Friday, 27th October '06

John's Blog

Accessible here, is John Mayer's blog. Yeah, really. The dude's real writings, not the doctored glossy paged publicity kind, but the true human being kind.

Maybe not such a good idea to link him actually, because he seems to cater for the same "inane ramblings" market that my own humble funnyfishcakes has found its niche in. Phooey. My own readers might leave and never come back, simply because the guy writes his random ramblings with far greater aplomb and he has blogs about big events like concerts and award shows and periodically posts his personal photos with other celebrities.

I on the other hand, have precious few celebrity-and-me photos.

But seriously, reading this blog was for me, pretty addictive. As an insight to a musician's private life, I suddenly understrand how I found a kindred spirit in his music. It's must be easy to identify with someone who's blogging style consists of the same mix of life musings / silly oddball entries / event photoblogs etc. that yours does.

Enough of my ramblings, here are some of John's finest:

1. The Doodlebops
Yeah, I'd have my kids watch them too.

2. Nike Plus VS A Guy On Stage
Muahaha. A fun experiment, eh? I'd do a lot more with that equipment if I could afford it.

3. Gotta Get This Off My Chest.
Gotta love a guy with a sense of humour.

Seriously? Now I know why I'm becoming and IP lawyer.

5. "Us", As Told By Us
Great little musing on loneliness. The kind of poignant, insightful stream of conciousness writing that made me sit up and notice his lyrics in the first place. I like the metaphor of the self-taken photo, makes me think of the time I wandered the Sydney Olympic Park by myself and wished I had someone to take the pictures for me.

6. Five Hours.
I am comforted that I'm not the only one caught up in the manic-obsession of the Idol franchise.

7. Dear Robles Merideth
As spoken by one who's received way too much spam. I feel you, my brother. Yes, I've done my own share of the anti-spam bitchin'.

8. Dear Girl Taking Reservations Over The Phone
Ahahah. This has gotta be a top pick. The dry, sarcastic, resigned, semi-dulan wit encapsulated in this smiley: plain. The celebrity who is... not. "I'm a big shit and I want some fish!"

9. Dear A Pear
Yes, pears are my favourite fruits. And he wrote a testimonial for one of them. "You are the Springsteen of fruits." - who can resist the musical references?

Something a whole lot more sombre. This is a one I could connect with, the realisation that unhappiness and angst make a great artist, your own desire to be like that great artist conflicting with your gratitude that you actually are a happy person... and then the quite clueless lack of feel that accompanies the suicide of someone you know, yet didn't quite know well enough.

11. Dear Cherry Tomatoes
Another entry that's so random it's friggin' adorable. Remember folks, if you know a decent guy who can write silly things like this at a drop of a hat (and who's not Hanting because Hanting's taken, I know, haha), I'm single and ready to mingle. (Gawd I hate that rhyme.)

12. Size
It's hilarious... he's so sarcastic he should write reviews for the BBC. Indeed, this is much in the vein of the Beijing's Penis Emporium article Qiong sent me a while back.

13. Just Got TRY!
It's too cute. He ordered his own CD online. And you know a real musician when he is so absolutely delighted that his CD is not listen-protected. You da man, John, that's what it's all about.

14. Day One
Inaugural entry, I suppose.

This is the last linked entry; that's quite enough fangirl-ing for a day.

Night all. Going to save enery for the midnight feast (oh, yes, like in the Enid "Dirty Chocolate Cock Minded Woman" Blyton books). Only thing is we have potlucked 5 bottles of wine to share between 7 Smubs, one of whom doesn't drink at all and at least 2 of whom will be driving. As the Dajie I have a right to be slightly worried.

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Thursday, 26th October '06

Do the Rudebox, Shake Your Rudebox

I was wrong.

Otto Kahn-Freund was wrong.

Martin Wolff has an idea but has no authority.

F.A. Mann really isn't as helpful as he seems.

Adrian Briggs is alright.

David G. Pierce is DA MAN. He has helped me the most so far. Primarily because he explains why Otto up there sounds a bit confused - and I thought it was just me.

Lim Mei seems to be talking cock. I don't understand a thing she says. But then again, I'm not the 1990 Singapore Law Review Essay Competition runner-up.

