonies are pretty heartmelting. I don't care if it sounds like a boyband sang it, I like that he gave it his own spin and modernised (read: R&B-fied) it.

-- 陶喆

獨夜無伴守燈下 清風對面吹
十七八歲未出嫁 想著少年家
果然標緻面肉白 誰家人子弟
想未問伊驚壞勢 心內彈琵琶

誰說女人心難猜 欠個人來愛
花開當折直需摘 青春最可愛
自己買花自己戴 愛恨多自在
只為人生不重來 何不放開懷

誰說女人心難猜 欠個人來愛
花開當折直需摘 青春最可愛

And here's the original, please let me know if you have a copy of it.

獨夜無伴守燈下 清風對面吹
十七八歲未出嫁 看著少年家
果然漂緻面肉白 誰家人子弟
想要問伊是驚歹勢 心內彈琵琶

想要郎君做尪婿 意愛在心內
等待何時君來採 青春花當開
聽見外面有人來 開門甲看覓
月娘笑阮是憨大呆 乎風騙不知

想要郎君做尪婿 意愛在心內
等待何時君來採 青春花當開
聽見外面有人來 開門甲看覓
月娘笑阮是憨大呆 乎風騙不知

Right. Must go to sleep. Big assignment day tomorrow.

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Thursday, 28th September '06

Family Matters

My penchant for boys who behave a little bit like clowns may stem from my father. Weiling used to say she always saw me going for some guy entirely like my dad (don't all girls?), and in a way I see what she means.

Anyways, Dad is hilarious.

Yesterday he went for a bike ride - finally putting those $500 dollar bikes we bought in 1993 to some use beyond me riding around the void decks. In doing so he wore these gosh-awful khaki bermudas. Take a pair of khaki office pants, nothing particularly cool or slick about them, and cut them off at the knee. Wear a typical plain brown belt with gold buckle that any middle-aged uncle would wear, and then couple that getup with a striped T-shirt, long black socks that cover the calf (office socks, not soccer socks), and white battered Asics shoes. With my daddy's signature bald head and specs.

What I love about Dad is that kinda cool he has by being so absolutely uncool. Someone once told me (I think it was Swedish David) that there are cool people, and then there are people who know they're not cool and don't even try to be cool - and that's cool. He was refering to Ben Scheider I think, but it applies to Dad anyway. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that that get up was as orbid as they come, but Dad was quite happy to parade it around for the viewing pleasure of all and sundry, even in spite of my merciless jibes.

So he comes back from his bike ride:

Me: My gawd, Dad, you look like a colonial policeman!
Dad: What colonial policeman? [quickly picks up on the joke and laughs]
Me: All you need is the stupid hat. What the hell are you thinking, walking around like that?

A few more jibes later:

Dad: Aiyah, not nice meh? I thought I looked like Irwin.
Me: Irwin who the heck is Ir... DAD! Irwin?! The CROCODILE HUNTER, Steve Irwin?!
Dad: Yeah, Steve Irwin.
Me: C'mon Daddy, you look more like Steve Urkel.

*Pengz* sleepy

In case you can't put your on finger on who Steve Urkel is, click the link above. smile

And if that wasn't enough. He proceeds to wear that abomination to Ah Ma's house for dinner, and then all the way out to Nanyang Poly to fetch Ma home from work. Incidentally, Mum agrees about the colonial policeman / Steve Urkel likeness. rolls eyes

I am, however, unable to stop him from walking out of the car at the petrol kiosk.


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Monday, 25th September '06

The Results Show

Alright, more Singapore Idol blogging in (kind of) real time. I have to say that Mediacorp is doing pretty well about creating a fun concert party, and the finalists are singing quite happily. Anyways, here are my reactions:

- Ooh, it's started. Ooh, Hiang Ko has made banana muffins. Ooh, banana muffins good! Ooh, recap of last night's show; looks like both boys did ok. I still stand by the fact that Hady totally kicked the Wings song, and now I cannot imagine anyone else doing it. Jon might win but Hady deserves to sing that song as his first single.

- Taufik's back! Man, he's singing that silly "I Dream" song from last year's final. Taufik is too cool for that song, but he's still doing pretty well with it. Such a shame he has faded into relative oblivion.

