Sunday, 26th December '04

Christmas Christmas Time Is Here...

This has been the most Christmassy year I've had in a long time. Funnily enough, it didn't revolve much around presents and the like... presents were pretty much a sideline issue for me this year. So were things like cards received and the idea of Christmas Cheer and so on. Hmm. I must be growing up.

Growing up, perhaps, enough to realise that the Christmas spirit doesn't mean perfection. Enough to not completely lose it when the evil ghost of Christmas shopping descended upon this tiny island causing people to flock to Orchard road and other shopping hotspots and therefore creating UNBEARABLE transport conditions. Today (as has been the case for the past two weeks worth of MRT rides), I found myself squished up against the door... my cheek a mere inch from the door window. I had to face the side because my nose was too long and protruding (and by all standards I have a short nose) to face forwards. Somehow that didn't faze me.

And I was also blissfully contented with the Christmas haul this year - even though, as usual, no one gives me anything that I can really see myself using much this year. Short of that incredibly cute eyelash curler Gnet got, heh. smile But she already knew I was much enamoured by it, so that may not really count. I mean, I appreciate everything I got and all the effort that went into it, but somehow it was a case of oh-if-I-like-it-fine-if-I-don't-I-don't-need-it-to-make-me-happy. I'm amused, though, that perhaps for the 4th or 5th year, Mich and I got identical pencil cases. Are we going to use them together, again, girl?

I was also surprised at how warm and fuzzy I generally have been feeling the past few days. I think I did my cards very well this year... apart from the overseas people, everyone got theirs in good time. I also expected to feel cranky and lonely (read: boyfriend-less, haha) this Christmas - such being the usual effect of watching too many American shows that involve couples at Christmas - but surprisingly, I didn't really give a shit. I think I can attribute that to a talk with ZH and Gerri at the Scotts Baoger place... indirect, but very perspective-gaining.

Smubs were amazing dinner company two days back... one of the coolest dinners ever. Bert actually cooks fried rice pretty well and Gnet's (or rather, Gnet's maid's) kebabs were yummy. Mum's turkey (I'll call it Mum's turkey since no matter how much I tried to help, I always wound up doing bangla work... chopping mushrooms / chestnuts / turkey liver making garnishing etc. and never any real cooking) was really good too - if slightly unorthodox after Dre created little spring onion "coconut trees" in an island of mashed potatos. All this was in honour of the missing Babs, mind you. It was lovely hearing Luk's and Dage's voices on the phone again after so long too... miss them so much... Lucas is the sweetest, calling us all the way from Ireland! And Dage woke up early just to wait for out call... Babs... well, the time was just too off. I just hope the water thing isn't getting to her... we spent a significant portion of dinner talking about how we would cope with water shortages like that... I mean, you must sweat a lot in the desert, and if you can't bathe, well... *shrug*. It's funny too, how Gnet's house has REALLY become this Smub headquarters... we use it like our own house nowadays... we know where the spare blankets are kept, keep toothbrushes in her guest bathroom. It's rather heartwarming!

I suppose I should also mention the 7 hr 40 min Dungeons and Dragons game that Ben, Dre, Bert and I played. Oh, the guys had to keep saving my little "Rogue Halfing" ass, and it was an absurd amount of time to be staring at a TV set frantically pressing buttons with our thumbs, but oh well... rolls eyes. Ben was this insane creature the whole time too... he keep yelling strange sex-related terms at odd intervals something like this:
"Wahh... ORGY OF MONSTERS!!! Arrrgggghhhhh...."
"Gimme BURNING HANDS, man! Orgas...."
And THEN, he came up with strange names for unknown monsters. Without going into detail, it will suffice to say that around the 5 hr mark he started to yell "UULUULUUULUUUU!" everytime the "undead" creatures appeared. And then Andre started to echo him.

If Dage were there, things would have been even more havoc.

On a more sane note, family dinner at Aunt Angeline's place was pretty decent too. Andrew now has this incredibly lovable (and rather huge) Golden Retriever called Duchess. Mind-bogglingly obedient (but then again I grew up with Rio, the dog whom the vet says had "one character"), with thick curled eyelashes (so pretty on a doggie) and a nice thumpy tail. It's a dog that's very very comfortable with it's position at the bottom of the pack. It'll hang around and let the kids play with it and then walk up to someone, stare adoringly, and lick the person's elbow or fingers. Needless to say, I just melted.

The kids (my nephew, Marc, and nieces Amanda and Andrea) also put up this skit called "The Brave Ant". I couldn't make out what the heck was going on, and the production aspect was terrible, but hey, they're little KIDS. But they're at least carrying on mine and Mich's legacy pretty well. When we were their age we had this newsletter that we made everyone buy... hurhurhur satisfied... and now the kiddos have graduated to theatrical productions. Well, every generation finds new ways to inflict itself on the adults, doesn't it? But back to the show review. I loved the little ants feelers they made (green wire around hairbands). The murder scene was decidedly strange (macabre isn't it, that the kids wrote this storyline involving the Brave Ant being revered for killing this Queen who did nothing wrong). The coronation of the Brave Ant as King was also incredibly cute... and Mich and I looked at each other and went "Return of the King!". Well, at least the production went more smoothly than last year's! Last year's involved Marc and Amanda getting into a real-life fight onstage. "The Brave Ant" was followed by a "Koh Idol" segment in which the same 3 kids pit themselves against each other, all singing songs from Abba's "Mama Mia!". I voted for Andrea... she's damn adorable singing the titular track. Maybe we'll get singer in the family! We haven't had any singing people since Alvin and even he didn't do anything that serious.

Tonight my Mum's side of the family came over for dinner too... nothing very remarkable lah... everyone sitting around watching Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Not my idea of Christmas dinner, but oh well. Another excellent turkey, though.

And my Christmas experience wouldn't be complete with out a mention of Sleeping Beauty on Ice. I had a pretty good time, and the standard was pretty decent, but not up to what they were touting it as. All the reviews said the performances were flawless, but I dunno... I guess I'm ngeow. The whole affair being touted as an Olympic skater standard thing, I expected a more demanding repetoire from the entire cast. So far, they were very good, but not jaw-dropping. Choreography fell a little short, lacking variety in lifts, jumps and spins. There is really a limit to how many times I can watch single axels and a hand-to-butt lift without wondering of this was really a world standard skating show.

This was what they promised:
"In The Sleeping Beauty on Ice, The Imperial Ice Stars will perform stunning skating feats on the theatre stage, including triple flips, triple toe loops, double axels, death spirals, camel spins, Bielmanns, triple throw axels and spectacular lifts..."

I counted:
No triple flips
No triple toes
A number of double axels (the male chorus members large have very tight axel air positions! Nice! But no female doubles.)
A good number of camel spins (text-book perfect ones from the Messenger - he really stole the show... he was awesome)
A good number of death spirals (but not competition standard. I think a lot were performed by singles skaters, and too many boot edges scrapped the ice)
Couple of Bielmanns (not enough, nor well sustained)
No triple throw axels (I was VERY DISAPPOINTED with the partner-assisted jumps. You're not allowed to do single partner-assisted axels! Come on!!)
Specatucar lifts (um, ok lah, but some lifts were definitly overused, and there were hardly any hand to hand lifts or lasso lifts).

