Sunday, 28th December '03

The Parties

Wow. The last two - three? I can't count anymore - days were crazy whirlwind days matched only by... hmm. They're uncontested, actually. Not by anything in my rather un-havocy life. Quite, quite mad.

Let's start with Thursday night, shall we? Or rather Friday morning, when I got to bed at the unholy hour of 5 am. Why? Because I was cleaning my room. Like I told Chris Ho, by the end of it I could finally see my floor! How cool! And I can actually walk from one end of my room to the other in a STRAIGHT LINE! And without stubbing my poor long-suffering toes on random pointy things sticking out of the mess on the floor! Am too excited for words.

And then I somehow drag myself out of bed to pick up Gerri, Zhihui and Qiong up at Bedok Interchange so then could come over to watch... (well, whaddaya know?) Lord of the Rings. Let's just say that conversation from that moment to Saturday seldom strays from the book, the movie, the intricacies of both, the very disturbing effects of the "Very Secret Diaries" on us all - Ok, mostly my fault because I can no longer think about "blowing the Horn of Gondor" in quite the same way - and then... (this makes up a significant portion of the conversation) the idosyncracies of a certain doesn't-have-very-many-lines-in-the-movie-but-has-somehow-ganerned
-himself-a-legion-of-screaming-female-fans elf.

Hang on a sec: here are some photos us trigger happy creatures took with my phone in my now rather immaculate room.

Qiong has this knack of getting caught in the most compromising positions. Wait. That didn't sound too good. *shrug*.

Gerri acts cute.

Me and my six-string.

Zhihui and her boyfriend. No, wait. I refuse to equate Eeyore with Gideon.

Qiong and my six-string (and a decidedly confused expression). Hee hee hee hee hee...

Which goon went and used the portrait mode on Gerri, huh???

Missed the Smub outing and while I really wish I could have gone, I had a really enjoyable, entertaining time with the girls. Wouldn't have missed spending time with people I so seldom see for anything. And woah! Qionghui allowed to lapse into full "Viggorli Lurve" mode is a force to be reckoned with. She's just crazy. She's watched TTT SEVEN times!!! DVD extras and all! I am still reeling from the shock. She's also seen FOTR enough times to anticipate what the characters say... and totally wrecked my suspense when she took the "Fly, you fools!" words right out of Gandalf's mouth. Grr. And she has done it before, mind you, ("Havo dad, Legolas"), after nagging us to look out for Gil-Galad, etc etc... But we love Qiong anyway... =) And *sigh* the VSD's have made me completely unable to watch LOTR in peace. Bad images of the Horn of Gondor, Pip's broken carrot, Sam and the bubble bath, Gandalf and the pointy hat trick, Legolas nancying about on the snow... very disturbing, to say the least.

We also watch about half of the DVD extras... the LOTR extras really do spoil you lah. They're crazy, four to five different commentaries, behind the scenes stuff (a helluva lot of it), and even the MTV spoofs (the Jack Black / Sarah Michelle Gellar one being beautifully edited but decidedly cringe-worthy in terms of plot). And qiong would eventually show us (and then giggle herself stupid) at various Viggo Mortensson / Orlando Bloom interviews / trivia etc. But I do agree, the camaradery the whole cast and crew had and their dedication to the movies really shone through... and watching all the behind the scenes footage was really quite touching to me, since I got to look at it from the point of view of a performer as well as someone who's worked with a large group of people on some arduous draining project, and it was nice that I appreciated the movies more as labours-of-love after. I spent a large portion of time trying to imagine going through the "Flipside" shoot for not four days but 16 months and then upping the intensity level by, oh, I don't know, about a hundred times. Throw in jet-lag, demanding weather, and the difficulty of working with up to thousands of cast members and the training for special skills like swordplay... must have been crazy for all involved. I honestly can't think how they did it. Kinda reminded me of a cross between the 21st and Reproductions, somehow, only much much more intense. Am feeling quite admiring and envious of all the cast and crew now. *sigh*. When I was a kid I always wanted to be part of a big movie... even in the tiniest way, and the stupid DVD extras have gone and awoken the old dream again. And now, for the four of us, the "head bashing + white light" affair is going to be this rib-tickling insider joke for like... forever. *grabs Qiong and gives her an expression of "sudden, violent love"*. Tee hee hee.

So Friday's LOTR total was 11 hours spent on the DVDs, and a good many more (umm, about 5?) hours just talking about it. It's no wonder then, that I had this disconcerting dream about my big silver loop earings popping off my ears and fusing together into this golden one ring to rule them all. I don't even want to think what that says about me - or how the dream would have continued had Qiong not poked me and woke me up.

So LOTR aside there was the ol' Centro Bash. Kudos to Ben, Kai, Ren, Zhen and Junda for organising something like this for all the ex-RJ and whoever else wanted to be involved, but thorough no fault of theirs, stupid Centro played them out on the music front so things didn't go fantastically from then on. My favourite parts of the evening, honestly, involved sitting OUTSIDE centro just chatting with the Smubs and Jianz and Zhihao, and then the Lau Pa Sat supper afterwards. I still maintain clubbing isn't quite my cup of vodka lime (which, inccidentally actually made Zhang Yi DRUNK, amazingly enough), but I had a decent time nonetheless. Ben's already planning next year's bash, so hopefully it will rock. *wink*

Better be off now. More dancing tomorrow. This time to music has some tune and to a dance that is more than just a sweaty, gyrating bop. Thank goodness.