The Iran Vojdan feels so nice sliding off your tongue.

Ditto that for the word "Sonatrach".

The Marianinna cannot be pronounced without making one think of a certain seafood pasta.

Kredietbank NV v. Sinotani Pacific Pte Ltd (Agricultural Bank of China, third party) just sounds ugly. Plus it takes up too much word space.

And at the end of all that, I'm just hooked on Robbie Williams' Rudebox. He looks like an idiot and the Vanilla Ice hand moves don't suit him, but oh, it sounds so good. Plus, those pressure sensitive green lights cater to the happy disco kid in me.

What the heck is a rudebox anyways?

Why you so nasty?

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Monday, 23rd October '06

Depressing Chinese Rock Music

The product of yet another semi-serious a car ride argument with Dad over the music. As usual he thinks my music is boring and out of tune. Out of tune was a couple of David Tao tunes, and boring was Wu Bai. Wu Bai!!

It was also at this time - i.e. mucking around with my music collection and being forced to re-examine and tide up the piddling Chinese segment because Gerri just tossed me a whole bunch of new Cheena music - that I realise that all my Chinese music falls practically exclusively into very few categories. While my appetite for English music is pretty much as voracious as it gets, all my Chinese music falls into:

Category A: Chinese R&B
In other words:
JJ Lin - 4 albums,
David Tao - 1 album and a sizable portion of miscellaneous songs
Wang Lee Hom - 4 albums (more than I care to admit to, really)
Jay Chou - a record-breaking 5 albums and a good number of miscellaneous songs.
Oddball songs from Alex Toh (the singer)
-- Ironically, this forms the biggest part of the collection, BUT anyone will tell you I have very low tolerance for English / ghetto R&B.

Category B: Chinese Blues Rock
In other words: a random mess of Dong Li Huo Che, Wu Bai, May Day things.

Category C: "Joker" Music
In other words: Ah Niu, ben xiao hai and anything crappy like that. I am still eternally amused that I BOUGHT the dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai album.

Category D: A*mei songs
In other words: what it says.

Yes, I am a specific listener.

So before I forget, these three depressing my jammy songs are going through my head on repeat as I prepare to knuckle down to reading Adrian Briggs and Otto Kahn-Freund. I'm beginning to think Kahn-Freund is pretty cool. Hell, anyone who can understand and write prolifically about the Conflict of Laws is cool.

-- 张宇




-- 动力火车
你问我这世界 最远的地方在那里
你说你爱我 我怎么能跟得上你
你问我这世界 最后的真爱在哪里
我说我爱你 你怎么能听得下去
诺言背叛诺言 刀子背叛缠绵
永远背叛永远 泪水背叛双眼


-- 伍佰
不要再想你 不要再愛你讓時間敲敲的飛逝 抹去我倆的回憶
對於妳的名字 從今不會再提起 不再讓悲傷 將我心佔據 讓它隨風去
讓它無痕跡 所有快樂悲傷所有過去通通都拋去
要把妳忘記 我會擦去我不小心滴下的淚水
還會裝作一切都無所謂 將妳和我的愛情全部敲碎
再將他通通趕出我受傷的心扉不願再承受 要把妳忘記
不願再承受 我把妳忘記妳會看見的
把妳忘記 O.S我想到了一個忘記溫柔的妳的方法
我不要再想妳 不要再愛你 不會再提起你 我的生命中 不曾有你

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Monday, 9th October '06

Conflicts Notes, 9th October 2006

Let it not be said that En Ying is too much of a mugger toad to fall asleep in class / daydream / be useless etc. Monday afternoon classes are too much. I really like the subject but I just cant' comprehend it on a sleepy Monday afternoon. I can't.