In short, not up to the standard they promised. Sigh. But watch the show anyway for the show stealers Carbosse and Messenger. The pairs item as Carbosse dies is really good, and Messenger gives us the only triple jumps (2 axels in succession) of the show. He also does this amazing death drop (Boitano would have been proud), and forward and back sit spin combination (he just keeps switching back and forth endlessly). The chorus skaters are very good too... very precise. Lilac Fairy has smooth dancing steps, but otherwise is superflous - she can't jump and does a grand total of two really slow back spins. *sigh*

Again, I love the Messenger dude. Now if only his footwork weren't so awkward.

I'm tired. Off to bed now.

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Thursday, 23rd December '04

As Qiong Says: "Woot!"

Heavens knows how that spasticated monsyllabic utterance above came to represent a feeling of happiness, but here's what you get.

Hm. I got an email from one of the administrative people working on the Student Exchange Programme selections. It was to tell me one of my tutors had not submitted my reference. I could look at this two ways: (a) I could panic because this means, well, that my application is incomplete. Dangnabbit. I'm really quite anxious now. (b) I could be rather pleased since that means that I'm through to the next round (they don't need references unless you're in the next round). That will also mean I didn't foul up my recent exams. I'll try to focus on the happier side until my tutor replies to my naggy emails.

Mich came back from Australia armed with loads of pictures of... um... crabs. Haha. We had fun looking at those. She's doing pretty well in the EDB scholarship applications, and I think she'll get it! It's nice to know my little cousin might do what I couldn't and get a paid-for education in the US. And yes, I'm jealous *pout*.

Qiong's coming hhhooooooommmmmmeeeeee!!

Tzo's coming for a vvvviiiiissssssiiiiitttttt!! We can retire J.D. for a bit.

Got my tickets for The Imperial Ice Star's Sleeping Beauty on Ice! And I'm watching it with wonderful friends, ZH and Tzo. Got Category 1 Tickets for student price! That's a $60 discount! Whee. I miss Limin though. Was surfing through my own old webpage and remembered how we watched Disney on Ice (Jungle Tales) together and drooled over Tarzan and fell over laughing at the irrestiable backstreet-vultures. I hope Babs is doing alright with her water shortage in Ayers Rock.

Chatting to Dage now... silly boy is stuck in front of his computer bidding for and Ipod Mini on ebay. Speaking of which, EBAY! HURRY AND DELIVER QIONG'S AND MY ROTK DVDS!

7-eleven is selling Pro-Yo IIs again! Strange, but true. Just when I've stocked up enough to last a lifetime (from Dave's Yoyos). Currently I have a Pro-Yo II, Pro-Yo II, Turbo Bumble Bee and Mini Cold Fusion (which is rather useless but oh-so-pretty and sleek).

Finally bought Gnet's present. Shaun, if you ever read this blog, I want Seal's Greatest Hits. Air Supply's Forever Love also can. I miss CD shopping, dammit.

Off to file the RnF Flag file. It will be out of my hand and out of my house tomorrow FOREVER!


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Monday, 20th December '04

Silent Night? Not With Him Around.

It's as Mum said: "I'm surprised the hawkers allow him to keep on going like that." - Subtext: he's chasing everyone away.

Fellow Bedok-ians will, by now, probably have seen the guitar-strumming, microphoned and amped Christmas carroller who parks himself between the Bedok Intererchange hawker centre and the covered walkway leading to the MRT every other day or so. He's perfectly healthy, decently well-off (at least from the looks of his clothes), so he's definitely not a charity case. What he doesn't have, is any sense of tone or rhythm, or any guitar repetoire beyond what sounds like 2 chords (G and C, I think). Licence to busk? Yeah, he has it. Unfortunately, it seems the licensors don't screen potential buskers.

And there he stands, all ready to deliver a rocking-good Christmas to everyone around.

As if.

He sings each syllable of his 6-song programme as regularly as a metronome. Imagine a clock going tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock... now instead of "tick" and "tock", substitute the words "san-ta, claus-is, com-ing, to-town...". Not a pretty picture, is it? And in on top of that, in the same unwavering regularity of beat, the "jangjang" sounds of 2 downward strums of an amped acoustic. (First G) jangjang (now C!) jangjang, (now G!) jangjang, (repeat the C!) jangjang... remember, we're going along to (tick-tock, tick-tock) "gon-na, find-out, who's-naugh, ty-and, nice-*rest*".

Keep going... jangjang, jangjang, jangjang...

"... i wan-na wish-you a-merr ry-christ mas!..."

(jangjang, jangjang)

"fe-lis, navi-dad... fe-lis, navi-dad..."

(jangjang, jangjang)

"ru-dolph, the-red, nosed-rein, deer-had, a-ver, ry-shi, ny-nose!"

(jangjang, jangjang)

OOH! He changes strumming pattern just for a bit!

JANGjangjang, JANGjangjang (think waltz beats)... "...children-laugh-ing, people-pass-ing, meeting-smile-aft-ter-smile..."

And then he goes back to the old jangjang, jangjang pattern.

"'ll-go, down-in, his-tor, reeeeeee!!!"


I know this because I was sitting there in the hawker centre eating a delicious herbal chicken the whole time.

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Saturday, 18th December '04

Sleepy Sleepy.

Point form entry anyone?

1. I'm damnfriggin' sleepy. If it wasn't for the excellent 2 part lunch I had today (part one at Gnet's with Kai and Gnet's family involved one yummy fish - I'm sure Gnet's Er Jie's boyfriend will agree... part two with shiok kueh pi tee at TTSH), I would be feeling really zonked.

2. Girls' sleepover was amazing... haha... thanks to the silly Strawberry Kai whom I should now be able to kill anytime I like, I had to spend a night in Gnet's tiny shorts and Waddle T-shirt. *grr*. And the stupid girl again offered me Dennis' rugby shorts. Kaoz. But apart from missing Limin, I think this was the happiest, albeit most zabor, sleepover in quite a while. It involved a lot of stupid grumbling and Lays potato chips. Rocko is still exceedingly cute, and Sony is still exceedingly skinny (not much of a surprise, considering the sisters who own him).