- The other idol finalists join him. Paul Twohill is wearing something incomprehensible. Everyone is in white, it looks like a small host of funky, jiving angels on stage.

- Everyone disappears and there's a costume change. The other finalists (sans Hady and Jon) come out to sing exerpts of songs. Norman sings "Angel" by Sarah McLaughlin, and it's nice but otherwise unremarkable. I decide to stop giving the idols grief. It's supposed to all be in fun now.

- Gayle sings Rihanna's "Unfaithful". Flashes of Roz and Bryan's steps run through my mind. I shudder and try to get out of post-production syndrome. It's so funny, but the song is such a great song. Great lyrics, good tune - but NO ONE has done the song justice. Not Rihanna and certainly not Gayle, though both made very credible efforts. I'm waiting for someone to remake the song and do it justice. Maybe Sandi Thom, I don't know.

- Jay comes out singing something. I like him.

- Paul Twohill has pleasantly surprising stage presence. I couldn't hear a word of what he was hollering into the mic, but he looked like he was having a good time and I really enjoyed his performance anyway.

- Emily sings some song (I can't remember exactly what). A posse of four energetic bouncing dancers come onstage. They're dressed in police suits, much in the fashion of the Village People or male strippers. I am vaguely amused, until I see that 3 of the dancers are NAZRI, GLEN AND SHAUN! Hurhurhur. I immediately switch off from watching the idols and watch the dancers. Glen and Shaun are wearing such megawatt grins I can't help laughing. It's cute, but it's also a bit unnerving. Haha, I'd adopt Glen as my little brother anyday, he's quite adorable to watch onstage when acting happy. Mum comments that the dancers look "elderly" - I'm like, Ma, Glen's younger than I am. Shaun's not that much older. Ok, Nazri is beyond my time.

- Nurul sings something, but I'm no longer listening to the singing anymore. 4 female dancers pop onstage at a similar jackrabbit-on-speed energy level. I think I spot Andrea, maybe Sab. The cameras don't give the girls as much screen time as the boys, so it's hard to tell. What is not hard to tell is that Zaki has happily recycled Sexyback dance steps for Singapore Idol. Who cares, no one but Ensemble people can tell the difference anyway.

- Mathilda sings something and the four excited policemen come on again. Watching those boys makes my day lah. But nothing could distract from the impossibly tight dress she's wearing - for goodness sakes, you could see her wobbling belly even in the pan out camera angles. I like her singing a lot, I hate the person who dresses her. My whole extended family, aunties and all, are horrified by said wobbling belly.

- Jasmine comes on and I'm quite touched by the improvement she's made.

- Throughout the show, Gurmit keeps asking Jon and Hady how they feel, what's going through their minds. Jon gives textbook answers about thanking the fans. Hady does similar, but with slightly less contrived language. I'm getting mightily annoyed with Gurmit. It's the same show, how many times do you want them to answer the same question?

- Electrico sings some of their nonsense pop/rock excuses for music. Jon and Hady come into the fray and despite their valient efforts, the whole thing remains a bit bland.

- Tanya Chua comes on to sing "Wake Me Up When September Ends" with Jon and Hady. Jon sounds pretty good here, Hady sounds not bad either. The way Tanya Chua sings the song, Billy Joe Armstrong should come and smack a guitar over her head. Such sacrilege to a nice song. Overall it's ok, but if they had left Tanya alone... *shakes head*.

- Energy comes on to sing some hopelessly bad Chinese boyband thing. From left to right I mercilessly rename them: "Boring Dude in Polka Dots", "Red Shirt Ugly Mole Man" and "The Other One". Their vocals make Joaquim Gomez sound like Josh Groban. They procede to have Jon and Hady sing "Stand By Me" with them, I start to sense a pattern: invite cannot-make-it celebs to sing stuff and introduce Jon and Hady in midway so that the two boys with real skills can try to save the show. Really, all the guest acts (except Taufik) would have been horribly uninteresting if not for Hady and Jon. However, not even our two prize boys could save Energy from doom.

- Hello Taufik again! Some boring song written by Ken Lim. I give up and start blogging. It's really a waste of Taufik's talent to be singing mediocre fluff like that.