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Monday, 22nd December '03

The Adventures of Foil Girl

Damn eventful day, this. Met Ave to go bum and dye my hair and it was pretty great meeting up with her again, without any TFYE stuff to worry about. Felt a bit paiseh that apart from spending 4 hours in the salon (and all for my hair) we didn't do too much... hope she had a nice time with Xiaozhaung after that. =) But she had fun (I hope) taking lots of photos of me in various amusing / embarrassing situations. Glamour shots, these are not. That's one crazy girl for you, matched only by Angela's trigger happiness last year when I did the then-christianed "blonde chicken" look. But now I have purple streaked hair and am quite pleased with it. Yes, purple, don't do a doubletake.

Ave amusing herself with Cosmopolitan.

The HAIR. *muahahaha*

What I was NOT pleased about was that after the nice blow-drying and slight styling they did for me, I met Charlotte and we made our way to Chris' place... and BLOODY HELL. There we were trying to save money by taking the bus, which by some freak-of-nature cum ultimate- disaster-movie cum murphy's-law-in-its-element chance, the bus took 35 minutes to come while I stood at the busstop, my pant legs slowly but surely taking in all the water on the ground. The taxi queue was phenomenal, my nose was getting cloggier, Char's toes were getting soggy. We eventually got on the bus but overshot the stop and wound up in the middle of nowhere. It was drizzling only slightly so we walked, but midway the rain got heavier, but since we had past the point of no return, we had to keep going. And Chris' house is way way way away from the main road. The roads started flooding, the pavments actually had BREAKS in them where all manner of water retaining weeds grew, so we had to ditch our solitary umbrella and make standing broad jump-esque leaps over the weeds... basically we got very wet lah. In the clothes that were supposed to see me through a movie and a stayover at a yet unidentified house.

The party itself was the best... it was really really good to see all the 21st who I hadn't seen in ages, Mother Esther / Grandaunt? Charn who I hadn't seen since they left for Australia in February, Aunties Pork and Beef, and Luk and Heng came home! And the one I was really glad to see Alvina, who I haven't seen since THE LAST CHIRSTMAS PARTY. What can I say, I love the 21st. And it was heartwarming to share our lives again, share our woes, and see how much we've grown as people and how we've shaped our thoughts and ideals along the way.

And then there was THE MOVIE. Ha! The greatest showbiz event of this year - the Return of the King. All I can say was, it rocked. It really did. I think most of the credit has to go to Tolkien's original book, of course, but Jackson and gang did a fantastic job of translating the book to the big screen. This one installment alone seems like it's going to be enough to turn me into a LOTR junkie like a la Qionghui. I loved the way the story was so simple, yet so filled with parallels and imagery and symbolism. And the movie was so immaculately shot, the cast so fitting in their roles... and everything done with such evident, tender, loving care. Can't wait for my marathon with Gerri, Qiong and Zhihui coming up. One amusing bit though, everyone agreed that while you wouldn't feel the length of the movie, you'd definately feel the butt-ache. And it's amusing that the one line that I think made the most impact on me was poor Leggy's "A Diversion." It was just so odd I started laughing out loud. And that the first assement of the movie I got from Jia and Kai (sperately) were worded exactly the same - i.e. "He's so cute..." - and that they didn't even see a need to name the "he". Erm, who? Gimli? *grin* But seriously, this trilogy has definately hit pop-icon status like no other. The Star Wars of our generation. Once again, as with every movie I feel strongly for, I want to be a part of one with a similar far-reaching effect. In Gossip I would have been the clapper, or a "mouth". Here, just let me be and orc or something.

But my life was never meant to be perfect and staying over at Ben's last night I also got hit with mad stomach cramps and mild diarrhoea. Crap lah. I lost another night I could have been enjoying time with the Smubs.

Current mood: tired, a little disappointed, but contented. The parents issue still weighs a little heavily on my mind, but it was good talking it over with Gnet, Kai and Bert yesterday. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

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Friday, 19th December '03


"Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too"
-John Mayer, "Daughters"

I hate admitting how much power they have over me. And I don't just mean I'm dependant on them for the roof over my head. I'm pretty sure I don't love anyone more than I love them. And being a normal human being, I get hurt. I get hurt so much more by people I love. So having given them this huge part of me, I feel it's been taken out, trodden in the dirt and handed back to me gift-wrapped in the kind of soggy newspaper the Australian fish-and-chips vendors sell you your dinner in. No one makes me cry like they do.

I used to think to "love" and to "like" were the same thing, the difference being nothing more than a matter of degree. Wrong. Sometime earlier I wrote 6 A4 pages analysing why that difference exists between them and me. And for now that essay is for me alone. I wanted to talk if over with them, but each time it just seemd easier to forget it once the storm blew over. I honestly believe they will give up their lives for me, and when they tell me how much I mean to them, how I've changed their world and made it worth living, I know it isn't a lie. You could say no one makes them cry like I do.