But here's an exerpt from my notes from today's class. Jo messaged to ask me to send her notes. I'm not sure how much good stuff like this is to anyone. In fact, I didn't even realise how jialat they were until I got home and opened the file:


Red Sea
- HK insurance coy contarcted to provide coverage for the builder against defective lose (what he has to compensate for shoddy workman ship and harm caused thereof).
- No connecting bwett the transaction, parties, hk. The subcontractor suppilied defective parts,a and buildier cllainm isurance.
- Even though insurener’s hadn’ paid, brought a sub action for the sub cont neglignec. If he had paid under the policy to the builider, coy right of subrogation, can calim agasnt eh sub cont. this had not arisen because under the law of hk there was no direct action against the sub cont.
- The law of KSA, the action could be maintainted.
- Under double actionability, no maintentanc of action.
- PC: since all the conncetions between transaction and parties were with KSA, the law of KSA must be taken as the governing law of all the tortious issues unde rhte claim.
- Impt qualification, the double rule is endorsed, the flexible acception is endorsed.

Cts in singpaore have adopted the propositions by PC in
- Khano
- But other common wealth ahori
- Deciusion may not be the most s
- If not bound by ca, preferred Canadian authorities

Common welt
Abandomemntn of doub acti. Not suitable to adequately reflect technology, xenophobic fewar of other’s laws.
As the forum, must also see that the tort by our law.

SCC had judicially abrogated the DA rule. Simple lld rule subject to flex exception. For all torts.

HCA, simple lld, no flex ex. For all torts.

England: Lld with flex, but DA rule for defamation. → defamation, freedo m of speech. Necesara to determine in accordancw ith English ideas of Fos. Nee the law of engliand to do that. Forieng law would deny his enlish protection of his righst. s

Singapore is now out of sync, bcause the da rule continues to apply.
- which of the 3 approaches is best for Singapore.

What about the American methodology


It's not about jargon, it's about spelling mistakes. Each is equivalent to a time I dozed off.

My best part is where I start to take notes about the law of the "COMMON WELT". Ahahaha.

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Sunday, 8th October '06

The Heart of Life

From the Chocolate Cock to something a little less frivolous.

I'm not entirely sure what's up with the blogging of this song... I just know that I picked up the album insert today and looked at it, and something told me someone who reads this blog might need to see it. You know (or maybe you don't), it was just one of those inexplicable feelings that hit you smack out of the blue, for no rhyme or reason. I can't even identify who the person who might need to read it is (though I can hazard an educated guess). Just this mysteriously moving conviction that someone does, and that I don't need to try too hard, this person will see it somehow.

It's not even my usual "oh, this song is so wonderful, it touches me, it makes me cry yada yada" thing. It's never happened before, and while I've very little faith in my powers of ESP, I think I'd subscribe to the concept of divine intervention. It doesn't hurt to obey the call, in the rare chances that one gets to hear it.

So here's a dedication for you, whoever you are. More copyright infringements abound (yes, I am painfully aware of that), but I believe John doesn't give a crap.

"The Heart of Life"
-- John Mayer

I hate to see you cry
Lying there in that position
There's things you need to hear
So turn off your tears
And listen

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good

You know, it's nothing new
Bad news never had good timing
But then, the circle of your friends
Will defend the silver lining

Pain throws you heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good

Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
Fear is a friend who's misunderstood
But I know the heart of life is good
I know it's good

Cheers. If you figure out who you are, let me know.

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Saturday, 7th October '06

The Chocolate Cock

Look what Limin and I found while browsing through the little shelf of books at the Pacific Coffee Club today. It was too good not to blog. confused

The following is reproduced under s. 36 of the Copyright Act (Cap. 64, 2006 Rev. Ed. Sing.)., fair dealing for the purposes of criticism and review.

Enid Blyton, "The Chocolate Cock" in The Ugly Scarecrow and Other Stories (London: Award Publications, 1989) at 161-172.

My favourite bits in bold. smile



Once there was piece of chocolate in the shape of a cock. The chocolate cock stood right in the very middle of a sweetshop window, and all the children came to look at him. He was very proud of himself indeed.

“I am the Chocolate Cock!” he crowed. “I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the handsomest bird in the world, for I am the Chocolate Cock!”

He was priced at two pounds fifty pence, and none of the children that came to look at the cock could afford to buy him. They just stood and looked at him.

One day the chocolate cock got a dreadful shock. Just next to him stood a little chicken in chocolate, with a marzipan egg on it’s back. It had stood by him for a long time, and the chocolate cock had gotten quite friendly with it.