3. I bought the new guitar at last. Yes Ave, here's to late-night jamming at PGP. smile It's not Cherry, though sad, and here's the long story why... see, I was going to buy Cherry, but she's a display piece, and I asked the nice sales-dude for a new piece. He trooped up to the storeroom to bring down Cherry II. And just as he pulled her out of the packaging he looked down and went "Oh my Gawd." Which was about the same reaction I had when I glanced over. Cherry II was the victim of a mammoth crack between the neck and body. YARGH. So, would I just take Cherry? Ok, she looked decent enough. So I began to do the usual checks, beginning with a visual examination. Lo and behold, Cherry herself had a small (but still substantial) crack between neck and body. So that was it. No Cherry or Cherry II. So I went rescouting all over again. And then found myself torn between a decent, brown and boring looking solid-spruce top with rosewood back and sides Fina at $250 or a gorgeous royal blue and black solid-spruce top with mahogany back and sides piece equipped with pick-ups (can't remember the brand) that felt like he wanted me to take him home for $480. Needless to say a lack of money won out. Once I felt the blue guitar giving me vibes I put him back, or I would be broke in addition to sleepy now. Fina it is. The problem now is that much as Fina is a decent guitar it doesn't carry enough personality instantly to fall in love with or to even characterise it and give it a name as yet. But it was the only piece left that fit my needs at an amazing price. *sigh* *sigh*. I know it's a frivolous worry, but oh well. It's like picking a damn husband - but with the exception that once I'm rich I can buy any guitar I want.

4. Thanks to brother Bert for the first Christmas card of the year! hehe Mine's coming soon!

5. Zzzz. Very... very... ... sleeZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

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Wednesday, 15th December '04

Cherry, Oh Cherry!


I think I've found my steel-string acoustic baby. Her name is Cherry, a Peal, solid spruce-top in Cherry Sunburst colour (hence the name). No mother-of-pearl, no spikey edges and low action, thank God. Classic Dreadnought shaped, but with cutaway. A fusion of traditional folksy-ness and new-fangled funk. Potential to custom-add a pickguard of my choice and pickups if I ever want to play at a volume other people can hear. Free servicing and year-long warranty, with padded gig-bag.

But over-budget. Please direct all donations and advanced birthday money here.

And on a completely unrelated note, the O.C.'s "12 Days of Chrismukkah" song (from the official website) is mildly amusing. Not as funny as the Singaporean version of the 12 Days, which had me and Mich rotfl-ing, but funny in a "Hehh... *corners of mouth turn up a little*" sort of way. It's very soap-opera appropriate. For non-watchers, Chrismukkah is a hybrid of Christmas and Hanukkah, and just about the most important holiday of the year:

On the 12th day of Christmukkah my true love gave to me:
12 Beemers Beeping
11 Hissy Fits
10 Trophy Wives
9 Yoga-lattes
8 Gardners Gardening
7 Couples Cheating
6 Cheeks A-Slapping
5 Yama-Claus!
4 Broken Hearts
3 Broken Homes
2 Smashed Walls
And a Boy-Toy from The O.C.!

Ryan's mine, by the way. Hehh... *corners of mouth turn up a little*

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Tuesday, 14th December '04

No! I Know Small Noodles When I See Small Noodles!

now playing: dave matthews band's "crash into me".

Am currently getting intensely educated by Linus (Wong) on the merits of DMB. I can't complain. People who like John Mayer tend to like DMB and vice versa, I think. He is also currently gloating (now Linus Chua would never gloat, he's too nice) at my pain in trying to play "No Such Thing"... so this here paragraph is a note to self to remind me to ask him to teach me the strumming pattern and the second chord in the chorus progression as I think my tab is wonky and watching 2 live John Mayer vids over and over and over in order to copy his fingering is driving me nuts. John is, as Arvin says, a 6-foot freak, whose hands are wide enough to span 4 frets and he can play the low E-string with his thumb *groan*. And John can make such freaking ugly expressions when he's focusing. So I try to not look at his face, but that's where the camera insists on zooming onto when I'm trying to squint at his flying fingers, dammit. But I can play like 80 percent of the verse and the bridge, so I'm decently happy. Why do I have to be a mad fan of the toughest folk-rock guitarist of my generation? Tell me why, why Georgia, why?

But on to bigger things, namely dinner and the rather strange "find the Gnet" game we played around Chinatown tonight. Bert, Kai and I met up for dinner, with the usual tardier strawberry stuck at SGH carolling her lungs out... lucky patients, huh, being serenaded by one of the famous Sng family's songbirds. A privellege I'm afraid the Smubs have worn out through repeated "I wanna BEEEE with you!" phrases.

And AFTER we finished dinner... Gnet calls and says she's lost. *frown*. SGH is kinda near Chinatown, isn't it? *sigh* So she's supposed to join us at People's Park Centre, and calls to say she's meandering around in her car somewhere around Merchant Road. We react appropriately: *!!*. Within the next breath she let's loose more information, all the time on the phone to Kai. I know she doesn't use a hands-free, so that was worrying. So here's a rough summary of what the conversation went like on our side of the telephone:

Kai (on the phone): You're WHERE? At an Indian TEMPLE??
Me: Indian tem...SRI MARIAMMAN??
Bert: SRI MARIAMMAN???!!??
Me: That's like at freaking Raffles Place...
Kai (on the phone): That's at Raffles Place! What are you doing there? You what? You're at the Great Eastern Life building now? Junction between Cross Street and South Bridge Road?! Ok, you STAY THERE, we're going to get you. STOP MOVING.
Me: Now we have to go to the Singapore History Museum?!
*murmurs of "omigawd" and "thatstrawberryah..."*

*Kai hangs up and we hustle our way down from PPC to almost at the junction*

Kai (on the phone): Hello? Gnet? Whaddya mean you're not EXACTLY at the Great Eastern building? You can see OG?

*Everybody does an immediate about-turn and begins walking in the exact opposite direction*

Kai (on the phone): You're at Yue Hwa? OG's on your left? STOP MOVING!!

*Everybody begins to gesture wildly trying to figure out where the HELL Gnet is facing and where she's walking next. It's like FBI shows where the CIA is hunting Ethan Hunt or Jason Bourne.*

Kai (on the phone): Can you see Hotel 81? How can you not see Hotel 81 if you're at Yue Hwa?
Bert: You know, she's going to walk right past us and not see us or something.
Kai (on the phone): You can see Hotel 81 now?
Kai (aside to the rest of us): Sekali she's at the Raffles City one.

*We worry more and quicken our pace*

Kai (on the phone): You parked at Maxwell Food Centre?
Bert: That's it. We're going to have to drive her back to her car. Gnet is the most powerful. She can not only get herself lost, she can get all the rest of us lost too...

Suffice to say that after that royal mess we rescued the strawberry and went for her dinner and our dessert at Mei Shi Jie. Where she complained about the lack of noodles in her wanton mee ("I know small noodles when I see small noodles!") and the strawberries proceeded to show us exactly how evil they can get. The content doesn't really matter, but just take it that Bert and I were left shocked and awed at the thought of what they might say about us when we weren't around... it's no wonder they meet up so often.

And one last loving parting mention... I love Kai. She drove me home! *grin* *huge hug*. And I didn't get her lost. I told you, I'm not a swaku. I can find my way home. Just give me a street directory. satisfied

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Monday, 13th December '04

You Do Find Some Little Gems While Cleaning Your Room!