"Hey dad look at me
Think back and talk to me
Did I grow up according to plan?
Do you think I'm wasting my time doing things I wanna do?
'Cuz it hurts when you disapprove all doing

And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you
I can't pretend that
I'm alright
And you can't change me

'Cuz we lost it all
Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect
Now it's just too late and
We can't go back
I'm sorry
I can't be perfect

I try not to think
About the pain I feel inside
Did you know you used to be my hero?
All the days you spend with me
Now seem so far away
And it feels like you don't care anymore

And now I try hard to make it
I just want to make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you
I can't stand another fight
And nothing's alright

Nothing's gonna change the things that you said
Nothing's gonna make this right again
Please don't turn your back
I can't believe it's hard
Just to talk to you
'Cuz you don't understand"

- Simple Plan, "Perfect"

The first time I heard this song I was close to tearing by the end of it. Today I heard the words again, stuff to the effect of "We always thought we were good parents. How did you turn out like this?" I thought they got over it, really. Since the last time of the "nasty person" affair. The "nasty person" time was the last time I ever cried for myself in a public (as public as you can call the council room) place. I know I'm basically a good person, but that day, it took repeated reassurances from Alex, Hanting and Ivan to get me in enough shape to complete whatever I had gone to school for. So what's wrong with me, why can't I ever (I don't care how cliched this sounds, it's true) DO ANYTHING RIGHT?

I've seen the shows, read the books, in the Western world the kids move out at 16, 17. They don't visit much. They spend as little time at home as possible, just to keep relationships good. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? A few years ago I thought that was absurd. I think I'm beginning to understand.

"God has been so good
Blessing me with a family
Who did all they could
And I've had many years of grace
And it flatters me when I see a smile on your face
I wanna thank you for what you've done
In hopes I can give back to you
And be the perfect son"
- Backstreet Boys, "The Perfect Fan"

I know I've got no right to complain. I have a good home. They don't stinge on me, in fact they give me everything they can. My friends get nothing like this. They give me not only money but their persons, their time. I'm just too much of a piece of shit to get it right and be what they want. I'm disgustingly stubborn too, I want to be me, I want to live my life the way I want to. I don't make concessions. It's drives them mad, which drives me mad. I try to make up for it, save money, study hard, but at least let me keep my room the way I like. Don't get made about whether my windows are closed or open. Please, I need some space to breathe, and I don't want you to live in my carbon dioxide. Don't make concerned remarks behind my back, when you think I'm sleeping. Because I heard them, alright? You were careless enough to once actually call me and leave the phone on without knowing it while you discussed me and all my flaws. You had that conversation in the car when you thought I as asleep. You had that other one in your room when you thought the toilet door was soundproof. I love you too much to believe you were sneaky enough to have done that to hurt my feelings so as some reverse psychology tactic to get me to be the way you want.

I'm afraid of turning into what some of my friends are - a kid that has no closeness to the ones that gave her life. It might work for other families, but it won't for ours. I've got friends who don't shop with their parents, I've got friends who think nothing about giving their parents the cold shoulder when they don't get what they want. I've even got friends who have had boyfriends for two years before they mothers found out by catching them holding hands at busstops. I'm not criticising this. It's just they way they've chosen their family to work. I will not make that choice.

I know I've been a good daughter. I don't waste your money as far as I can, ever since I've ever started working, I know it doesn't come easy. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't stay out till the wee hours. I hardly go clubbing, I don't join gangs, I don't get into fights. I do my work at school, I don't smartmouth my teachers, and since secondary school I've grown up and I don't smartmouth you. I don't lie to you, about where I go and what I do. I even let you know before I alter parts of me, before I dye my hair, even though my body is the only thing I have to call me own. I let you vet just about all the clothes I buy - even the socks. I will run your errands, I will drive you home from work when I have my license. I chose my choice of study and career path with you in mind. I know I'm the only child and CPF notwithstanding, you need me, the money I will make and my company. I don't talk bad about you behind your back, and I will fight to protect your honour if you need me to. I have never let any of my friends say anything bad about you either. So, you see, I'm not so bad after all. Please don't make me feel like I am.

Please. I'm seriously trying.

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Sunday, 14th December '03

I'm Never Gonna Dance Again, Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm

I should really stop putting these song quotes on as titles when they're at best only remotely related to the stuff I'm going to write about. *sigh*

But HELL WEEK IS OVER! The bulk of "Flipside" filming is done *phew*, and the Dance Ensemble assesment is over *PHEW*. I can, for a while at least, put the bloody Luigui exercises out of thought - but not out of mind. I CANNOT BELIEVE that there I was having dinner with Mom and Dad and the words "side-back-front-out... plie, balance, come back" occurred to me out of NOWHERE. It's things like this about dancing that creep me out. Tzo, remember "doo doo doo doo doo?" (Laoshi's SYF thing)? ARGH. If I'm not careful I might actually become this dance-geek. But Luigui nightmares aside, no more worries about Zaini frowing away at us. Or having my heart drop to the soles of my ballet shoes when Zaki came in (yeah, that guy who directed the Miss Singapore Universe thing. If you've seen the shots of that affair you'll understand why my heart followed the aforementioned trajectory). YEAH!!! So I'm never gonna dance again, not for the next three days till Cheeze drags us down for more practices. EVERYTHING HURTS. Bloody Luigui (yes, I never mention this without the gory adjective) is a pain in the butt. And everywhere else, really.

But all that having been said, am very happy with the stuff I have done over the past week. Have learnt *puts on Honky accent* HIP-P HOP-P from the Jay Chou / Jolin Tsai cheoreographer - traditional, house (this is fun) and girls hiphop (En Ying is hopeless at this - not good). Have learn lyrical and street jazz from Laura Bong (dunno spelling) - street jazz, as I said before, I like a lot. Have even learnt (well struggled to learn, anyway) popping and locking and very basic breaking from Lionel Araya. If there's one thing that ballet does not prepare you to learn, it's this last genre. We all looked like fish out of water. ELECTROCUTED fish. But it's cool... our seniors did a magic job of organising the camp... so many different styles and new things to try - and for free!