- Time for results. Gurmit teases us for a pleasantly short duration, but not before asking the poor boys what's going through their minds. Same thanking fans crap is uttered by both, though I appreciate that they sincerely feel that way. I just wished they'd really tell us what's going through their minds.


Finally, justice is served. I am satisfied. Can't wait for the Wings single to be released.

Back to Conflicts.

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Busy weekend, but a lot of fun. Finally managed to get some work out of the way, and clean up my IP and Evidence notes by Friday evening, before taking Lukas and Kati out to dinner at Newton. Kai ordered half the hawker centre (from satay to orh luak), and we endeavoured to freak the Germans out with sting ray and "hum". Turns out Lukas loved the sting ray and "hum", so no go there.

It was really good to meet them, especially after hearing about her quite a bit, and not seeing him for ages. It's surreal having people from your other life back suddenly mixing in with your crowd of friends. Same thing when Zen came. But I love that both my local and foreign friends are talkative social sorts. Just I broke out the Limin on Mike when he came and now Lukas and Kati and she'll do the whole hospitality shindig on them. We would've brought them to Wala's but the queue wasn't moving and Kati got sick, so we had to give EIC a miss.

Saturday morning I woke up a bit late but managed to meet Vincent for "Miami Vice" just in the nick of time. Another guy I haven't properly met in ages! The movie was a bit of a bum job though... good cast but lack lustre performance by them, clichéd directing and scripting and everything else. I am also very indignant that I got carded at an NC-16 movie. What the heck, do I look younger than 16 years old to you?! I made sure I showed the woman my DRIVER'S LICENCE, not even my I/C.

*blows a loud raspberry*

Wah, and I'm sorry lah. What was supposed to be a steamy romance between Colin Farrel and Gong Li fell completely flat. I'm sorry man, where there's no heat, there's no heat. It was just awkward and for that reason alone I'm glad they spared the under-16 kids the trauma. I mean, they do more tasteful sex scenes on Entourage (which incidentally has got me hooked, gratuitous nudity and bad language notwithstanding)!

Everyone should go and watch "the Banquet" for tastefully done stuff of that genre, though. I loved the script for "the Banquet" and my Chinese isn't even that great. It was so full of quotable quotes and subtext. My favourite two lines were “心悦君兮君不知“ and “皇上可不可以放过太子的命 / 皇后可不可以放过皇上的手" - lines that are just so short and simple but carry paragraphs of other implications behind them.

Anyhow, after "Miami Vice" Limin and I took the Germans for a Chinatown tour, and then to the Raffles Hotel for grossly overpriced Slings. And during the course of the day we finally freaked Lukas out with the idea of eating fish eyes. Upon which he said I should probably change my blog address to - I'll consider.

Sunday. I figured I'd better rest the injury properly no so tech class for me today. Was also time for a good family day - hadn't had a day without Zaki / vetting in 2 months! Singapore Idol finals also ran in the night, and I'm convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Hady deserves to be the Singapore Idol. I could see no objective way Jon did better. Hady kicked ass with every single one of his songs. He picked smart, challenging choices that allowed him to come across with energy and class. Jon did well too, but he's severely limited by his vocal range and lack of understanding of musical genres other than rock. The problem is that that's all my own opinion, which we all know is a little too sophisticated for the average Singaporean music listener. So Limin's right that at the end of the day Jon's far more marketable (for racial demographic reasons, local musical sophistication reasons etc) so he's almost certainly going to win the votes. But I just had to state for the record that Hady clearly knew music and how to work the stage so much better - he's just done in by factors he can't control, like the fact that the Malay market is much smaller, that no Singaporean could understand how hard it is to pull off Chaka Khan convincingly, and that screaming little girls just don't go for understated nice guys like him.

Ah well. Back to working on my Conflicts notes.

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Monday, 18th September '06

The Next Wave 2006 (a.k.a. My Slutty Photos)

Ah, tis the season again and it's hard to find another show I've ever done or will ever do that competes with the intensity of emotions and amount of work (and budget) that goes into the Next Wave every year. I don't know how to describe what a labour of love this production is, the sacrifices we all make for it, the number of injuries and the heart and soul that goes into it each time. You only have to think about the people like Dewi who continued to dance on three torn ligaments, look at the state of Amy's knees, and watch how the boys like Anthony / Glen / Jeremy / Taufik etc etc grit their teeth and strain every muscle to cope with every draining lift to know how much the Next Wave means to some of us. You only have to watch Sab and Michelle and every other alumni trying to do their work in between rehearsals and survive on 3 hours of sleep a day to understand the passion that goes into this business every year.