I'm currently in a pretty good mood despite the abysmal state of my half-cleaned room (I think Dage knows what I mean)... and why? Because I found a whole, HUGE bunch of Taufik and Sylvester songs on Ares. Haha. Many thanks to Gerri for telling me they're actually up there... Sylvester's I downloaded for kicks... it's amazingly funny to play his songs when you're feeling down. You can't help it, you have to laugh whenever you hear him doing his ridiculous versions of "Rock Your Body" or "Music of the Night" or "Kiss from a Rose". But right now I'm just getting swept away by Taufik's "Moon Dance" and the I-swear-this-song-is-now-legendary-in-Singapore-music-history "Me and Mrs Jones". It grows on you even more when you hear it repeatedly.

But I was cleaning my room, like I said, and have thus far chanced upon things like:
- The plastic hat with musical notes over it that was used as a prop for the Combined D dance in 2001... the "You Rock My World", pseudo-Micheal Jackson affair. You remember that one don't you Smubs? *wink*
- This tatty scrap of paper that Ross and Nick wrote gay poetry about each other on during some old SLS lecture. I don't mean gay as in bad. I mean gay as in the content of the limericks was about each other having unusual sexual preferences. Some bordered on the restricted audience level.
- Bits from the Thailand trip experience - now here's a real show-stealer written by BenKoh (him of the "Feeesh Deeepperrs") on one of the nights of the trip:
"Come let's carry the water together" says Limin.
*Left hand pinch nose*
*Right hand stroke hair*
*Stand there buat-long-long act innocent two hands empty empty*
Then Jovine, Henghwa, Shaun volunteer to carry the water, while Limin hides in a corner keeping her hands occupied.
(As I write this Limin threatens to pull off my leg hair with her bare fingers as I relate the truth.)

Sheesh. And now I'm laughing too hard to keep blogging. Till the next time!

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Sunday, 12th December '04

Dead Seafood, Popcorn In Zouk... Talk About Food In Odd Situations.

Whee! Finally met up with some of the Secrets people again! *grin* The Usual Suspects lah. It was really strange... that the 6 of us (Bec, Ave, Siti, TC, Audrey and yours truly) began by fighting off swarms (and I mean SWARMS) of flyer-waving steamboat touts from the Marina Bay MRT station, only to wind up wandering around the steamboat shops looking for one with only dead seafood (blame Ave's repulsion for live, wriggling meat), and settle in a Korean steamboat place - especially when the last time we met we went to Seoul Garden. plain

But I really never wish for more than the company, and this bunch definitely made my night. If only for not nagging when I came late smile. And really, one can't complain for an all-you-can-eat buffet at 10 bucks! Whee again! I just miss Nata-shoe. sad. And no, guys, it's NOT just because I want my money back...

Before that a day out with Mum was great! After trotting down to NYP for her interview (please pray she gets the job), we went Christmas shopping with little success. But that was only to expected given my usual feet-dragging and her need to look at everything before settling on something and the unfriendly Orchard-road price tags. Shopping trips together are barely every productive, and at least this time we didn't inflict ourselves on Dad. Haha. Oh, and we watched the Incredibles! And I agree it was a pretty cool movie... although Jack Jack was kinda freaky... haha...

Ah, yes, and the Canon Digital Video awards at Zouk... mind you, we just got 3 free tickets and went to chou-re-nao... no prizes for MM rolls eyes. What the night turned out to be was
- at least half an hour of queueing at the door (and we were the ticket holders, mind, there were lots of other young punks smoozing outside trying to sneak in for free);
- free flow Tiger Beer (bleugh?) and limited flow popcorn (it's actually quite hilarious to see people standing around with popcorn cups in Zouk);
- at least 7-8 songs worth of the rather unremarkable local ban Eletreco (although Nawaz and Siyuan were quite vocal about their disapproval, with Siyuan threatening to throw his Tiger Beer bottle at them at odd intervals - any comments, my original music gurus Ave and Ben?);
- Siyuan making loud-ish snide remarks about some "Army Freaks" who stood in front of us and obviously had nothing to do with video, prompting one to turn around and become immediately recognisable to me as 22nd President Zong Lun... which, needless to say, goaded Nawaz into adding even more snide remarks;
- Michelle Chong hosting and making a valient attempt to be enthusiastic;
- Jackie Chan saying something on the TV (couldn't be there himself, but of course!) about encouraging local film making;
- a bunch of awards and money being given out to everyone but us popcorn-scarfers. smile Haha, it was also kinda funny to see Ave and Ben's friend Eugene (yes, that Eugene) on one of the nominated Professional films acting as what looked to be a sex maniac of sorts... oh and this film called "Strings" looks like it should be watched... won 3 awards out of like, 6?.
But other than that I think we were mostly bored. But that's an awards show for you.

Right then, I'm off to cut my toe-nails.

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Friday, 10th December '04

Babs-inspired Quizes

Quizilla was getting a little tiresome, so I'm rather pleased that Babs got a whole bunch of new quizes:

You are 67% Aries

Hmm. At least I'm more Aries than the average Aries.

You Are the Investigator


You're independent - and a logical analytical thinker.

You love learning and ideas... and know things no one else does.

Bored by small talk, you refuse to participate in boring conversations.

You are open minded. A visionary. You understand the world and may change it.

*Hums Eric Clapton* Cha-ee-ange the world... I will be your sunlight in your universe!

Your Element Is Earth

You excel at planning and strategizing.
You could be a champ at chess or Survivor.

Well grounded, you are able to be realistic and rationalize.
On the inside, you have a hard core. It's tough to phase you.

You are super productive, and you are able to think anything through.
Focused and super charged, your instincts are a good guide for your next step.

Bleugh. If I was a Planateer I want wind.

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Now that's a relief.

You Are From Mars

You're energetic, althletic, and totally hyperactive.
You love playing sports and being in the middle of all of the action.
You're independent, corageous, and brave. Unafraid to do things your way.
Mars can be reckless, quick tempered, and a little too spontaneous.
So think before you act - and resist your natural urges to dominate others.

That's it. One more time something tells me I should really be a man...

You Are an Old Soul

You are an experience soul who appreciates tradition.
Mellow and wise, you like to be with others but also to be alone.
Down to earth, you are sensible and impatient.
A creature of habit, it takes you a while to warm up to new people.

You hate injustice, and you're very protective of family and friends
A bit demanding, you expect proper behavior from others.
Extremely independent you don't mind living or being alone.
But when you find love, you tend to want marriage right away.

Souls you are most compatible with: Warrior Soul and Visionary Soul

Bring on the Warrior Souls.

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

Hmm. I lost that skill a long time ago. But that's the reason I'd LIKE to blog.

You Are Not Scary

Not Scary!

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

So disappointing.

You are "Face with Glasses"

John Kerry

If you're like me, you're wondering what the heck those questions had to do with this result.

Don't Vote

Don't Vote

For the Love of God

This thing about politically apathetic Singaporeans just might mean something.

You Should Be a Hot Dog for Halloween!

You Should Be a Hot Dog for Halloween!