Have caught myself grooving in my chair to the radio. I have not stopped dancing since Tuesday. And I can't stop now. *gets increasingly frantic* It's becoming Pavlovian. I hear music, I move. Shit, I'm a dance-geek.

Hum dee dum. Side-back-front-out; plie, balance, come back.

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Saturday, 13th December '03

Feels Like Jet Lag

Gee. I'm bush-whacked. Either I'm losing my stamina or sleep is very VERY important to this girl. I think it's the latter, though. I made it through RJ O-prep, man. But then I had enough shut eye.

It all started with "Flipside" filming. This messed up my bio-clock like nothing you've ever seen. Picture this: After Dance Ensemble tech class I shuttled off to Winston's Woodlands condominuim where we bummed around waiting for the equipiment to be delivered. And then spent the whole evening and most of the night filiming a SAD sex scene. Not even a whole sex scene, though - it was one corner of a bed shaking, courtesy of Reynard getting it on with a couple of Ross' pillows. I know, the idea is repulsive enough. Throw in the fact that Eva wanted heavy breathing and questionable moans in the background. Now THAT was amusing. Every girl and Nick (*blink*) had to be tried out and almost every take ended in disaster. The funniest was when Dawn's voice cracked. Sounded something like "*pant pant* ACK". ACK??? *lmao* Well guess whose voice they wound up using. *rolls eyes* Not a show I'd want to show my Mom, if you know what I mean. But it was the stupidest thing I've ever done lah. Nawaz in the background interjecting lewd cheers liks "hump, Reynard, hump!" and "f*** the pillow!" didn't help matters either. And then some idiot suggested that the moaning had to be in sync with that thumping foot. And THEN we had to reshoot the scene. Oh Man.

But that sorry episode aside... the rest of the shooting more or less went in the same way. I guess I can't complaing about the numerous delays. We were really all film virgins and Nawaz and Eva really did a fantastic job of pulling the whole thing through. But now I understand what Beck means when she says film people are "night owls". And what those film actors mean when they say all the sleep they get is 40 winks between shoots. That was exactly as much sleep as we got. I only saw a bed the first night for about two hours (yes, the girls sleep on the same humped bed, with the same humped pillows. As Jon would say - it was nasty). But we only got about and hour or so's sleep thanks to Nawaz the goblin cackling at Pulp Fiction in the living room. And the guys - well they had a tong xiao Winning Eleven session, the idiots. The next night I went home, thank God, because I had Cheeze's dance the next day. But I can imagine no one else slept at all. The night after that... was mad. We filmed non-stop THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT. Winston's to Lionel's. Back to Winston's. In the basement carpark. With all the pro-looking lighting and camera's and wires. And the the not-so-pro NTUC trolley and PVC-piping tracks. And I slept sitting on the floor in the carpark. Suicidal or what? But it was fun in a sort of very slightly reckless way.

Speaking of filming. We lived off the food at Al-Ameen. Don't think any of us will be having prata voluntarily any time soon.

Right now I'm also in the midst of the Dance Ensemble Camp. Very tired (duh!) especially since I had, like, one 14 hour sleep session to get over the filming. But the last couple of classes were really cool. The hiphop class from the Jay Chou / Jolin Tsai choreographer was good, but I still think it defies everything I've even learnt in ballet. Jazz was good too... I like hiphop jazz. Very Britney Spears, but very fun. A tad much ass-waggling, though.

In the course of the past week also went down to TNS to clear up after '3'. Big waste of time, really, since Yan and Ave had almost finished the miniscule amount of things to be done by the time I got there. We did spend some time hunting aroung for non-clothes props, only to discover that TC ahd already returned them all... *sigh* Had a nice quick dinner with Ave after where we swapped film-making stories, and at least trooping down to TNS saved me from having to act a make-out scene for "Flipside". Like I was telling Ave - how to do that when En Ying has never even had a boyfriend? And yesterday I went to the Greenhouse Readings with Wei and Yan. I won't talk to much about it save that it was pretty well done and Chen Seong's script kicked ass. Fantastic stuff. I know nuts about playwrighting but the themes are clear, the dialogue was witty and revealing and the dramatogoly was very very well done. Of course there were a couple of to-work-on bits especially in some aspects of character development but all in all Chen Seong writes plays that are the director's dream. Brilliant guy.

Right then, I'm off for a nap now. Funk class in the afternoon. *ouch*.

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Thursday, 11th December '03

Oh Man!

Aiyoh. It's been a while since I watched both the preview (2nd Oct, I think) and the actual thing (7th Nov) so pardon me while I try to get my memories together coherently enough to write a proper review.

Let's start with the overall impression. I remember coming out of the preview thinking "Wow! Good stuff... go Sean!". I guess after being cheemed out of my socks by the very unrevealing Revelations and the equally unfathomable Koan, this really was a breath of fresh air. True to the joker spirit of the people who put it together - at least I know for a fact Haikel, Kumar, Errol and Sean are huge jokers - many parts of the show were ROTFLMGDMFAO funny (if you'll excuse my French).