Then suddenly the hand of the shopkeeper stretched out into the window and the little chick with the egg was lifted out – and, oh my, the next thing that the cock saw was the chick in the hand of a little boy outside the window – and the little boy was eating the chick’s head off!

That seemed perfectly dreadful to the chocolate cock! And then what do you think the little boy said? He said, “Ha, Chocolate Cock! Your turn next! You look so proud, but wait till I eat you! When my uncle gives me some money tomorrow, I’ll come and buy you!”

That made the chocolate cock shiver and shake. It put him into a temper and a fright both together, and he simply didn’t know what to do.

“To think that I, the Chocolate Cock, should be eaten by a horrid little boy with dirty hands!” he cried. “I am the Chocolate Cock, the handsomest bird in the world! I will not be eaten!”

“Chocolate is made to be eaten,” said a marzipan potato. “Don’t be so proud, Chocolate Cock. You are meant to be eaten, like the rest of us.”

But the chocolate cock wouldn’t believe it. He made up his mind to run away before the little boy could buy him. Then he would find a farmyard and show all the animals and birds there that he was the finest and handsomest bird in the world!

But he didn’t get a chance to run away till the little boy came next day to buy him. Then he gave a loud squawk and jumped out of the window, landed on the shop counter, jumped to the floor, and raced to the door and out of it before the shopkeeper or the surprised little boy could stop him.

“I am the Chocolate Cock!” he crowed, as he strutted down the street. “I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the handsomest bird in the world, for I am the Chocolate Cock!”


A little girl heard him and stared at him in wonder. When she saw that he was made of chocolate, she though she would like to eat him. So she suddenly put out her hand to take him, and if the chocolate cock hadn’t been very quick, he would have been caught. He jumped down just in time, and tore off as fast as he could, dodging between the feet of horses, dogs, sheep and men very cleverly indeed.

I must really find a farmyard, he thought. Then I will get them to make me king, for I am the handsomest bird in the world – there is no doubt of that. Than I shall be very happy.

So he wandered of till he came to a fine farmyard. There was a pig in it, with eight piglets. There was a donkey looking over a gate. There were two goats tied up near by. There were horses and cows, and so many turkeys, geese, hens and ducks that the chocolate cock couldn’t have counted them if he had tried.

He flew up on the wall and flapped his wings.

“Listen, all of you”, he cried. “I am the Chocolate Cock!” he crowed. “I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the handsomest bird in the world, for I am the Chocolate Cock!”

“I am clever” he cried. “I am wise. I am the wise and clever Chocolate Cock!”

All the animals and birds stared solemnly at him. Rover the farmyard dog, licked his lips, and looked longingly at the chocolate cock. “I am wiser than any of you. I am a great and wonderful bird, for I am the Chocolate Cock!”

“If you are so wise, why do you stand in the sun?” asked Rover.

“Why shouldn’t I?” asked the cock angrily. “You stand in the sun! Why shouldn’t I?”

All the farmyard animals and birds turned to stare at him, and the chocolate cock felt very proud. He crowed more loudly than ever.

“You are chocolate and I am not,” said the dog, and all the animals and birds stared harder than ever; for something was happening to the chocolate cock!

His wings drooped, his beak grew longer. His tail began to lose its shape. He was melting, and he didn’t know it. The sun was much too strong for him.

But he wasn’t going to get down from the wall, not he.

“I shall stand in the sun as much as I like!” he cried. “I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the Chocolate Cock! I am the handsomest bird in -- the -- world -- for -- I –“

What was the matter with the chocolate cock? He could crow no more! He could no longer flap his wings. He had melted in the hot sun! There he lay on the wall, a big pool of brown chocolate. Poor, silly old chocolate cock!

“Ah, well,” said Rover, the farmyard dog. “It’s a pity to waste anything!”

And he ran up to the wall and licked up all that was left of the vain chocolate cock!


Enid Blyton is a dirty old woman lah. Sigh. To think that poor little children are reading this around the world translated into a million different languages. Imagine the followins scenarios:

- Primary school kids are trying to collect badges for the school avid reader programme. Little kid approaches a Reading Mom to whom he needs to demonstrate his reading of an exerpt from his favourite book. Kid: "Once there was a piece of chocolate in the shape of a cock..."