Oh my.

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Thursday, 9th December '04

New Layout! New Ramblings!

*This entry has been edited because the useless me has had new things to blog about since checking my email and just plain remembering things that I forgot. Edited bits in bold.

Yup, just what it says.

First off, I'd like to say I'm feeling a lot better... and a huge thank you to all who helped in that... Ave for volunteering to me meet, Ben Low and Bec for the tags that reminded me you guys are still in my life, Babs and Dage and Kai for the online advice, Siao Charn for the brief but no less heartening MSN chat, Jia for calling on the phone, Qiong-the-absolute-dearest for the hour-long phonecall from the US and the email of quotes, Smubs Ben Koh/Kai/Gnet/Andre for the pizza talks, aforementioned Smubs plus Bert for the lovely sleepy sleepover, and Zhihui and Gerri for filling the next day with enough sushi and laughs to last a lifetime. And Tzo for the gorgeously long and reason-filled mail. In no order of merit, of course. *distributes hugs all 'round*

But anyways, I've realised that life, as Dage more-or-less said, sucks right about this time. So for now, at least, I'm restored to my usual En Ying-ish disposition. For now.

And here are the latest happenings in this little life of mine:

New blog layout... woohoo! Too bad Dage had to see it before it was absolutely ready, but I love this layout! *grin* Needless to say, John Mayer rocks, but more than that, I love that title picture above. The colours were amazing to begin with, and I think I can now officially say I know how to use Photoshop. Haha. satisfied And I can officially use CSS halfway decently. Even if it took me close to 2 days to figure out how to combine it with a table to get the bottom line and guitar thing right. Even if the page takes a million years to load at first (forgive me, folks, pictures of any lesser quality look too grainy). Even if it will probably collapse into an amorphous mess on any browser but Internet Explorer at 1024x768 resolution. And even if the cheesy puns involving bends, pick-ups, slides, notes, chords and riffs are smack-inducing. And even if Mum thinks I'm going to get sued for using a picture from John Mayer's CD, hence the long-winded credits segment. Ooh, but it's a cool looking layout. Go me.

Day out with the girls.. Zhihui and Gerri are the funniest people ever. I never laugh so hard with anyone else. In particular we were reading love horoscopes in Borders (and cackling our heads off, much to the chargrin of the poor angmoh customer browsing in the same aisle. Anyways, the Aries prediction goes like this - I'm sure it applies to Zhihui and Tian' ai too, but for some reason everyone thinks it's applicable only to me: apparently, I'm going to have a sex life which is "direct, passionate and volatile" *good? bad? you decide* and have a penchant for falling in love with men who are already involved *I know some of you will have something to say about this* and I will (despite being a woman), enjoy "the excitement of the chase" more than the guy himself when I get him. Interesting. Qiong's horoscope is even funnier. She will fall in love with beautiful people - we all read this to mean androgenous, skinny manga-looking boys or otherwise pretty little creatures like Orli. Tzo's, unfortunately, doesn't say anything about loving people who speak very very softly.

And I don't think this blog would be complete without mention of this FABULOUSLY cool dude Zhihui, Gerri and I befriended at Lido. hehe I don't think I wax lyrical about guys much on this blog, but with this guy I think it doesn't matter. He's gay anyways (I think). J.D. is absolutely the greatest. Maybe my bridge skills are bad but he plays like a pro, and the amazing thing is that he always makes the exact moves his partner wants him to make, and his partner can almost always read his mind - albeit with some confusion. Right, Gerri? It was all her idea to rope him in to play bridge with us since we needed a fourth, and I think he's going to be a permenant bridge partner from now on. The only thing is that he can't shuffle cards for nuts - as in it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to do so - but obviously that hasn't stopped us from playing with Tzo, haha. And he's kinda quiet too... it's pretty hard to get him to actually say anything. And he eats pathetically little at sushi buffets (yeah, we took him out to lunch). But other than that, almost the perfect person. Now just anyone take a guess at what J.D. stands for. If you can guess it, I'll tell you more about him. razz

Alright then, really must get to bed now. Am accompanying Mum for an interview tomorrow... she's going to kick ass. smile razz

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Sunday, 5th December '04

So What So I've Got A Smile On? It's Hiding The Quite Superstitions In My Head.

"Don't believe me, when I say I've got it down."

Been feeling sort of off-colour lately. Ok, maybe it's closer to downright miserable, at times. Late at night when I'm lying around ordering myself to go to sleep and stop thinking miserable-ish thoughts, to be precise. By the way, I don't need a bunch of consoling SMSes and MSN messages. I'd love my friends with or withourt them. It's come to a point I figure that everyone has their own miserable-s to take care off, and I can't always help them either.

So I was thinking maybe if I list a bunch of worries and broadcast them around it might help. Oh fat hope, but we've all got narcisistic needs to make everyone around us worry about us, right? For a while I'm a little tired of worrying about other people.

Disjointed paragraphs follow:

Money IS the root of all evil. I need more, my family needs more. My friends don't have enough, and it's all anyone talks about these days. How does it happen that when one parent's job gets insecure, the other one will too? And at the same time that the grandparents medical bills start to rise, the extended family runs off to other countries / simply are assholes who won't pay / have bad businesses? All, might I add, simultaneously with the need to get a new house for the grandparents, fund this writer's exchange opportunity if that ever happens, and just keep it all together in general? And right at this point where I save a huge amount on intellectual property via Ares, the local Parliament is going to bring it to a grinding screechy halt with their anti-piracy bill.

It's lonely around here these days, and increasingly I'm subconsciously always looking out for him when I get home or when I go to the kitchen for water at night. I know he's not there to trip me up anymore, or to greet me for that matter, and while I'm looking I'm still concious of that. I know other people who have lost other loved ones and it's always ridiculous to want to talk to anyone about a dog you miss. Those who offer to listen don't understand it anyway - it's not like I don't appreciate it, but yeah, you know. It sucks to still dream about him and wake up feeling like a big part of you has gone. Yesterday I had to write to the director of the AVA (some PPD branch, I think) to inform him that we won't be renewing the licence. That blew.

And really, guys (not just smubs, but people in general), I know you care, but it isn't helping to have people ask time and time again "oh, what's going on in your love life?" or "how many guys have you rejected?". I do appreciate the gesture and I know no one means any harm. However, I don't think my self-esteem gains much from the number of times I repeat that nothing is happening (or is likely to happen soon) and that no one is interested (or is likely to be interested soon). I just don't attract any attention in that way (or am likely to attract any soon). Yes, so I'm a bit bitter, especially when some girls are quickly working their way down the list of available guys in the world and leaving the rest of us with, well, nothing much. Listening to other friends fret about things like their "stupid boyfriends" who don't drive them where they want to go, or how their "stupid boyfriends" didn't hold open the door for them... good golly, be thankful as it is, already, alright?

And if you think I'm a superficial moron for worrying abt not being loved and wanting money and a pet that i obviously can't have, you're right, you know? It's part of what upsets me... all this thinking about useless things and getting all depressed about them. Whee, I'm depressed about being depressed.