Aside from poor little Nicholas bouncing that red rubber ball awkwardly along some dingy looking corridors on the JVC-sponsored TVs, the show opened with a huge bang and self- depreciating tomfoolery. Yes, tomfoolery, that's the word. I guess that's what you could say was the most endearing part of the whole show - the fact that these guys (oh, alright, men) knew exactly which parts of themselves to laugh at and were so comfortable doing so. But where was I? Oh yes. The opening contained the most RIDICULOUS dance sequence I have ever seen - to the tune of the Village People's "Macho Man" our boys pranced, marched and flexed their way through to the hearts of delighted audience. It was a real pity they didn't manage to draw us in as much in the Theatrette as in the Black Box, but it was a good job all the same.

And here's where this reveiwer gets a little confused. Having watched both the preview and the real McCoy, I don't quite know which version I'm supposed to talk about. The show was essentially a devised piece, so there was no real plot. There were, instead lots of different senarios real men might be thrust into.

What I especially liked about it was the touch of honesty in the performances. Cliched though some of the observations might be, they were still brought to life with much sincerity and I appreciated the show for that. My favourite scene was Michaes' "dog scene", and although Mich and Beck and Jia seem to see nothing in that scene, it was the one scene that dragged me to the tetter-totery brink of tears. And if you know me well enough, I'm a pretty darned resistant show watcher. I have never cried at a show yet. So this says something, yeah? Or maybe it's just the fact that I have a dog about to go the same way Micheas' Junior went. And I understood completely everything he said about learning to love, but not learning to treasure, and always thinking there would be another day.

Randall / Kay Tong / Nicholas' scene about a three-generation father and son relationship and dealing with the death of the oldest one was quite the tear jerker as well. At the preview the scene went magically, Kay Tong being the stoic ghost of the grandfather and Nicholas being the pesky grandson in denial. The real showstealer then, of course, was Randall's amazing performance (at least to me lah) as the father caught in the middle of his mourning and being strong enough to carry his own sone through the tragedy. Light Years was absolutely nothing to go by, I promise.He was crying so hard I could've sworn I was going to get wet (thus discovering the magic of front-row seats. How interactive). Pity his energy dropped so much by the actual show (but who could blame him) and reaching out emotionally is so much harder in the theaterette.

Sad bits aside, Oh Man! was most memorable for it's sheer silliness and the way it wasn't afraid to make fun of men and all their insecurities / stupidity / duh-ness / rituals. Sure, we got the classic faire like NS jokes ("what's your recall code? Big Dick?" *cue insane male cackling*), and the guilty son getting caught with his porn by his just-as-eager-to-see-it-all father ("Orrrhh... I tell Ma you want to tengnok perempuan tehteh!" - no I can't spell it, you'll have to try and make it out). But it was insanely funny, all the same, and like I said, the cast were such huge jokers you couldn't help laughing along with them at every turn. The bumbling spy scene between Errol and Micheas had me in stiches... and much as Errol complains about always getting roles where he has to "act" (please note my inverted commas *grin*) stupid he's just so darned good at it. And I especially loved the the Haikel / Kumar tatoo parlour scene, lewdness notwithshtanding. In short - Haikel wanted his wife's name permenantly inked on his privates. Kumar said "Anabelle" was wayyy to amibtious. Haikel said "Belle". No? Umm... "Anna"? Kumar: "Err. I think... "A"." I still grin to myself when I think about this.

The top tens lists were hilarious too... Ten Things Men Can't Do (trust me, the accompanying song and dance by Haikel, Kumar, Randall and Michaes was side-splitting. My favourite line, before they remind us of all the things they men can't do, was "we can sing... we can fly *or something*... we can make the cockroach die!" *grin*), Ten Things Men Hate About Themselves ("we hate our impotence!!!" *insert manly war cry*), Ten Things Men Think But Dare Not Say ("we really want to have sex with as many women as possible!! We really want to rule the world!!!" - thanks, Errol). Endless top ten lists lah.

Another special thing about Oh Man! was it's willingness to do slightly different stuff from normal devised pieces... think Nicholas' story-telling segment with appropriate hand gestures. The TFYE has been imitating that segment like mad... ask me if you want a replay. Haikel's rapping about his daughter was heartwarming - though it occurred to yours truly that it was a rather obvious rip-off of Will Smith's "Just the Two of Us". And then there were Kumar and Randall's stand-up comedy. Or Randall's attempt at stand-up commedy and Kumar's dirty fun. To be honest, Kumar went on a little longer than he should have for the actual show... and the preview jokes were so much funnier. I really enjoyed his segment at the preview, jibes at the sponsors, TC's set and his fellow actors (loved the bit about Kay Tong wheeling in and out) etc. but by the time he got to the real show it got somewhat reduced to jokes about guys and their manhoods. But still, Kumar remains unbeatable at the standup comedy game. Wonder if anyone really did take his advice and slap Sean for making the guys do that stupid STUPID "Things Men Can't Do" jig.

This review is going on a bit long... and is probably incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't watched it. But I have one more scene to mention - that "Men on Trial" scene. I like it. Tension, Kay Tong being creepy as the adament wife-beater. The execution bit was a tad much perhaps - and Randall's "posing" got slightly amusing - but I enjoyed the live gunfire. I'm just a little girl at heart. I like me my toys. Speaking of "toys", TC's "giant pneumatic phallus" (quote from the Inkpot review) - the crane on his set, ok, not his, well, nevermind - I thought was a nice touch, though I'd have preferred it be used more subtly, like in the preview. Having it crash down at the end of the "impotence" line of Things Men Hate About Themselves in the real show ruined the fun of it, somehow.