And while every year is fraught with the "no one's committing enough" to the "so and so sucks" bitching, it always comes together in the end with blood and sweat and tears of pain and joy.

Zaini will quote me forever for the time I persuaded him to reinstate the Next Wave 2005 by revealing how much my first Next Wave meant to me as a junior. I told him that everyone needed it for a climax to the year, for the seniors to rekindle their love and most of all for the juniors to realise just how far they had to go and learn, and when you put it all down to boil in that crucible that is the show, whether you can step up. The first Next Wave is like this initiation rite for everything that it does for the newbie. Maybe it all sounds kinda silly and mushy, but I'm glad he remembered it almost one and a half years later because to me it's still true. Watching the alumni in Zaki's item absorb the insane choreography at insane speeds and feeling like a royal idiot and then being so thankful that they'd repeat it all endlessly to help me with it, sitting down with others like Stephie and Sab who'd always encourage and reassure me, and then watching the technique of psychos like Ori and Fannie... it's all just an experience that is really priceless. Stephie (and she's a full fledged super-alumnus) once said that the Next Wave was for her to remember how much she's still learning, and that is so true.

But all that being said and I done, I had the time of my life. So what if along the way there were nights I woke up in nightmares of Zaki screaming at me about blocking and my lack of ability to count. So what of the times Roz and June and I sat and banged our heads on the wall because we (or at least I) felt that I wasn't quite making it as a senior for being unable to teach the juniors how to make Bryan's steps look like how he wanted them. And the times we felt Bryan abandoned us for Overdrive and other committments. All small things, but all contributing to the final, intense sense of pride in the show we put together as the DE family at the end of it all.

There's something about a big show like this that makes me all mushy and estatic at the same time. And now it's time for the more fun stuff. I know y'all want the S&M photos. smile I am, however, rather disappointed at my failure to get photos in Bryan's costume. The change was just too quick, I didn't have time for pictures of it. Nevermind, we wait for the official photoshoot pictures.

Bryan's girls. Bryan is damn sweet lah... bought us all flowers and handphone dingle-dangles.

Usual dressing room happiness. Sandy is proud of her sexy stockinged legs, Ori and I discover we can fit into the dressing room lockers quite comfortably. Or not. And then Mel and I gave up looking sexy for generic sweetness.

Me and Roz.. I just loved Juli's item's costumes, i.e. what Roz is wearing. Nazri deconstructed various I.P. Zone clothes and came up with this really unique look. And the picture on the right is my dresser table. So much stuff on it... macam can open mama shop already.

Zaki's girls. Read: me with Mel, Amy, Flea, Stephie, Sab, Jenny. We missed a whole bunch of the other girls. Damn. The guys should have seen Michelle... wow. Teck Nam is one lucky guy.

Speaking of which, there in the centre is Big Brother Teck Nam, aka Astro Boy. Flanked by happy little spontaneous shots of me and Weiyi and Rita.

On the left, I steal Candy from Taufik for a bit while Flea gets a photo-op with Taufik on the right. In the middle, there's a picture with way too much hairspray involved. Me and Anthony - hey, the old man is still pretty hot. (Haha, see, I'm not always rude to my elders!)

Backstage during Zaini's finale item. There's Zaini and Ori looking all furrow browed while gazing at the TV monitor backstage. And there's a side shot of what the stage looks like from the view of the anxious dancer waiting in the wings.

The curtain drops after the final curtain call. That means the Next Wave is over till next year. We all breathe hefty sighs of relief and think about finally getting some sleep.

Show's over. We give Rita a little love, X.II style, I get photos with Yanling and June (in real clothes at last!) and then it's off to Holland V for the post production chillout, where I end up breathing in too much secondhand smoke.

Great show.

P/S: Links to other gorgeous girls' pictures - Rozana's, June's (she's got vetting pictures too!) and Regina's.