But there are more, if you'd like to know. Friends are an issue I thought I had all settled. Maybe I didn't. I don't care for a whole crapload of superificial hi-bye accquaintances and the past couple of years I've just kept my sights on the people whom I've known and loved for a while. I mean, now that they're all far away and I see them once a year, maybe, it takes more effort to be in each other's lives and there's always only so much I can do. So I've kind of not bothered to try much, say, making friends in school or anything. Still it somehow seems rather pathetic that I can barely find someone to watch a movie with or to bum with anymore, simply because everyone who I'd want to do that with and who'd want to do that with me is somewhere at the other end of the globe. I know Kai asked me last monday why I wasn't out with any Law folks. It was a bit awkward to tell her that I don't have Law friends. No one will ask me to do anything, or go anywhere and I should be fine with that because heck, I had an amazing time with the Smubs in Singapore. But, oh yeah, it did anyway. It just gnawed away at that little childish need to fit in and have it affirmed that people like me... and yes, it's dumb again, but just screw it because it does bother me.

On the reverse side of that, I'm getting more anti-social by the day. Humans are beginning to seem more and more like walking chunks of meat, doing nothing but taking up space, using up oxygen and emitting too much heat and noise. Humans and their morals are also on the highway to hell. It just seems to me that even the best of friends nowadays can't bother to keep a promise like when we'd meet or even remember to. I don't aim this at anyone and I'm guilty of being late and stupid myself. But if you think about it, if you do that to me, it only makes me feel like you think my time is unimportant, and that you don't value me very much. Same as asking me to take on something, like, say, a skit for a charity event, and not bother telling me it's been cancelled until a bunch of us who were supposed to do it run around wondering what the heck is going on only to find out we've wasted our time and anticipation. I'm not angry at this event alone, or mean anything against the perpetrators. It's just the latest straw that broke this camel's back (and unleashed some grumpy blogging).

Sometimes I think I might need some therapy of some sort. And then we come back to the points above, where I have no money for it, and anyways, I will just end up feeling lousy for wallowing in self-pity (and yeah, what do you call this entry?).

So that leaves me with an either-or conclusion - by this time next year I will either turn into Eminem or a serial killer. Take your pick.

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Wednesday, 1st December '04

Folks, We Have A Winner!

And that was a good results show too! Mainly, the finalists weren't stingy about giving us a good long medley combined performance and amazingly all of them sounded good! In particular, Chissypoo actually sounded really strong singing an Eric Clapton excerpt and Chinhao reigned in his mad antics (and riduculous knock-kneed moves) for "Rock Around The Clock". Jerry Ong... well, there's hardly anything anyone can say to make him look good. It just doesn't work that way.

The Sylvester / Taufik duets were kind of disappointing... when they did Hoobastank's "The Reason" I kept waiting for it to end, and Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart's "All For Love" was terribly harmonised.

But it was the RESULTS show, for crying out loud, and that's what I really should be focusing on. Well, I was actually wondering how they were going to do it. You know how in American Idol, they go to each contestant's home state and interview people because there's always a big party in the home state in honour of each. And then they proceed to declare how, say, Clay has taken the state of New York and Reuben has taken the state of California and how so-and-so has taken the 20-point state of Ohio - oh, wait, wrong results. blush You know what I mean. I would be really tortured if they went like... ok, Taufik has taken Queenstown Ave 2! And Sylvester has taken Telok Kurau Lorong J!

Thankfully they decided to dispense with such inanities and just declare the winner, with a surprisingly short amount of hemming and hawing on Gurmit's part. TAUFIK WON! Great job, now we have someone worthy to send on to World Idol! (Although I think Sylvester will sell more records, ultimately.) Congrats to both of them though, it was an excellent excellent show. And it was really sweet to see the amount of affection and respect they had for each other. I was impressed when Taufik was handed the mic to make his "victory lap" - i.e. sing the "I Dream" song, he stopped halfway to pass it to Sylvester to sing the next 2 stanzas. And how nice it was that Sylvester passed it back just in time to give Taufik the climatic part. After that, someone shoved Sylvester a mic too, and they finished up the thing in a totally impromptu duet (you could see them pointing at each other going your turn now! ok, now mine!). A duet that was, by the way, better than anything else they had tried to sing together tonight.

Ah well, all's well that ends well. Singapore Idol was not as bad as one would imagine and it was a nice ride for all us couch potatos who got involved in our own little ways (like keeping active blogs, haha). And who would have thought we'd come to care so much about who represented us to the world? Who would have thought that a couple of non-Sun Yanzi, everyday Singaporeans would inspire throngs of screaming fans (you guys overseas, you should SEE the footage). I didn't dare to take the bus on the day I knew Taufik and Sylvester were coming to Bedok Interchange. There would have been a major jam because the fans freaking chase them onto the road as they leave. Who would have known the fella who warbled "My Girl" at the semis would turn into the next Idol, and the sheep-in-wolf's-clothing Sylvester would be able to use that very trait to make thousands feel for him, and the steady pom-pi-pi ex-butch Olinda would remind us that Asians CAN have great lungs? Maybe we don't suck so bad after all.

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En Ying The Not-So-Roving Reporter, Reporting Live From The Confines Of Her Bedroom

Good evening Singapore (and readers elsewhere). This is En Ying the Not-So-Roving Reporter, reporting live from the confines of her bedroom. We had a wonderful match-up here tonight, and I have fifteen minutes to give you a blow by blow account of what went down at the Singapore Indoor Stadium starting at 7.45pm. So do forgive the typos and bad grammar, I'm in a rush. Singapore awaits with bated breath....

10 minutes to go to the results show! Mel just called with dance camp stuff. ARGH!! *fingers fly across the keyboard*

So after all the red carpet affairs, the whole show started with the 9 kicked-out finalists opening with a very energetic cover of Britney Spear's "Stronger", and not even Zaki's choreo could save the Idols from their own inability to control their flailing limbs... other than that it was a pretty stirring opening, but of course no one cared too much about THAT part of it.

Then Taufik and Sylvester came it... *boxing ring bell goes ting ting ting ting*. This is where music from Europe's "The Final Countdown" started playing in my head and from now on you can read everything in that boxing ring announcer type voice:

Entering from the left side of the stadium standing *average male height* and weighing *average male weight*, in the pimped out officially-sponsored yellow Chevrolet, the representative of the R&B and Stevie Wonder lovers and Mats of the world....

TAUFIK BATISA!!!!!!! *wave of screams drown out non-roving reporter who is slightly alarmed to spot her friend Tasha dressed up as a bride of Taufik sitting in the first row*

And entering from the right side of the stadium, standing at *shorter than average male height* and tipping the scales at what looks to be about 120 pounds, sporting huge old-school rocker sunglasses and leather jacket and guitar, and perched on a huge Harley Davidson behind grumpy looking angmoh bike-rider who looks like the bike seat isn't good for his family jewels, and mind you he will flash his Metal "\m/" ad naseum today....