Better wrap up now. Just read a back-dated issue of 8days in which Steph Song commented she'd like to see the Oh Man! cast in bikinis. It occurs to me this could be very natural (Kumar) very painful (Haikel), very disconcerting (Kay Tong) or very amusing (everyone else). Could we see Sean in the bikini too? Please? In the meanwhile, though, the skirts are enough. But you don't see Kay Tong in his white, lacey, pink pom pom affair in this picture. That's a sight to tell one's grandchildren about. Oh. Man.

Images from Inkpot Theatre Reviews and the Oh Man! flyer.

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Sunday, 7th December '03

Today I Saw a Man Using an Empty Whiskey Glass as a Walkie-Talkie

No really, I didn't. It's just another one of those odd lines from odd songs (this one was from "8 Ball" by Underworld, I think. I'm not even too sure). Well, as they say, this is my United States of Whatever. I just couldn't come up with a more random line to parallel the COMPLETE ARBITRARINESS of this entry. It's more arbitrary than... common law without precedents. There you go, I'm a mugger. Yay.

Just logged off the "darned Friendster". This nickname for the service is an amusing one, increasingly being used with a little more fondness. So now that I have 40 friends, it might seem the right time to make a couple of comments.

The first odd thing that struck me about Friendster was its incredibly redundant / wrong way of going "XXX is your friend" at the top of any particular friend's page. Redundant in some cases like "Henghwa is your friend" (sorry dude, using your name for my examples because you dragged me into this. Now you are going to pay). I freaking KNOW Dage's my friend. And for people like the Smubs / 21st / 401 gang, the title "Friend" doesn't even do them justice. They're so much more. Wrong in other cases, where the declaration offends the part of me that tends towards uncompromising honesty. It's a bit odd when a couple of folks whom I know added me, but I'm pretty sure I haven't spoken to them (beyond Hi-Bye, anyway) for at least two years. It's not always a bad thing, I AM interested in seeing what has happened to people whom I haven't seen around. And I AM intrigued by the whole six-degrees-of-seperation theory. I think it's cool that I get to see who knows who and all that jazz. In fact, it's absurdly exciting to see that hey, I know A who knows B who knows... hey, I know C too! My 40 friends have already thrown up some rather interest-worthy connections. You know, I don't mean that everyone whom I haven't spoken to for two years ISN'T a friend. It just irks me that everyone I know or add to my list is automatically elevated to "Friend" status. For a large majority of my list (since it's rather modest now), the status is generally true and well-earned. But I'd rather Friendster be called "Accquaintance-ster" or "People-whom-I-know-ster", if you get my drift.

Yeah, I'll be a cynic and believe that some folks DO use Friendster as a show-off / ego-boosting device (oh lookie, I have a 4-digit number of friends! *scream*). The sheer fact that there are testimonials is disturbing too. Do I REALLY need my friends to say wonderful things about me? My friends now seem to use my testimonials to either a) nag me about being naggy (HUANG JIAN' AN!!!!!) or b) matchmake me. (CHEW HENG HWA! LUCAS LUK TIEN WEE! BABS HAMA BOONY CHENG LIMIN!!!) Sorry I couldn't resist. *rotfl*. I know I know, I even half-jokingly asked Heng for that first testimonial... just to take revenge for him hooking me up to this whole affair. But on a real tip, we all know which friends we mean a lot to, we don't need affirmation that the whole world can see! But on the other hand, it's always nice to know someone you hold in high regard thinks kindly of you too. And we all need affirmation at some point. It just feels cheap that it's so public. Which brings me to what irritates me the most. Why do some people write glowing testimonials for people they hate in real life. Why fake respect and love, which you know you don't have - does it make you cooler to have agreed with everyone who gave XXX a testimonial? Or are you just fishing around, hoping XXX hasn't realised the artificiality of your latest entry and will write something nice and juicy back? Excuse me if I offend, but I just don't get it.

Argh, too much on Friendster for now. But my conclusion is, yeah, I've decided on the hybrid view. It's a fun game, completely open to abuse, but as long as I treat it as Accquainstance-ster I gather I'm being honest enough and I can go around adding any Toms and Harry-Dicks I like. Dirty pun fully intended.

What else did I do today? Oh yeah, I had an RnF meeting... pretty much uneventful, except that I was again reminded of my need to start driving again. Gah. But what happened was since I was in school and at Liang's notice, I opened up the locker. NEXT SEM'S WORK IS IN ALREADY! You expect some horrified gasping and whingeing, don't you? Wrong. I have never been this glad to receive work early in my life. I know this reeks suspiciously of perversity in its highest degree, but I WANT to print my cases before school starts, I WANT to start my reading and textbook buying ASAP. I don't care if the exams ended barely a week ago. One look at the M1 schedule is enough to spur me into a frenzy of self-untying shoelaces and Chinese-poetry spouting. In other words, stress. I've done the transfering of everything into my organiser. Week 8 has two freaking assignments, 50% and 40%, plus four rehearsals and probably mooting prep. Thank God I had the cow sense to drop the KR stuff. Imagine throwing IHG on top of that. I just pray I get an understanding mooting partner who will not tease me about my business nor constantly remind me of how screwed up I must have been to get myself into such a situation.