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And I Choose + The Cast Party

Deferred blogging as is usual when it comes to big events like this when I need time to sort through the photos. I have about 50-odd of these, so here come the most characteristic ones, I guess.

It's been a week since the Gala Night, so forgive my if my memory has faded somewhat. I'm glad to say I enjoyed the whole experience despite the injured thigh muscle and all the inconvenience that has brought. I mean, it still hurts when I sit for extended periods of time any longer than 2 hours and the quality of my left split has been reduced to that of 12 years ago when I was barely learning how to do it. It's damned annoying, but you know... in the grand scheme of things it's just part of life.

Overall, Law IV was a blast, and it was great working with the batch to do something big. Even if it was kinda amatuerish, I think we did what could be done under the circumstances. But oh well. Here are the photos for some fun. I hate the way I look in that clownish stage makeup and too-small borrowed costume, but what the heck.

My crap thrown on the dressing room floor. Evidently the BTC MPA dressing rooms are shit lousy. I mean, compare them to the gorgeous UCC dressing rooms. And then there's Ross the scary vampire bat - Misunderstood... Ross is good!. And the happy dancer girls, Grace, Mel and Char.

There's my ultimate law school buddy, Jia! Who is always concerned that I will wipe my eyeballs off my face with the vigour i use in removing the makeup. And there there's Winston, a true cosmetic miracle. Now doesn't he look just like a Chinese High boy?

All the girls squashed into the miniscule dressing room.

As usual, we relieve tension by taking stupid photos and making fun of Ross. These were taken during the interval when we were supposed to be warming up for the halftime dance. Tim and Ross are just hilarious in those costumes.

More pictures at the end of the show. In order of appearance, we have Charmaine, Jenn, Liang, David Yeo (back to work with us again after Singapore Idol), Nawaz, Linus and Jiaxian.

And then after the end of the show it was off to what was potentially the wildest party I've ever been at. No, seriously, either I never went to enough Canadian parties or drunken NUS Law IVs are more impressive than I thought. Anyway, the big cast party bash was held at Van / Alex Ye's place off Zion Road. By the time Jia and I arrived we were greeted with giagantic bowls of Alex's secret recipe Sangria, and Van and Shaocong's Cooch.

Shit man, I've never seen my friends get so drunk EVER. There was a steady stream of people thrown in the Dentist Chair and having raw straight-from-the-bottle Chivas poured down their throats. That would have done any normal person in already, but Nawaz really took the cake. Nawaz is Muslim, by the way, which means that he never drinks. So two mouthfuls of Chivas in the Dentist Chair and he was reeling.

Which is not to say that no one else was reeling. I gave up taking photos midway through because everyone looked like shit and there were too many guys with more alcohol slopped down the front of their shirts than made it into their mouths. It was all pretty damn hilarious.

AND THEN, Van and Shaocong proceded to get so f*cking sloshed they couldn't keep their tongues out of each other's oesophagus. The drunk people whooped and cheered as they went on to throw each other down on the floor and roll around in complete oblivion to the onlookers. The onlookers ranged from cheering animals to vaguely amused (like me) to downright horrified (the sober people who hadn't seen better on exchange).

Ah well, at some point in time the Signal Hill "Wasn't That a Party" song started playing in my head, but it was rapidly drowned out by Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie", the onslaught of a gyrating Alex (good glory, I now know why the entire town of Leuven, Belgium knew who the exchange student from Singapore was) and the (JOY! JOY!) "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-OH... Ohh-OH! Ohh-OH!" hollers of happy hight law students making up for the weeks of Zouk Mambo-Jambo nights we had missed in preparation for the big show. Man, I love Mambo.

But anyway, pictures of the prettier parts. There are plenty of Dentist Chair photos around but one thinks it better to protect the reputation of future lawyers too drunk to know what they were doing.

And I think ultimately what amused me the most was the sheer amount of fun we managed to have with that little alcohol. Two observations: it takes about a tenth the amount to get Singaporeans drunk that it takes Germans, and two, non-drunk people were still perfectly happily shouting and screaming and dancing along with the best of them.