- Little girl picks said story to read for her Speech & Drama exam. Shows up to exam room in little clean pumps and hair tied in two pony tails. Faces the examiner and tells her she's up for Lamda Grade 2, and here's the exerpt she'll be reading today: "I'm the Chocolate Cock! I'm the handsomest bird in the world, for I am the Chocolate Cock!"

That story was just wrong in so many, MANY ways.

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Tuesday, 3rd October '06

Declarations of Non-Plagiarism

It's kinda funny (but in a befitting sort of way) that our Intellectual Property assignment requires us to attach a declaration of non-plagiarism to it. I hadn't quite thought about it until Sandra offered to let me plagiarise her non-plagiarism notice.

I now know that I would not be liable for infringement of that because she gave me the right to. And in any case, it's not certain if copyright can arise in anything as short and simple as a 1 liner about how I confirm that I have not plagiarised that the whole work was written by me, etc etc. See the Devico / Hayrer backpack case, the exact name of which I am far too lazy to look up.

Anyhoo, this was the conversation that sparked it off:

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:
eh we shld all put the same plagiarism notice

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
i haven't even thought about that yet

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
i don't mind

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:
I have not, with intent to deceive, represented the work of another person as my own in this essay, or represented as my own the entire essay or work of another, whether the material so represented constitutes a part or the entirety of the work submitted.

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
i find it strange that we haven't been given a standard one

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:
yah lor
how they expect us to come up with one

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
like, how creative do they want us to be?

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:
then we can just put loopholes where we like

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
i neh copy pple! sumpa!

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:
how about 'MY essay is original (and rather creative too). YOUR question, however, is NOT.'

en ying "my IP assignment is turning into a conspiracy theory":
(university of london press v. university tutorial press)

Who wants to plagiarise my plagiarism notice?:

Geeky law students, we are.

But seriously, how many non-plagiarism notices can you come up with? I will buy Milo-peng for the author of my favourite one.

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Monday, 2nd October '06

Fergie, Etc.

Taking a break from the long "Eye Pee" assignment. Why I have taken to making bad puns about it I don't know. Dad's watching the Man U vs. New Castle game and ever since the second goal was scored I lost interest. So I might as well blog what went down:

- I eat XO fish beehoon and start the game about 20 minutes late. The moment I turn on the TV, C. Ronaldo is doing one of his predictable boo-hoo-hoo, whine to the referee that someone stepped on his toes, dance. I barely care that he otherwise played pretty well.

- Dad still calls Scholes "SCHO-LEESE". It's still funny, and he does it in jest, but I have to watch that I don't actually repeat this to one of the law school boys and get made fun of for life.

- I have to stop laughing at how unfortunate a name "Nicky Butt" is.

- Camera pans 'round to Alex Ferguson.
Dad: Oh, look, there's Fergie.
Me: Fergie?!
Dad: Fergie.
Me: Really.
Dad: Umm hmm.
Me: Your friend ah?
Dad: We go way back...
It is disturbing to hear your father call an old British man by a name otherwise attributable to a over-blinged hip-pop singer. I say a silent prayer that Alex "Fergie" is not having a problem with his London Bridge falling down.

- Looks like Ronaldo is having a bad day, striking uprights right and left.

- Dad is getting worked up with Man U's slew of missed goals. They're up by two anyway, but he still goes...
Dad: Kick Scho-leese! You have to KICK THE BALL!
Me: [wonders what else people do in football if they don't kick the ball] You don't say.

- And then when things still don't go his way...
Dad: Rio Ferdinand, useless! That what'shisname? Carrige? No good also. And that Evra... so lousy! Give me play, I can play better than him!
Me: *would have risen the proverbial eyebrow if had sufficient control over motor functions* Are you sure...
Dad: Yah! You never see me play in the kampung! When I was your age, I could play football ok! But we were so poor we didn't even have a football then... we played with a little plastic balloon ball, kick too hard can burst kind. [etc. etc. All kids know how the story goes]
I am a little bit disappointed I never had the chance to play soccer with a little "can-burst balloon ball". What am I to guilt trip my children with when I grow up? "Eh kids, when Mummy was your age, Pluto was still a planet!" - cannot make it, right?

Ah well, enough for today.

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