Have also realised that the second 50% legal theory essay will be released on my birthday. *resists urge to spew profanities*.

Meanwhile, on the webbie front, my attempts at javascript are failing miserably and Yan's computer just got hit with a virus when he was trying to fix my mess. Poor guy... I did a scan and I'm sure it didn't come from me though.

There was no Whose Line Is It Anyway today. *sigh*. I ended up watching WWE Bottom Line. Professional wrestling must be the stupidest spectator sport in the world. But damn if it isn't so addictive. How I can sit through an hour of bad acting and ugly, smelly sweaty men thumping each other, I don't know. I must be the only person I know who actually wouldn't mind going to watch the show at the indoor stadium. But there are redeming factors in pro-wrestling. Like Rey Mysterio's stunts. Again, I must be the only person who roots in vain for Rey Mysterio every match he fights. But hey, the 619 kicks ass - and any other body part that gets in the way, really. It's also so much fun to laugh at wierdos like Booker T and that rapper fella trying to pull an awful Vanilla Ice. And I kinda miss the Rock, even if I can never smell what he's cooking. Why has it also occurred to me that Sean Micheal (Shaun Micheal?) is pretty charismatic? Think I need to sleep more.

At Mich's recommendation, have also started on "Ender's Game", which is turning out to be a pretty good book. Looks like Ender Wiggin might be my newest literary hero after Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible (if you could call him a literary hero), Hamlet in Hamlet, Prince of Denmark and Dallas Winston in The Outsiders. No, Harry Potter doesn't qualify as a literary hero, in case you're wondering.

I hope Law Bash went well for all those involved, especially the pagent folks. Eva, Dawn, Ross, Jon, Derrick... and the one who's so so so zai he doesn't need my well-wishes: RYAN... *wink* you all know I'm rooting for you back here. I'm just too tired and broke to go down to Centro.

Eek, it's late. Dance Ensemble tech class tomorrow. Bloody Lugui warm-ups. Better go to bed. I'll leave you now with a last grumpy observation. The rate my host reflects my updates, you guys will be reading this at Christmas.

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Thursday, 4th December '03

51 Things

Today was one of those nice rare days. I got to meet up with Gerri, Zhihui and Qiong again... brilliant! We had lunch at Mos, watched Love Actually, which I thought we pretty nicely scripted and decently directed (i.e. not fantastically), shopped around without spending any real money, had dinner at Marche, and then just sat and talked and swapped stories. It felt good, to meet up with old friends who I've hardly seen and who are all studying different things now, but still have a million things to talk about. Wish the rest of the gang could be there but it was still pretty darn magical to meet up with these girls again and have the time of our lives - just like in the old secondary school days. It has also occurred to me that seven years of being friends (Qiong and Zhihui), or even five (Gerri) for that matter, is a substantial period of time.

In fact, I'm in such a good mood, I'll actualy do one of these inane little questionaires... It's from Karen's Friendster Bulletin Board. I will reserve my Friendster comments for another day. Plenty of those to come. In the meantime, it seems to me like such inane questionaires make for good character building exercises. Will perhaps make the "Kill B" cast try this one day.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue?
Neither at the moment. Don't think I'm looking to do it anytime soon either. Especially not the tongue. Hear it causes teeth fractures.

2. Be serious or be funny?
It depends on who I'm with, actually. With the 401 people and Oteam I can be SO off-my-rocker. Law people even. But with TFYE I seem a long more serious than usual. Wonder why.

3. Boxers or briefs?
I suppose this is one of those "if I were a guy..." questions. I don't know... boxers would allow a healthy breeze around the privates, right? But if I had a dangling manhood I'd want good support too, right? I'm just guessing around here...

4. Whole or skim milk?
Whole. Magnolia.

5. Single or Taken?
As Dage and Lucas never fail to remind me, I'm very, VERY single.

6. Simple or complicated?
What, me? Well that depends on what you're talking about. If it's just me, then yeah, I'd say simple enough... but if you're going on about stuff I like to study... or stuff I'd look for in a person... or... *heh, I'm joking!* Simple. That's it.

7. Law or anarchy?
Law. That's what I go to school for. "Lord of the Flies" and "The Beach" are pretty unsettling tales.

8. Flowers or angels?
This is just wierd. I'll say flowers. Daisies, please.

9. Grey or gray?
Tzo knows questions like these are my worst nightmare. I'll pick whatever gives the wiggley red line in MS Word.

10. Read or write?
Read. Less effort.

11. Color or black-and-white photos?
Colour. But I will stress that no photo can compare to a memory. No more 3x5's.

12. Sunrise or sunset?
I'm not the kind of person who watches these things. Ask any 401-er.

13. M&M's or Skittles?
Skittles. Sour. Especially for SLS lectures.

14. Rap or rock?
Mellow rock, stuff like John Mayer, Maroon 5, U2, Vertical Horizon, Jars of Clay. I'd even go for harder stuff like 3 Doors Down, Creed etc. But for rap I tend only to stick with the old Eminem stuff. Man be a *beep*-ing genius, yo.

15. Stay up late or wake up late?
Both, actually. I never keep my "wake-up-early" resolutions.

16. TV or Radio?
TV. I like me my visuals.

17. Is it POP or SODA?

18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe?
Always X. I can't tell you why.