But as all good Singaporean parties must end, this did too, with the arrival of the police. Given the size of this country, and the proximity of all residential areas, it's always just a matter of time. Which is all fine with me, except that then we had to quell the really messed up Nawaz. See, he did his NS in the police force, so when alex first shouted that "the police are here!" most people either stopped shouting, turned off the music and did otherwise innocent looking things. Not Nawaz, who proceeded to go "the police! I'm the police! Let me talk to them!" At which point Woonky and some others had to wrestle him down and get him to shut up.

Eventually we all got packed up and sent home by the men in blue. Sheesh.

Oh well. Like I said, wasn't that a party.

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Saturday, 16th September '06

Get Your Sexy On

Quick one before I K.O.. First night of The Next Wave (one more tomorrow) playing to a sellout house. Now that's good shit. It was an amazing run tonight too, and we just have to find that spark again for the big night tomorrow.

Zaki's cast especially had the run of our lives, and there was more energy and fun on stage than I'd ever dare to have hoped. We don't usually have much fun on stage - having spent the last month or so frantically memorising steps and quaking in fear each time he stared us down and then getting constantly bashed for not being raw sexual animals enough. I was vaguely amused, at how he constantly kept saying we had to look like we were "ready to go" when at least half the cast had never... um... GONE. So a typical post rehearsal situation would look like this:

Zaki: I want you to have sex on stage.
(back in dressing room)
Flea: ME TOOO!!
Everybody: HOOOOWWWW????
(back on stage)
Zaki: Not enough. I'm very disappointed. Boys, please molest.
(back behind the scenes)
Me: Haha, Mel, go, grab Anthony's ass. I grab Ali.
And in the meanwhile everyone thinks: how the heck can I act sexy when I can't even breathe by the 2nd dance?

Let's put it this way. This would have never happened to any of the people I knew in Canada.

And then I had to explain to half the world what the LONDON BRIDGE is. Yeah, I GOOGLED IT. Look at it this way, even Winston couldn't tell me what it meant for a London Bridge to Fall Down. Wouldn't that drive your curiousity too? And then looking at the Google results I eventually felt like I was reading the karma sutra.

Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun. The dominatrix costume is SUCH fun to run around in (though the boots are a bitch). I love it, it's strangely empowering. It's also so much fun shocking your friends with the volume your hair managed to reach.

Bryan's item has not that much to blog about. We did a very decent run I think, and he sat at the 2nd circle and said he could feel us, which was great. I guess there was nothing as outrageously wild as Zaki's about Bryan's, but in it's own way it pushed us (ok, me) to work with a foreign sort of genre and I appreciate it for that. Bryan's style is almost impossible to catch but he's just that kind of choreographer whose dancers would die for him, simply because he always took time to get to know us and was so endlessly patient.

And of course I want to wax lyrical about Dan's item, which I love with every fibre of my being. But I'm not in it. Dan's a friggin' genius, the way he uses the stage and props is pure brilliance. And there's such great cameraderie in his cast that their energy carries forever. It's a pitty about the stage management mess up tonight, but tomorrow they will bring the house down. It makes me feel scared to ever choreograph anything because I'd always compare future choreos to that one.

Alright, time for bed. ONE LAST SHOW TOMORROW.

(Oh and I'll blog about the Law IV cast party later. All 1.5 insane hours of it.)

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Friday, 8th September '06

Bec's Quiz

I was so great to get that last tag from Bec. I haven't heard from her in more than a year. Which is a heck of a long time, when you think about it. I feel like I've been back in Singapore for ages, and it shocks me to think that -hey!- it's almost 4 months since coming back.

In anycase, I'm sitting in the Law School study room, and evidently I haven't quite yet grasped the concept of what the STUDY room is for. Aside from blogging, I'm simultaneously listening to Keith Urban (who'd have thought I'd be listening to country music?!) and waiting for Liang to CALL ME so that I can "judge" her practice moot (a process I'm woefully unprepared for. It's harder to do than you'd think) and whilst reading her memorial, being amused that their main reference is the Kindred International Law text (I loved Kindred, he's such a nice sincere old man, he taught me at Dalhousie, and he likes Singaporeans so it all works out). Oh yes, and I'm savouring the fact that I finally have a few minutes to myself to do something as long as a quiz just because I want to, and just because it was Bec who left me the tag to do it.