SYLVESTER SIM!!!!! *non-roving reporter is annoyed by the interruption of mad girlies*

So the 2 blokes wave and strut their way onstage and Taufik does a few nifty Usher-esque moves Sly gives us the benefit of a few slides and bends on the guitar. It was cute but eyebrow-raising. R&B versus RAWK! in the big show-down.

Well, that was really quite an entrance, and Zaki's choreography was so much more interesting this time. Normally he holds back because, well, the Idols aren't exactly dancers.

But LAADDDDIIIEEEES AND GENTTLEMENNN!! We didn't come here to waste our time on opening acts! It's time to get down and dirty! This is how the games will go today, folks. Each contender will perform 3 numbers. One will be the Judges' Choice, one will be the Contestent's Choice from an earlier show, and one will be a song written specially from the winner from the composer of Guy Sebastian's "Angels" called "I Dream", the single the first winner releases. But lest I bore you, let the games BEGIN!!!

ROUND ONE... *ting ting ting ting!* FIGHT!

Cautious start by both sides, warming up to the madhouse that is the Singapore Indoor Stadium... we had the coin toss last week to determine who would begin the attack first (no thanks to Gurmit for gabraing the coin toss marvellously). So we begin with Taufik.

Contestent's Choice: Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"

Like I said, cautious start but it was pleasantly controlled right from the beginning. Slick dance moves were captivating at the start, but HEY! it's Taufik lah! Since it's a song already done before, there isn't much new to say, but I found one rather disturbing problem - his energy was too contained. He just seemed small and lost in the huge stadium. His energy was focused on the first few rows and he looked a bit nervous. I didn't feel the Taufik magic, and that was really worrying. Nonetheless classy and very good. Just kind of short of the spark I was looking forward to from this usually magical performer.

Judge's Choice: Bon Jovi's "It's My Life"

Let me say this in the most straightforward way possible. I would NEVER choose a Bon Jovi song for Sylvester. Never never. He doesn't have enough sei to pull it off. But I appreciated the effort though. He sang his face off, and you could see he threw himself head-first into the song. The pitch, however, was shocking. A good number of notes were flat (amazingly not a single judge caught it), and the diction was oh-my-gawd standard of bad. "IZ-MA-LIIII... IZ-NOW-WAR-NEHHVERR... AH-AINT-GONAH-LEE-FOH-AIRVAAA!!!" and "MA-HAR-IZ-LIII-CAN-OPAN-HAWEHH!! AH-TINK-AH-SAA-AH-DOOO-IT-MA-WEHH!!" are samplings of what I heard. sleepy It was like cracking another code. But HERE the Sylvester factor came through. You saw this skinny little boy belting his heart out like a hyena on speed, and in spite of everything, you loved the show. You know everything that went wrong, but yet you want to applaud anyway. And you really don't know if all that's a good or bad thing.

Round one results: I refused to make any votes. I couldn't decide. Power and spirit went to Sly, class and cool and stage-awareness went to Taufik, with a concession for the wobbly start because it must be simply terrifying to go out there first and face the rabid crowd. Obviously though, Sylvester was the more entertaining singer, simply because he gave me more to write (and gripe) about - and we all know that is what separates the star from the good singer.

ROUND TWO... *ting ting ting ting!* FIGHT!

Winner's Single: "I Dream"

I was pretty disappointed by this song too. I really wanted Taufik to do better because I thought he really deserved to be the Idol. Again the energy was small and for some reason his voice was unable to carry far to the back. When the backing choir from VJC came on, he didn't use the choir well and sometimes got drowned out by them. I can't say he didn't do well, if you know what I mean, but it was lacklustre coming from him. The voice took a slightly nasal turn too. It also didn't have the focus and control that had become characteristic of his work over the past week. It just was not great, AND my mum fell asleep. Not a good sign. Oh, Taufik!! Please pick it up!

Contestant's Choice: Jay Chou's "An Jing"

Sylvester in his Chinese element again! Not a remarkable performance either, but the timber of his voice seemed to improve hugely. It's not a hard song to sing, but his pitching and control were still very good. And it was again a heartfelt performance, so much so that even Douglas O, who couldn't understand Chinese, could tell that it was a sad love song. And I was quite satisfied when Gurmit asked Sylvester if there was something sad he was singing about and he went "No lah, you sing song just got to emote lor". I dunno, it just seemed to me that he's matured a long way from the petulant kid he was when he first joined the contest - the kid who refused to even try in "Disco" week and refused to put on glasses and act geeky for a photoshoot.

Round two results: I still wanted very much to vote for Taufik, because that was what I was preparing to do all day anyway. BUT, I have to declare that Sylvester took this round by the slightest margin.

ROUND THREE... *ting ting ting ting!* FIGHT!

Judge's Choice: Billy Paul's "Me And Mrs Jones"

YES! YES! THIS IS IT! THIS is Taufik magic back again. I don't know what took him so long, and I really do believe now that R&B he does well, but his true calling is, strangely enough, in Jazz. This was so well done, possibly the best performance of the show and certainly the strongest song tonight. The good old focus and control was back, the emotions were nicely captured and this boy has RHYTHM! You could just feel the crowd getting more and more excited as the further he got into it, and when he finished the roar of the stadium was something to behold. The jumping, screaming banner-wavers were just pink with joy. Dick Lee was totally on the edge of his seat and the looks of pride on all the Judges' faces were just so telling. Taufik had his moment right then and there. For that little moment Singapore Idol became something that we could really be proud of. It was really a knock-us-dead performance.

Winner's Single: "I Dream"

So there I was thinking Sylvester would be backstage pissing his pants. After that performance by Taufik I thought there was no way Sylvester could come even close. After all, Sylvester hasn't been known for versatility... least of all in the way of power ballads backed by a choir. It looked like time for a toilet break. WRONG. Sylvester gave the strongest performance I've EVER seen him give. If I thought he'd matured as a performer before, I wasn't expecting this. It was sincere, it was clearly pronouced, it was accented at all the right points and unbelivably, he made fantastic use of the choir. And how the hell he infused just the right amount of rockish-sounding screeches without losing the original flavour, I'll never know. To use an old cliche, he really made the song his own. It wasn't drop-dead terrific like Taufik's "Mrs Jones", but it was still WOW! He just stood there like he was having a conversation with the audience and gave us everything he had. He smiled, he gazed wistfully into the distance; you could feel him living the dream right then and there - like the song had given him the words to say everything his rather inarticulate self couldn't. Even if Taufik should have been crowned the Singapore Idol, Sylvester should have this song as his first single. You know how people say the horse chooses you, you don't choose the horse? This song chose Sylvester, and no one can take that song away from him now.

Round three results: Taufik took this round. But Sylvester won more than a consolation prize.

The final judgment? Let's say it's going to be the hardest call ever since I've watched ANY Idol show, American or Singapore.

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This Is All Limin's Fault

The Firsts!