20. Eat an apple or an orange?

21. What came first the chicken or the egg?
OMG. Chickee.

22. Hot or Cold?
Definately cold. Right, Mich? =)

24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short?
I think I tend to like the shorter types. Not the over 175cm kind anyway. But not shorter than me - thought I doubt there will be much chance of that.

25. Sun or moon?
Moon. So much more engimatic.

26. Emerald or ruby?
Ruby. More character, somehow.

28. Left or right?
We'll ignore the political connotations. Left.

29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend?
1 best friend. Quality over quantity, I'd say. And here's one more piece of trivia for you. En Ying has never had a single best friend. I'm lucky enough never to have had to choose.

30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?
Vanilla. No contest.

31. High or Drunk?
High. I get high on the air that I breathe. Drunk people, I don't like.

32. Green beans or carrots?
Both aren't exactly my thing.

33. Low fat or fat free?
Whatever tastes better, I guess. I don't usually notice.

34. What is your biggest fear in the world?
Not too sure. Guess I need a boggart, huh? Dying with unfinished business, maybe.

36. Kids or no kids?

37. Cat or dog?
Dog. Rio Waffles Koh.

38. Half empty or half full?
Half empty. If you start with the worst possible senario in mind things can only get better. =) And En Ying can only get happier.

39. Mustard or ketchup?
Ketchup. Sinsin for instant noodles, Heinz for Kenny Rogers. And whatever they give me at fastfood joints. And I hate mustard, right Heng?

40. Hard cover books or soft cover books?
Hard. If I could afford it.

41. Newspaper or magazine?
Magazine. I'm not an intellectual reader, much as I try.

42. Sandals or sneakers?
Sneakers. Flat feet need support. And they're way better for mad sprinting for the bus.

43. Wonder or amazement?

44. Red car or white car?
White. Should be cooler when left in a parking lot.

45. Happy and poor or sad and rich?
Happy and poor. No question.

46. Singing or dancing?
In the privacy of my bedroom, I'd do both simultaneously.

47. Hugging or kissing?
No idea, no experience with the latter.

48. Corduroy or plaid?
Corduroy picks up dog hair. By process of elimination we're left with...

49. Happy or sad?
Me? Happy. Stories? Sad.

50. Purple or green?
Why did I intinctively think of Barney the dinosaur? Purple, for what it's worth.

51. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship?
Not sure how much I'm gonna like sex, but friendship lah.

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Tuesday, 2nd December '03

I Want More Than My Two Front Teeth, Aite?

Ahh. Christmas time is here again. Time, again, to turn into an obnoxious little kid and indulge all my wanton material desires. No, I'm not expecting anyone to get these for me. I'll get them myself, if I can, when I can. Just... address the cheque to Koh En Ying. With a space. *grin*.

Alright, in all honesty, you guys know I'm just playin' ya. I'm one of those old fogeys who'd actually the remember this time as the reason I'm saved, and I'm a sucker for all that "Christmas Spirit" schtick. But that does NOT mean I'm against Christmas for all it's commercial value. Hee.

The Tangibles

A nice squeezy Nike waterbottle
-- You know, the kind that spurts. But I only want it in gold or the transparent one. Obviously that's half the reason I haven't got one even though they came out almost three years ago - that I can't find them, that is.

A new wallet
-- I'm a fussbudget, I'll admit. This one has to be velcro, the sports kind, no leather. It has to have a zip coin pouch, ample space to hold about 6 cards, and a transparent side pocket. A plus if it doesn't look butch-y, but I'm already kinda resigned to the fact that functional wallets are always made for the guys.

Baby G
-- With a wrap-around strap. I don't care if they're passe, I need a digital watch.

Interesting Hats
-- Always room for more of these. Anyway I have a hat head - ask Kai or Babs.

More Clean-colour markers
-- The more you buy, the more you want.

-- Currently "Singles" by Suede and the R.E.M. greatest hits collection sound good. And without a doubt I also want "Any Given Thursday" by John Mayer.

A Cold Fusion yoyo
-- If you haven't a clue what this is... it's alright. It's not an insult - but you probably can't afford it anyways.

-- That fit, dammit. I hate my butt.

The Intangibles

To make it through M1 Theatre Connect alive
-- This comes in a lot of parts, I guess. No hissy fits, efficieny, discipline. This is one Christmas wish that is obviously not going to get fulfilled. Hopefully our SM is one heck of a tyrant.

A butt that would fit into pants
-- See last item of "Tangibles".

Better memory and mugging discipline
-- This supplements the first item of "Intangibles", but with respect to my school work.

More emotion
-- I always think I let go too easily.

Some nice fella...
-- To put the Smubs' minds at ease. *wink*.

More "worldiness"
-- I don't know how to explain this.

An ability to be more obnoxious when I chose
-- This is growing daily, but I want more.

A way with words
-- More John Mayer envy.

To continue to love reading Law
-- Always think it's important to have passion, yeah?

A zai and understanding mooting partner
-- Another supplement to the first item in this list.

Perseverance to keep in touch with people that matter
-- It's harder than it would seem, I'm sure you guys know.

Patience to be good to my parents
-- No, I'm not a model daughter.

Time to spend with my dog
-- Not much these days.

To be stronger in my faith
-- It's Christmas, after all.

See lah... SEE LAH! What started out as completely frivolous entry has actually gained some depth. What's wrong with me? *sigh*.

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