I'll be the first to admit guiltyly that I don't read her blog enough. I really don't.

But here goes anyway:

Chatting with Limin over a dinner of oyster meesua / crispy chicken from the Shilin Taiwanese Street Snacks place at the new (old?) Cathay. We laughed at our mutual bitching, and the question of which Smubs we would date and/or marry if there was a worldwide calamity and everyone else died. I also enjoyed throughly befundling her with the concept of renvoi, and then laughing at her because the Azzuri lost to France. La Revanche indeed!

Sitting in the car on the way to school. Browsing my International Law lecture notes from Halifax in a valient attempt to make sure I can keep up with Liang's moot. Seeing as I can't find her and it's an hour after I was supposed to meet her, I think I should have taken a nap instead.

Updating the Law IV website, and changing my MSN nick to reflect that the Next Wave tickets are fast selling out! Whee!

I BROKE THE TOOTH. For the FIRST TIME. Haha. Without a doubt the most eventful thing of the year. Especially since it all came flashing back during the frozen maple syrup incident in Quebec.

"Hey, hi..." As I bumped into Jo and Rachel in the corridor. How unexciting. I would much have preferred to have said something offensive like "Sod off, B*tch!" or at least something cool like "Mari-Mac's mother's making Mari-Mac marry me!". Which is incidentally my favourite song of the moment! Yeah, I think with all the piling up of the dance show committments and the school work, I'm really missing slacking in Halifax.

Water, sweet lassi (from Mr Prata), pear juice (Jia's surprising new idea).

All over the place... I don't really have best friends, but the most important ones are really distributed all over the world studying.

Yellow and white, with a blue indicator stripe down the transverse section of the bristles.

Don't remind me that I don't have one lah!

This is not fair. This quiz is making me look nerdy. Technically it was the photocopies of William Cornish's Cases and Materials on Intellectual Property.

Probably a sponsored bus ride from the Oxford Theatre back to the YMCA from Alex Merz. It was the last gift because it was at least 2 weeks belated, and it was just me borrowing money that he wouldn't let me return.

Previously a light, soothing pale mint green. Now thanks to the enthusiatic HDB painters, a jarring shade of ORANGE.

I consider I'm pretty good with getting rid of it fast.

Hot as hell. It's Singapore, dude.


That in just over 2 weeks from now I will have my Saturday nights again! Haven't had them since like the middle of July. It's been excruciating, I tell you.

Out of the window of the tour bus, June 1999, in Perth, Australia. Singapore don't get rainbows. WHY?

Um. Track shoes are 8.5 (with orthotics), fake Birkenstocks are 9 (without orthotics. Yeah I don't understand either), dance sneakers are 9, foot unDeez are L, character shoes are 5.5.


Hell yeah.

Yeah, I have a $20 voucher from Hair Plus Studio to spend.

5 months and 6 days over. Bec, are you sure you got your math right? You're older than me lah.


I haven't missed an episode yet!

I dunno, the day of my Principles of Conflict of Laws exam.


How about that giant serpent we made for rag? His name was Steve. Or one of the hair assistants at Hair Plus.

If Bec's "pf vpitdr" is a word, I thought I came up with that!

Selectively so. If I'm in a bad mood I'm definitely not, and I will tear you a new asshole if you touch me. Don't say I didn't warn you.

No. To a fault.

Will continue another day.

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Tuesday, 5th September '06

Law IV and Then Some.

Another one of those entries that's horribly belated just because I had neither time nor energy to put it up any sooner.

Let me first announce that I'm dead. DEAD, I say. Tired beyond anything I've been before. It's not even a Council Camp kinda tired, it's more of a prolonged 2 weeks plus of tiredness. With stress thrown in. Anyways, we shall end whine here lah. Nabei. I asked for it, what.

Hmm, seems like the only time I use "nabei" as a curse it's when I'm doing some show.

Other things, now.

Law IV.