1. 1st school:
Bethestha Kidnergarden. And I'm still not sure I spelt either word right.

2. 1st time you tried smoking:
I haven't yet, but the closest I've ever come is sitting downwind of Ave.

3. 1st alcoholic drink you had:
Probably some wine my mum forced down my throught in the airplane... or perhaps some of that chinese wine things in a steamed fish dish.

4. 1st time you entered a bar:
Does Zouk count? If so, with all the 21st that night in 2003 where we decided to have your first times together, and went in to watch free Animatrix... haha... if we're talking bars, truely then that'll be Obar with the Bollywood Bandits.

5. 1st award you received:
Probably a silver medal for swimming in Primary 2. Lost to Olivia. Hah. She was gooooddd...

6. 1st hero:
It should probably be Jesus, though I don't talk about these things much.

7. 1st time you were sent to the principal for disciplinary action.
HAHAHAHAAAA. Actually I looked the principal up to complain about certain disciplinary rules I didn't like. Think I was about 3 going on 4. I think all the folks who were at Dex's party in J2 know what I'm going on about.

8. 1st goal you accomplished:
Learning all 12 multiplication tables when I was 9. It wasn't easy *nostalgic tears*. Andre will remember how hard Mrs Simon was on us then. She wouldn't let us go for recess if we couldn't get them all right, everyday!

9. 1st crush:
Some older boy whom I met doing that Witches show. Think I was about 12. I also think it passed before I even learnt the word "crush".

10. 1st person who gave you flowers:
This little girl called Huixin (I wish I hadn't lost her number, she's the sweetest little girl) and Zhihui and Gerri at my first skating competition in Sec 3.

11. 1st friend:
Some girl in Primary 1, and within a week she turned out to be the spawn of the devil.

12. 1st kiss:
I'm saliva phobic and no boys like me. What do you think. plain

13. 1st record you bought:
Micheal Jackson's "Bad". No question.

14. 1st song you sang in front of many people:
"If It Brings You Happiness" by Engelbert Humperdinck. I sang it from the perch of my Dad's shoulder when I was 2 because I was bored about the time Mum was taking to shop... apparently attracted a lot of attention. But I don't remember that incident at all... Mum just constantly reminds me of it. If I have to be concious of it, then... *jumps to attention* "Mari kita rakyat Singapura, sama-sama menuju..."
15. 1st musical instrument you learned to play:

16. 1st local & foreign concert you watched:
Local... Hossan Leong's "Singapore Boy". It was SO good.
Foreign... That Snoopy skating show doesn't count since I cried so much Dad had to tak me outside... probably "Joseph and the Amazing Techincolour Dreamcoat", then.

17. 1st celebrity you saw in person:
Rudy Coby and David Copperfield! (Because I paid ridiculous sums to watch their shows). Actually seeing / meeting outside their job as celebrities... then I guess Sun Yanzi, and the cast of "Oh Man" and "Mixed Blessings". (I hate to think how Gnet will answer this question).

18. 1st gf/bf
Wah, y'all very CMI leh. Don't have lah.

19. 1st TV show you really liked:
Ditto Babs. Carebears! And the Ninja Turtles, of course.

20. 1st book you bought:
For myself? Something in the Enid Blyton's "Five Findouters" Series.

21. 1st sport you played:
Swimming, definitely.

22. 1st sleepover:
With Mich at Ah Ma's.

23. 1st terrible fight:
Always with my mum. Outside the family, with Tzo.

24. 1st debut party you attended:
"Such Sweet Sorrow's" Gala Night.

25. 1st bestfriend
Vincent Chan. Or perhaps better known then as Donetello.

26. 1st wedding you attended:
Uncle Micheal's and Aunty Lili's.

27. 1st person who greeted you on your last
Ave, Bec, Siti, Aud, TC. They were a day early.

28. 1st friend in friendster?
Dage Henghwa.

29. 1st cellphone:
Nokia 3310. That big blue thing with the yellow backlight...

30. 1st cellphone ringtone:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

31. 1st collection:
Stickers, stamps, gardenia breadtags... one of those.

32. 1st time u saw a ghost:
Never actually seen one, but I earlier this year I felt something pressing on me so i couldn't get out of bed. I suspect that was something because praying frantically made it go away real quick.

33. 1st rollercoaster ride:
I've never been on a true roller coaster, the kind that loops the loops and all that.

34. 1st ambition:
To be a children's writer.

35. 1st job?
Customer care associate for Monstercrafts at Parkway Parade.

36. 1st thing u bought w/ ur 1st salary?
Starbucks coffee. Caramel frappaccino.

37. 1st thing u wanna get right now:
Steel string acoustic guitar.

38. 1st thing u wanna do atm?
ATM? Draw money? Huh?

39. 1st person u hated?
The then-bitch from Primary 1.

40. 1st person u wanna slap right now?
I suspect it will be Daphane tonight at Singapore Idol when they bring back the rest. But that's only if she acts cute and molests Gurmit.

The Food Critic

1. Best Decent Burger:
The BenKoh Burger with cheese and the Mushroom Swiss Double tie quite nicely. I like that the BenKoh burger always tastes more REAL and not manufactured though.

2. Best Fast Food:

3. Best Pizza:
Canadian 2-4-1's house speciality.

4. Best Dessert:
Bab's tiramisu taken together with Muscato and lot of Smubbie love.

5. Best Ice Cream:
The gelato floating in the Iced Passion Tea at Coffee Club.

6. Best Drink:
Iced Passion Tea at Coffee Club!

7. Best Nasi goreng:
Um, I don't eat this much outside the house.

8. Best Gado-gado:
Another one of those things I don't fell like I've eaten enough to judge.

9. Best Appetizer:
I would agree with Babs and say Oysters? But since KL Tower, 5 days of diarrhoea and too many Poh Chai Pills... *shakes head*

10. Best snack:
Those buget biscuits in the shape of a wheel with some kind of pinkish reddish jam inside... what are they called?

11. Best Soup:
Real shitake mushroom soup from Marche.

12. Best Sub or sandwiches:
Steak and Cheese Sub. Meatball Sub comes very close too.

13. Best Raw Food:
Yu sheng! Gimme more of the flour flakes and no pickled ginger.

14. Best Doughnuts:
Not much of a doughnut connosieur, but I hear Krispy Kremes rock.

15. Best Italian:
Soft shell crab pasta at Spageddies. And my own Salmon Cream Sauce pasta.

16. Best Noodle:
Beach Road Prawn Noodles. At 5 bucks a bowl, it'd better be! Even better with ngoh hiang.

17. Best Japanese:
That buffet at Toa Payoh where they let you eat a free flow of sashimi...

18. Best Chinese:
I don't know man, I've eaten too much of this to remember. But definitely restaurant stuff. Not anything home-cooked.

19. Best Ribs:
Haven't earten ribs much.

20. Best Buffet?
Again, that Jap food conveyor belt buffet at Toa Payoh. Bert is the best for finding that one for us!

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