Mmm. Tricky blogging subject since I have pretty mixed feelings about it. But I think at the end of the day, the preview went better than I could have hoped. It came off as a good orientation skit and IMHO, that's not a standard I would have found acceptable had I directed it. But that having been said, we gave the audience a good time, and we had loads of fun in the process. I think there hasn't been a time I've been closer to my batchmates, and that in itself might have made the experience worthwhile. For the millioneth time I congratulate myself on keeping my role small. Sandra and Marc with the help of Wanlin and Nick ran the show excellently, and there was really nothing I could have done better on the SM-ing front. Stage Managing, for you non-theatre sorts; I know some of you twisted folks are thinking of other things with the same abbreviation.

I'm also glad the whole thing gave me a chance to just hang out and be friends with the whole team. You know how once you're in a position of authority you lose your friends just because you're the one who bosses them about. Well this time I got to just sit and ROC (relac one corner, brudder!) which left time to play endless taitee games (no money played, so I tried stupid things like two doubles and the boys thought I was mad) and sit and eat "smelly jelly". Haha.

My solitary scene was pretty cool, though I tell you, it's DAMN stressful doing the opening poses on the same side of the stage as ROSS. Why? Coz the dude has a fan club. Like how Errol's little girly girls screamed "COCKROACH!! HORNY HORNY!!" everytime he appeared, Ross got a million whoops and wolf whistles everytime. I was also kinda freaked that the thigh injury was going to screw the split, but we worked it out. Yay. High-five, my friend.

Other scenes I heard went fantastic (by our standards) too. Kheng Lian's "Auntie" was a HIT. Everytime the Tree came out the audience went crazy. And who could blame them; everytime I watch the show I just wait for her scenes. The "Bat Scene" was hilarious. You could hear the commotion from the changing room, and you just KNEW what the cues for the audience to scream were. The tree came out, they screamed. Lian appeared, they screamed. And the song and dance started and ROSS came out, they screamed. And then in Clarissa's scene with Derick she came backstage saying: Derick made me cry!! Which is awesome of course, because the show was missing intensity previously.

Oh well, that was just the preview. Got more shows on the weekend! Must keep energy up.

The Visitor

And then Mike came. Vicki's friend from Canada, Mike. That was pretty cool 'coz I knew they were close back in Halifax but then he went to Toronto and I never actually met him. And then here he comes to Singapore and Limin and I unload all our Singapore history on him. World's colliding and all that. He's a pretty nice guy, unassuming and friendly and polite and respectful of the Asian culture, which is always great to observe. So we brought him to Chinatown, made him eat pig's stomach (he was more garang than Mick with the turkah! Hahaha) and then we walked around and fed him bakkwa and tutu kueh. And then we visited Sri Mariamman Temple and the Chualia Mosque (I can never spell it's real name). And then on to Clarke Quay where we grabbed a drink at Brewerkz and then later stood in front of the MRT map and told him stories about Singapore for an hour. Yesterday before he left I took him for charkueyteow and orhluak, which was probably the unhealthiest food combination you could imagine.

Freddy didn't make it down from KL eventually because the poor bugger had to work the Friday shift. *chuckle* It was a bit of a relief for me because I'm utterly spent right now. And he'll have plenty of weekends to make it down again sometime. When I'm not so dead and suffering from rehearsalitis and can bring him around more. My word, if I don't look after him properly I don't want to think what Susann would do to me.

Lukas probably coming in the next couple of weeks. I hear he's in Thailand right about now.

I like taking people around (just that it kills me when it happens during show time), but man, the STB should give me an award lah!

Things in DE Land

I'm out of energy for blogging this. Suffice to say things are going downhill rather a bit because the undergrads are getting busier and hence less committed.

In pure terms of dance, I hope I've enough left in me to actually do the shows. I'm so tired now I'm just zombie-ing through the moves. The fact that both are so commercially oriented is particularly draining, simply because it's my first time doing full on commercial stuff. It's good commercial stuff, but it's stressful. Zaki by now thinks that I cannot count. Haha. Oh well - I did always maintain that TNW was for me to find out how much I suck and how much I can still learn from my seniors.

We Live in Singapura!

Hossan Leong is still one my favourite comedians. The Singapore Boy has struck again, and this time with a brilliant song that's a condensed history of Singapore. A better version than anything Uniquely Singapore has to offer, anyhow. Watch the video put up by Mr Brown, here.

Keep Talking Cock in Parliament, I say.

Ok, I'm outtie. Gonna try and be productive now.

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